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Acai Berry Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for 2022… I receive so many inquiries about acai and colon cleansers each day that it’s very hard to answer all the questions individually, but I do want to help everyone. This acai berry FAQ is my effort to document, research, and answer as many frequently asked questions as I could find about acai berries and colon cleansers.

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Navigating the Acai Berry FAQ

General Acai Information

Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai and Weight Loss

Contact Acai Retailers

Ordering Acai

General Colon Cleanse Info

Ordering Colon Cleanse

General Acai Information

  • What is an acai berry?
    Acai berries are small, dark purple berries that grow on large palms in countries like Brazil. The berry is about the size of a grape and is considered to be one of the healthiest foods in the world.
  • Why is acai considered the #1 superfood in the world?
    Acai is considered the #1 superfood because it has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food in the world. Fiber, iron, amino acids, and healthy omega fatty acids are also very important to our diets, and acai berries have high concentrations of them all.
  • What are the origins of the acai berry?
    The acai berry originates from the famous Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil.
  • How much acai should I use each day?
    An acai berry FAQ wouldn’t be complete without some useful recommendations. For acai berry pills, it is recommended to use 1000 mg of acai each day. This can be taken at 1000 mg once a day or 500 mg twice a day.
    For acai berry juice, the package will usually dictate the serving size. Avoid overdoing the juice if it is loaded with sugar or caffeine, but a couple of glasses or cans a day can do a body good.
    If you prefer to eat an acai bowl over pills or join, usually one hearty bowl per day is recommended. Depending on what is added to the bowl, they can be very calorie dense.
  • Should I just let the pills dissolve on my tongue?
    Yes, if you have melt-away tabs. I’ve also seen acai berry pills come in capsule form. You would just swallow those.
  • What is the point behind the meltaway tabs?
    Your mouth has a higher nutrient absorption potential than your stomach. The fact that the antioxidants just sit in your mouth and dissolve, says a lot about the formulation of the uptake process of this supplement. If they didn’t really care, they would have just manufactured a solid, hard pill. Another place that has extremely high absorption is your eyeball, but I don’t think you want to put the acai in your eye.
  • When should I take acai?
    You can take your acai anytime during the day. We usually recommend either taking all your acai in the morning with your daily vitamin or taking it in two 500 mg doses, once in the morning and once before bed. If you have the Acai Berry Select product, please be aware that it contains additional stimulants and should not be taken before bed.
  • Will acai berries interact with my medication?
    I don’t care what your medication is, if you have a question about it you need to ask your doctor. I am not a doctor and I can’t make that decision for you. That being said, acai berries are really just fruit. Most medications will not interact with fruit, but some will react with certain fruits depending on the nutritional content, so again if you have any questions ask your doc.
  • How old do I have to be to use acai?
    Well, acai berries are fruit just like blueberries. Therefore, in my opinion, if you are old enough to eat blueberries you are old enough to eat acai. For this rule to work, it needs to be a 100% pure acai supplement. I can’t speak for any other ingredients that might be in your acai supplements.
  • Why, after I stopped taking my acai supplement for a couple of days have I been feeling bloated and gassy, and how long will it last?
    This is probably just gas. You might be experiencing an increase in gas and bloating because acai really helps digestion, and when you remove the acai you begin to again feel your normal digestive issues kicking in. You didn’t notice it before you used acai because you have been living with it for your whole life, but once you remove acai you will notice how healthy you really did feel when you were using taking it daily. This is just an indication that your digestive system benefits from using acai.   You will probably get used to this feeling again within a week or two, at which time it will feel as if it has gone away. In reality, though, you have just become used to it again.
  • Does acai increase your heart rate?
    From my experience and the information I’ve gathered online, all indications point to no. Acai does not increase your heart rate by itself. It is the added ingredients like green tea and caffeine, in products like Acai Berry Select, that cause an increase in heart rate. Get a 100% pure acai product if you are concerned about that.
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Benefits of Acai

