Noob Strength Gains: You’re Doing it Wrong

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noob strength gains

Hey listen, we get it! You’re feeling impatient about those Noob Strength Gains. You went to the gym once, maybe even twice and you can’t yet find your six-pack abs. You can’t quite bench your body weight. You have failed to even deadlift your own body weight. Pull-ups? Well, you can only do 1 or 2.

THAT’S OK!! Things are going to change.

You want all your friends and followers to know how Swole you’re getting, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not Swole yet. At least give it 3-6 months before you announce your new hobby and your aggressive strength goals. You’re sure to get some enthusiasm and support along the way but go slow with your social posting.

Being Swole takes months, even years of dedication and consistency. You can get healthier by working out a few times… actually no you can’t. Being healthier still takes consistency over the course of months and years and really requires additional lifestyle adjustments. The Noob Strength Gains will set in quickly with determined consistency, so stay the course, give it some time, and push it HARD when it’s time to push!

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