What is the Best Acai Product?

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Best Acai Supplements

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Argh! Everyone keeps asking me what the best acai product is.

There are a whole bunch of acai berry products on the market today so it is hard to know which one is the best. Today, I would like to clear up any questions you might have.

Acai Berry Lose Weight

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on the subject of acai berries because I am very interested in eating healthy foods. I feel at this point it will benefit the readers of Project Swole to publish my results.

Why Choose Acai in the First Place?

Health Benefits

Acai berries have far more antioxidants than any other fruit. Even more antioxidants than blueberries!

Besides that, the nutrients in acai berry supplements help many other diseases and maladies:

  • free radicals
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • blood clotting
  • acai even fights cancer cells!

It really is a worthwhile supplement to add to your daily nutrition.

Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a study showed that extracts from acai berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested.

“Acai berries are already considered one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants,” said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. “This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using beverages, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries.”

Weight Loss Benefits

The acai berry can be a great weight loss aid. The berry’s natural concoction of essential fatty acids, fiber, phytosterols and amino acids work together to help your body burn fat more efficiently, process food more quickly and shed the unwanted pounds that you’d like to lose.

Essential Fatty Acids

Our bodies need essential fatty acids to maintain proper health. Our bodies are unable to produce Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It just so happens that these fatty acids are plentiful in acai berries. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help increase your metabolism, which can help you shed those extra pounds.


Acai contains a generous amount of fiber, which helps your digestive tract to move food through your body. In this way, excess food is eliminated rather than absorbed and turned into fat. Similar to the fatty acids mentioned above, fiber also helps to satiate hunger.

Amino Acids

The acai berry is rich with amino acids, which are widely known as the building blocks of protein. Your muscles need these amino acids in order to operate properly, and to regenerate from resistance training trauma or other exercise stress. Since the fatty acids in acai increase your metabolism and the amino acids build your muscles, we can say that the nutrients in acai berries help your body burn fat and energy more efficiently, causing you to lose weight.


These building blocks of cell membranes help fortify your digestive tract, moving waste materials out and absorbing nutrients more efficiently. Acai berries are one possible source of phytosterols.

The Best Acai Berry Supplement

Firstly, I will tell you straight up that this supplement is the best acai berry product on the market. This is a 100% pure acai berry diet pill that can be taken daily.

This acai berry is not gummed up with fillers or additives. It is not loaded with accessory supplements for marketing purposes. This is the real deal acai berry supplement.

I have found numerous polls around the web that rank this acai berry pill higher than most other acai berry products. This supplements is always ranked in the top 3 and is often rated #1.

My source for acai berries is a US-only distributor and offers a 14 day free trial for your convenience. I am not a distributor of this product, nor am I involved with any multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. I am promoting acai berry because it works and because we all can use help staying healthy and losing weight.

Acai Juice Products

You can go to your local health food store, GNC, Vitamin World, etc… to get an acai juice product. You can even go to your supermarket and probably find something. So what’s the problem?

Acai berry juice supplements are notoriously full of sugar and are diluted so much that they are not even worth taking for the health benefits. Just use these type of products if you want to suck down a bunch of sugary fruit juice.

Aside from that, they are often overpriced, and many acai berry juice products have not harvested and process the acai berries correctly. Acai must be processed immediately or flash frozen once they are picked, otherwise the nutritional benefits degrade over time. Many juice products have to go through lengthy processing before they are consumed.

You can read about the best acai berry juice I could find online.

Acai Cleansing & Detox Products

Based on product reviews I’ve heard and read, acai berry products that are specifically marketed as cleansing supplements will make you sit on the toilet for extended periods of time. They are also associated with abdominal discomfort and cramping. Detox supplements aren’t much different.