  • Why should you supplement with acai berries?
    We already discussed acai’s antioxidant concentration and nutritional benefits. You should also know that acai combats the free radicals that cause cancer, and in fact, acai has been shown to destroy cancer cells in laboratory experiments.
  • What are the benefits of supplementing with acai?
    Although they vary from person to person, some reported benefits of acai users include:  
    • A boost in energy levels
    • Improved digestive function
    • Increased libido
    • Stronger immune system
    • Better mental focus and clarity
    • Better sleep patterns
    • Enhanced visual clarity
    • Relief from minor aches and pains
    • Detox and cleansing
    • Healthier, younger-looking skin
    • Improved circulation
    • Increased strength, stamina, and endurance
    • Partial alleviation of symptoms of depression
    • Increased workout recovery
    • Increased injury recovery
    • An increase in fat loss
  • Does acai really improve sex drive?
    Acai is not viagra. However, because acai berry is such a healthy food, it improves most functions throughout the entire body. This includes the body’s sexual response. With a healthier body and elevated stamina, you can expect your sex drive to increase and your sexual performance to improve.
  • Does acai really prevent the growth of cancer cells?
    Acai is not a cure for cancer. However, several laboratory tests have been orchestrated with the intent to find out if acai really does decrease the risk of cancer. A similar study was run at The University of Florida, which revealed that the acai berry did kill cancer cells in lab tests.

Acai and Weight Loss

  • What is the acai berry diet?
    There really is no acai berry diet. There are only acai berry products. If you search around you might be able to find a diet designed around the use of acai, which would essentially be an acai berry diet, but that wouldn’t really make much sense since acai is neither a diet strategy nor is it specifically a weight loss pill. Instead, you should use this acai berry FAQ to gather some tips for getting on a healthy diet and supplementing with acai at the same time.
  • Does acai really help you lose weight?
    Acai is not a magic weight loss pill. However, if you are currently eating healthy and exercising regularly, you should experience increased fat loss.
  • Which part of the body does acai target for fat loss?
    Acai is not a targeted fat-loss supplement. In fact, there aren’t any supplements that I know of that target fat loss in specific areas. Fat loss occurs throughout the body as determined by your body’s physiology. Once upon a time, I knew of a topical (you spray it on your skin) fat loss product that did help you to lose fat quicker in a specific area when following a strict fat loss diet. The only problem is that if you gain weight again the fat comes back that much quicker in the spot that you targeted previously.
  • Will I gain the weight back after I stop using acai?
    As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising, you will not gain the weight back just because you stop using acai. You might experience a weight loss plateau or decreased weight loss, but you will suddenly start gaining it back. If you stop using acai, stop eating healthy, and stop exercising, you will definitely gain weight back.
  • Does acai really help you flush toxins?
    Yes, acai is such a great nutritional benefit to your body, it will fight and destroy free radicals, it will improve your digestion process, and it will help your intestines rid themselves of festering food sludge that can potentially make you sick.
  • Will acai berries reduce my breast size?
    The only way acai berries will reduce your breast size, is if you use acai in combination with an exercise and nutrition plan. By adding acai to a proper fat loss strategy, you will lose fat quicker from your whole body. Since the breasts are primarily fatty tissue you can be sure that some of that fat loss will come from the breast area.
  • How should I exercise while supplementing with acai?
    Exercise 4-5 times each week with either cardio or weight training. Try a full-body workout routine and add at least 2 high-intensity cardio sessions to it.
  • How should I eat while supplementing with acai?
    If you want to lose weight, you should eat a restricted-calorie diet with carbohydrates targeted around workouts. Follow these 10 tips to lose weight pretty quickly. If you want to gain weight, you should eat a high protein, high complex carbohydrate diet, and supplement with healthy fats like fish oil and flax seed oil.

