The Debate Over Snacking and Weight Loss

Snacking and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a topic of serious debate these days, with opinions on every aspect of the topic all over the map. Should you go paleo or Mediterranean? What’s up with Keto? Are high-intensity workouts better than bodyweight programs? Is yoga really exercise? Big breakfast or no breakfast? Are carbs bad? Are fats good? To make matters more confusing, the answer to most of these questions is “It depends.”

The debate over whether snacking is a good weight loss strategy is no different. Here are a few things to take into consideration when deciding if snacks should play a part in your weight management plan.

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Faster And Longer – Professional Runners, Here’s How You Can Level Up Your Stamina

level up your stamina

Professional runners always aspire to get better, with new goals for distance, speed, and time. But running faster and longer requires more than just sprinting. It is as much about building your endurance base and maintaining your motivation levels. If you can manage both fronts, it will be easy to push your limits and level up your stamina. Here are some strategies that professional trainers recommend for runners who want to go faster and longer.  

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What Are the 5 Pillars of Employee Well-Being?

Employee Well-Being

Depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from four to six pillars of employee well-being. For example, Mercer has it at four. REBA, on the other hand, has it at six. We’ve split the difference and settled on five. They all focus on different areas that have an outsized impact on employee wellbeing.

To learn a little bit about each one – and what you can do to ensure that your organization fulfills these needs for each and every staff member – we’ve put together this deep dive on the pillars of employee wellbeing.

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What Are Some Healthy Breakfast Food Ideas?

protein shake lean athlete

Breakfast can be tough for anyone. Between jobs, school, and kids, getting everything ready for your day can leave you little time to figure out and make breakfast. When you’re trying to reach any kind of fitness goal – whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain gains, or anything else – choosing healthy breakfast food can be an important part of your health and fitness plan.

Therefore, it’s important to have some on-hand meal ideas for any type of fitness goal to make breakfast easy and painless. Use these ideas to help you figure out a plan for breakfast every day of the week, no matter what your health goals are.

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Simple Ways To Improve Your Gut Health

gut health

As we continue to learn about the human gut through scientific research and its applications, the more we realize how essential gut health is for our overall well-being. Your gut biome is like its own ecosystem, containing trillions of microorganisms that digest your food, and it is constantly communicating with your brain through the vagus nerve (the longest nerve in your body) to maintain equilibrium. If you experience heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, or any other gut-related issues, you are probably ready for a change. Consider some of the following advice for restoring balance.

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7 Body Weight Exercises To Get You Pumped

pullups chinups

Are you feeling a little flabby after the winter? Maybe you’ve been working out but want to change up your routine without breaking the bank. Skip the gym with its fees and sweaty bodies competing for machines.

Working out at home or on the go with bodyweight exercises is convenient, free, and will help you achieve your fitness goals. Building muscle mass and losing weight has never been so accessible with these proven bodyweight exercises.  

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Why Should You Try Umami Mushroom Seasoning?

shiitake mushrooms

Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. That’s because seasoning enhances deep flavors and brings together several ingredients to form a flavorful and balanced food. Seasonings can be bitter, acidic, spicy, sweet, or savory. Umami mushroom seasoning is quite prominent and is quickly becoming a favorite ingredient of many chefs. Therefore, if you don’t like the taste of your dishes, it’s high time you tried mushroom seasoning.

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What Are The Benefits of Boot Camp Workouts?

benefits of boot camp

Are you a fan of group fitness? Does exercising in a crowd motivate you and push you to work harder than you typically would? If so, add boot camp fitness classes to your list of must-try workouts.

Boot camp is a military-inspired, high-intensity fitness course designed to increase your cardiovascular capabilities and improve muscle tone. It encompasses a series of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing movements that challenge even the fittest of its members.

Read on to learn the numerous benefits of boot camp, and check your local gyms for a class near you.

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Is High Sensitivity in Male Organs a Disorder?

male sensitivity disorder

There are hundreds of nerve endings in the head of the male sexual organ. And these nerve endings are primarily the reason for pleasurable sensations during sexual activity.

Some level of sensitivity does no harm. In fact, it is necessary for arousal and erection. However, when this sensitivity begins to cause discomfort and distress, it could be a problem.

For most people, penile sensitivity is self-diagnosable and also resolves on its own, as it begins. However, for some, there could be other extended reasons too.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and possible treatment options for penile sensitivity.

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How Daily Stretches Are Helpful to Get Relief From Upper Back Pain

Workout Back Pain

Did you know back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work? It’s also the third most common reason people visit the doctor. Fortunately, there are plenty of good stretches for upper back pain for you to try. These stretches should help you live pain-free!

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