Treadmill Workouts: You’re Doing It Wrong

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Working Out on a Treadmill: You cats are doing it wrong!

Firstly, your form is all off. You can’t jump onto the treadmill sideways then fall off the backside. This takes all the tension off your muscles and puts you in danger of serious lower-body injury. Treadmill workouts can be dangerous if you’re screwing around trying to make your friends laugh.

Secondly, by stopping every few seconds you’re losing the benefits of cardiovascular conditioning. You need to stay on the treadmill for the duration of the treadmill workout. And quite frankly after the first few minutes, you should up the intensity a little bit.

Third, everyone knows steady-state cardio is not the best way to burn fat or get in shape. If you really want to make progress, try some high-intensity training. You need to run some interval sprints! Get off the treadmill and go catch a few mice.

cat and mouse

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you’re a cat and you want to lose weight, remember that diet is responsible for 70% of your weight loss. Just like with your human and doggie friends, exercise is good but a clean, nutritious, healthy diet; high in protein, low in added sugars, and trans-fats will get you where you want to be faster than treadmill workouts.

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