Ordering Acai

  • What is the best acai berry pill?
    Most of the 100% pure acai berry supplements offered online are pretty much the same. As long as you are getting between 800-1000 mg of acai per serving you probably have a pretty good acai pill. I always link to the best acai pill on my best acai pills page, so you can try that too.
  • What is the best acai berry juice?
    Hands down, the best acai juice is made by Sambazon. Sometimes you can find Sambazon acai juice in the stores, but you can definitely order it online. Find out more by checking out my best acai juice page.
  • How can I get acai shipped internationally?
    I continually update the links I use to promote international shipping for acai. If you are looking to get acai shipped internationally, please check out my acai ships internationally page.
  • Does Project Swole sell, ship, or make acai?
    No. All Project Swole does, is provide links to some of the best acai products we’ve used. We think acai is a great supplement and Sambazon makes the highest quality acai products anywhere. Contact the distributor of your product for any questions about shipping and refunds.
  • Is the acai berry a scam?
    This is a loaded question. Acai is scientifically proven to be a super food and it is definitely not a scam in and of itself. However, there are some acai products on the market that do not perpetuate the healthy properties of acai. This is typical because some acai juices are too diluted to be of any use, or are so filled with added sugar that they are effectively junk food on par with regular soda.
  • What about all those acai-berry Google ads that appear to be blogs but only have 1 page?
    Those are just a bunch of affiliate marketers putting up pages that claim some girl lost 30 pounds in 3 months using acai. 99.9% of those blogs are absolutely scams. They use some generic story about a girl that lost weight. The website appears to be a blog, but often only has one main page with links to buy the free acai trials. Many of those sites actually use the same pictures of the same girls over and over using different names.
  • Will the acai berry free trials continue to charge my credit card?
    The free trial offers are set up so that you buy the free trial for about $5 for shipping, then once a month the manufacturer sends you a new bottle and automatically bills your credit card for the product. If you don’t want them to bill your credit card or send you more products, just call them up and request to have the reorder canceled. I don’t know which number you need because I don’t know which product you bought.
  • Why can’t I get whole acai berries at my local grocery store?
    Acai berries spoil very easily. Within 24 hours of being harvested, room-temperature acai berries begin to lose their nutritional benefits. For this reason, acai is usually flash frozen or processed immediately into food or supplement.
  • Where can I buy acai berry products locally?
    You should check your local whole foods store for acai products. Nowadays you can find acai-based products in grocery stores and retail outlets, but they are not always high quality. Your best bet is to buy a pure acai product or an acai drink or supplement from a known quality distributor like Sambazon.
  • Will the acai pulp work the same as the acai pills?
    Yes! Acai is acai is acai. As long as you are using 100% pure acai pulp and 100% pure acai pills, both products should work the same. Also, you should try to find out how the acai is harvested. If the acai pulp is processed at room temperature for any length of time, it might have lost some percentage of its nutritional benefits. I believe Sambazon sells acai pulp as ‘smoothie packs’. They also sell acai powder and acai juice.
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Contacting Acai Retailers

  • How can I contact Acai Nutraburst?
    The rat bastards at Acai Nutraburst are known for scamming everyone. They scammed me and I’m sure they’d like to scam you. I am very sorry I ever promoted this product or drove traffic to their ads. If they scammed you, you can try to contact them with the info below. Don’t count on anyone answering the phones though.

    The contact information for Acai Nutraburst is:

    Acai Nutraburst
    421 Leroy Drive
    Corona, CA 92879

    Customer Support: 1-866-762-8701 (9 AM – 5 PM CST, Monday – Friday)
  • What is the contact number for Acai Burn?
    The contact number for Acai Burn is (800) 659-3588.
  • How can I contact other Acai free trial retailers?
    Occasionally I am asked how to contact other acai retailers, but there are so many out there that I often don’t know the answer. For the free trial offers, you will have to search for contact information on your bottle or look for some kind of email confirmation. If neither of those options works, you can try to Google your acai product by name and look for contact information that way.

General Colon Cleanse Information

Because I get so many colon cleanse questions, in addition to the acai berry FAQ we can address some facts and concerns around colon cleansing supplements here as well.

  • What are colon cleanse supplements?
    Basically, a colon cleanse supplement will clear out your intestines. This has numerous benefits and tends to make people feel a whole lot better after a month of colon cleansing. Read a detailed post about colon cleansing here – Colon Cleansing: Detox Your Body for Good Health
  • What are the benefits of colon cleansing?
    • increased weight loss
    • increased energy levels
    • improved mental outlook
    • improved immune system
    • assisted drug withdrawal
    • increased well-being
    • reduced risk of colon cancer
    • decreased fecal incontinence
    • ostomy care
    • reduced spasm during colonoscopy
    • decreased headaches and nausea
  • My colon cleanse product says to stop use after 2 months, is that right or should I continue to take it?
    Colon cleansers are different from acai. They are formulated to encourage your colon to keep itself clean. What we don’t want though, is for your colon to become dependent on the supplement or for your body to build up a tolerance to the supplement. Therefore you should definitely observe the directions on the bottle and limit use to 2 months. In fact, this is true for all supplements and medications: you should always follow the instructions on the bottle unless you have been instructed differently by a medical professional.
  • Should I take a Colon Cleanse supplement with my Acai supplement?
    The simple answer is YES. Put together the most effective detox weight loss plan by following the Project Swole Two Step Full Body Detox Plan. Using this plan you can get full bottles of Acai and Colon Cleanse, and you will learn which workout routine to follow in order to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Do you still have more questions about Colon Cleansing?
    Clear here to read more about colon cleansing.

Ordering Colon Cleanse

  • Does Project Swole promote any colon cleansers?
    Originally I had not intended to promote any colon cleaners, because I don’t use them myself. Due to the massive number of requests for colon cleansers, I now promote ColoPure Colon Cleanse, which is apparently the best colon cleansing product on the market.
  • Does Project Swole sell, ship, or make colon cleansers?
    No. All Project Swole does, is provide links to some of the best colon cleanse products we’ve used. We think a colon cleanse is a decent supplement that can be used from time to time. Contact the distributor of your product for any questions about shipping and refunds.

Final Thoughts

We recommend not to stake all your weight loss goals on acai or colon cleanse supplements. However, as you can see from this acai berry FAQ, they can both be helpful additions to your nutrition and supplement plans when you set out to lose weight. Combined with proper conditioning and a solid strength training routine, these supplements can help kickstart the process and get you over your plateaus and hurdles.

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83 Responses to “Acai Berry FAQ”

  1. I was just wondering if I can order the acui berry and the acui berry clense by check please get back to me thank you

  2. Great post and replies above here are some facts and Ideas about Acai berry:
    Acai contains a series of compounds called anthocyanins, and flavonoids.

    Anthocyanins word comes from two Greek words meaning “plant” and “blue.” Anthocyanins are responsible for the colors red, purple, blue, and in many fruits, vegetables and flowers. Foods that are rich in anthocyanins – such as blueberries, red grapes, red wine and acai – are highly colored, ranging from purple to black.

    Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against life stress. They also play a role in protecting body cells. Free radicals are harmful by-products produced by the body. A diet rich in antioxidants may interfere with the aging and disease by neutralizing free radicals.

    By reducing the destructive power of free radicals, antioxidants can help reduce the risk of certain diseases, like heart disease and cancer.

    If you have pollen allergies or hypersensitivity to acai berry or the like, you can avoid this outcome. When consumed in moderation, although acai is probably safe.

  3. hello steve ive taken the acai product for over a year and it worked for me but i wasnt eating much and i was excersing a lot such as running and jogging at least every day 5 times a week when i started to eat normal and not excersie much do to work i saw i had gain weight so what should i do? in your opinion? i do see that the acai makes me sleep with out it i stay up all night so it works for me that way but advice on the whole how to have weight loss with the acai. i likethis product alot. and long term use will it harm me in any way. thank you

  4. Hi i have been taking the acia burn and colon cleanse for 2 weeks almost and am going to melbourne for 5 days will prob drink 3 nights ..just wondering if it would be better for me to stay on the pills throughout my trip or go off the nights i drink ?? Thanks

  5. Why does it state, for the question when to take the pills,
    “You can take your acai anytime during the day. We usually recommend either taking all your acai in the morning with your daily vitamin, or taking it in two 500 mg doses, once in the morning and once before bed.”

    This product is a stimulant, is it not? The one I have ordered perhaps is not 100% acai as it does list caffeine as an ingredient. I followed these instructions and took one before bed and cannot sleep now! Is this due to the caffeine and is that ingredient lacking in other acai berry pills?

  6. hi. i just started taking 1000mg of acai extract (pill form) per day. i do not exercise however, i am onstage singing and lightly dancing on a ragular basis. honestly i do not like to exercise and have trouble motivating myself to do so. i would like to know if one can lose weight on acai without working out. i recently read that you do not have to exercise to lose weight on acai however, it does speed up the process. what say you? and what do you think of “natures bounty” products?

    • I agree. Working out and eating well will speed the process along. At least try to get 30 minutes, 3 times a week. I don’t know much about Natures Bounty, but I’m sure it’s fine.

      • thank you for responding. have you any knowledge of cases where people have lost weight on acai without working out? i will try to do as you say. however, when im onstage, i exert tons of energy. i sweat and move around alot and i do that at least 2-4 times a week. is that a sufficient form of exercise? haha ugh.

        • I mean dancing around is good exercise. It’s not the same as lifting weights or using high intensity cardio, but it is still exercise. Acai could help you drop a little more weight than you normally would, and it will definitely keep you healthy with high levels of antioxidants.

  7. Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me if “Acai Optimum” has any negative side effects or any at all? Sounds too good to be true!

    • There really aren’t any negative side effects to acai. Just gotta each good and exercise if you want to really lose significant fat mass.

  8. Thanks for the fast reply! Is Acai Optimum the most effective of Acai formulas for weightloss? Also, is it sold in any specific stores? I’ve done some research and there are so many variations that all seem to promise similar results. Which are most efficient?

  9. Hi,

    I am a healthy 19 year old girl, is this product safe to use or must you be a certain age? Also, I’m not looking to lose tons of weight just about 10 lbs, how would I regulate this using Acai Optimum?

    • You can use acai. Just use 500-1000 mg a day, eat healthy, and exercise at least 3-4 times a week. You can lose the 10 lbs.

  10. hi my acai berry has other ingredients gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, fd & c blue 1 fd&c red 40, titanium dioxide is this safe

  11. I am 160lbs and I want to lose 35lbs. I just bought the SliMore Acai and I wanted to know how long it would take before I see a noticeable change in my body.

  12. im 148 lbs and im wanting to lose like 20 lbs. i dont eat alot but i also dont really exercise alot because its cold where i live. i jsut ordered acai optimum and advanced cleanse. and i want to know how im supposed to take them. with water? or food? because i cant swallow pills.. what advice do you have?

    • Just swallow the pills with some liquid. They aren’t that big so you should be fine. I have trouble swallowing pills too but I can swallow these.

  13. You weigh 128 punds and are taking diet pills! what the hell is wrong with you, your a guy! you should be trying to gain weight not lose it, thats sick

  14. thank u for your response but what i meant if i was out with friends and i drank 2 glasses of wine while taking acai berry would this harm me its not weight loss i am concerened about its my health .Thank u so much

  15. can i drink alcohol while taking acai. and if i eat the same amount of food that i used to eat will i still loose weight taking acai .plsssssss answer me thanks.

    • rana: You are better off exercising, eating well, and avoiding alcohol if you are taking acai to help you lose fat. If you take acai, drink alcohol, eat like a pig, and don’t exercise, then you will probably not lose any fat.

  16. I’m going to start taking the Acai Nutraburst & Pro Cleanser pills. How long after I start taking them will I see results in my weight loss?

  17. Hello,
    My question is, I need to lose about 25 pounds which I recently gained after the birth of my daughter and I have heard a lot of great things about the Acai berry and colon cleanse diet so I will be trying it out, but when I do reach my goal and say it takes me two months to do so combining the two vitamins. Should I stop taking them both or stop taking the colon cleanse only? Is it safe to take the Acai berry pill continuously? and how do you recommend taking the colon cleanse once for two months every year just to keep the colon cleanse? can you please tell me how often is safe on a yearly basis to stay healthy.

    • Angela: Acai can be taken year-round, while colon cleansing should only be done once or a twice a year for a couple months.

  18. hi steve.. i just got both of the products today the acai and the colon cleanse.. how should i take them together? how many pills of each? plz let me know

  19. hi,
    i just want to sure that is acai beery deiting supplement is good for breast feed mum.i have 6 month baby is there any sideeffects or not i can take or not?thanks

    • AMNA: I don’t know for sure, but it seems like there aren’t any side effects for breast feeding. Eating a bunch of acai is like eating a bunch of blueberries. If you would breast feed on blueberries, I feel you can breast feed on acai.

  20. thanks for the info steve..
    i just wanted to know whether taking acai will burn off the muscle i have already built in addition to burning fat
    coz i worked hard for that muscle.. lol

    thanks again.. cheers

  21. hello

    im already slim and i dont wanna lose weight

    and i dun wanna gain weight either …
    i just wanned 2 gain muscles which acai product should i use????

    help me

  22. I am a high risk patient with stage 3 moderate kidney failure. Recently had one remaining kidney block and received a stent. Also have had uterine cancer w/complete hysterectomy and 28 radiation treatments 2005. In addition I have Bradycardia/past heart attacks/stent*2992/pacemaker then received in June of this year. My question is: Is it safe for me to take your products?? Thank you for your prompt response.

    • Oh my. Rene, I am so sorry for all of your health problems. Please do not ask me any questions regarding your taking any supplements. I am in no position to give you any advice of that nature. Please DO NOT buy any supplements without asking your doctor first. Best of luck.

    • Thomas: you should really start doing cardio. Try some HIIT workouts. The supplements you want to take will tend to make you bigger. Protein powder and creatine will help you get bigger and stronger if you are also eating enough total calories, lifting heavy, and drinking plenty of water.

  23. hey steve i was wondering if i take the acai berry 2x a day like the bottle says. if it is ok to take protein shakes also( i am trying to gain weight)i workout out 5x a week and eat a lote i was also wondering how this would work with taking creatine?
    Thanks for any info.

  24. I was just wondering if you can just take the acai berry not the colon cleanse. I dont have an extreme amount of weight to loose just like 10 lbs. Im hungry all the time and just want to curve my appetite and get more energy thanks

  25. can u put weight on with acai force and the cleanser? i want to put muscle on but be lean with it. i dont want to lose weight

    • Sean: you can take the acai for the health benefits. Because you are healthier, it will help you gain weight easier. That’s all I can really say about that.

  26. Okay, im 185lbs and id like to lose 35lbs. I was wondering, how long would it take me to lose that much if i use the Acai Berry stuff?
    please reply asap 🙂

    • Chrissy: Acai berry is not going to make you lose 35 pounds. Acai can help you lose 35 lbs if you follow a healthy diet and exercise at least 3 times a week. Don’t look for a magic fat loss pill, instead use acai to speed up fat loss once you’ve already got your lifestyle dialed in.

  27. hi my weight is 95kg
    i want to know which acai is sutaible for me to loss my weight and in uae where i found this acai pills or juice thanks

  28. Also this one ihave dont sais you lose weight just said Cleanse your body of waste and toxins ,what is that …and i have on more qustion ihave CHIA powder supreme i can use both same day or one acai berry end one chia ,steve ok iapprecaite that

  29. my 1st day on acia watch this space im 40+ i google quick weight loss and this is wot it came up with so lets c if it works.

  30. how much acai berry juice do i need to drink per day so that it can be effective for maintaining a healthy weight?

  31. maariyah:
    I would avoid that site if I were you. This is one of those acai detox supplements, which I do not highly recommend. It looks like they are also trying to rope you into getting a life cleanse supplement or something. Don’t do it. You’ll end up spending more time on the toilet than on your feet.

    Just stick with a simple 100% acai product such as Acai Burn, which you can get here –> Acai Burn.

  32. hi,
    i just wanted to find out if anyones tried the free trial on AcaiBerry Exclusive is it any good it gives you a trial of Acai berry detox has anyone tried them and are they any good? What Acai Beery product is best to HELP lose weight could you please get back to me thanks


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