Acai cleansing products should be avoided for the most part, unless you like visiting the bathroom 10 times a day. Aside from that, they too are often overpriced because they are marketing as ‘cleansing’ supplements, which are all the rage right now in some weight loss discussions. I tend not to support cleansing supplements, since you can cleanse yourself by properly eating the healthiest foods. Acai Berry is sometimes called Acai Berry Cleanse or Acai Berry Clear, but not because of the cleansing effects, they do this more for marketing purposes.

Acai detox supplements should also be avoided for the same reasons as the cleansing supplements. Cleansing usually refers to your digestive systems, typically the intestinal area, while detox is usually thought to mean the whole body. Excreting toxins through the skin and such… well I’ve got news for you. Acai berries don’t detoxify you in that way.

The best acai berry products will detoxify you by antioxidant activity alone. I perceive free radicals as possibly the most toxic substance made within your body. By using a good acai supplement and by eating healthy food, you will be able to ‘detox’ yourself without additional help.

In Conclusion

Don’t fall for the hype. Juice products are the worst of the lot, while cleansing and detox supplements are guilty of milking the current marketing craze for those type of products. Thanks Hollywood!

By investing in a 100% pure acai berry product like Acai Berry, you will get all the antioxidant benefits that your body needs. Prepare yourself for the future by trying and continuing to use the best antioxidant product on the market today, Acai Berry.

Get a free trial of Acai Berry today just by going to the distributors site and submitting a short form with your name and address. That’s it. From now on when anyone asks me what the best acai product is, I will be able to direct them to this post instead of going off on a 10 minute rant about the best acai product.

Acai Berry
Acai Berry Free Trial

* Risk free 14 day trial – just pay shipping; simply ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

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40 Responses to “What is the Best Acai Product?”

  1. Hi steve i ordered the certified acai and i havent started it yet can you tell me where it rates on a scale of 1-10?

  2. That’s alright, thanks for the answer. I’ll be looking around. I know I saw acai juices and teas already, and I read your review about those juices too, which was a good thing to do. πŸ˜‰
    I’m pretty sure I could find a brand or too of acai supplements like you say at a local health food store. I’d just be hoping they are one of the real deals ones.
    By the way good job with your nice site and good luck with your ad supplier! πŸ˜›

  3. Hello. I just read your little article about this particular product Acai “Nutraburst”. As I am from Canada (Quebec) I found that the link to this product redirected me to another acai product “AcaiSlim”. Reading reviews of this other product I found that the cons are pretty… noticeable. The ingredients are NOT listed on the product and on their website they claim that we shouldn’t be fooled by acai products as the ingredients are shown in order of quantity, and acai is often listed last. And they would have decided to solve this problem by simply not list the ingredients at all? πŸ˜›

    Anyway I was wondering if you would have one acai product to suggest to a Canadian (assuming it would be available here too).

    I’m still highly skeptical about this acai capsule industry. Not the fruit itself but this American super-market of weird diet pills that tell you last that you have to train 10 hours a day and eat water for dinner in order for this product to have benefits on your weight loss… lol

    • Dominic: my Acai Nutraburst advertiser bailed out on me last week so I had to change the links. Currently I am looking for another Acai Nutraburst distributor to link to these ads. I do rank Nutraburst #1, but AcaiSlim is good too… probably #2 or #3. If you look hard enough you might be able to find some acai in Canada at a local health food store or supermarket. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Steve. Wow! Thank you so much. I have now spent atleast 17 hours on your website. Thanks to you, I had the best workout of my life yesterday. I hit new levels, that I never thought I would see this soon. Through your advice I have: switched up my workout, take time to recover, eat right, do full body workouts, the whole nine yards. Its amazing! Send me your next electricity bill, its on me… haha. I have yet another question though. I am an ectomorph; therefore, eating as much as possible, whenever possible. Yet, I ordered this acai product the other day for the health benefits and to get a little extra cut. Is this contradicting my diet and workout? Should I take the pill, or just give it to a fat friend?

  5. Steve thank you for helping all of us we really do appreciate it. At Sambazon site I saw power scoop acai powder with acai and citrus acid as only ingredients. It did not seem to cost as much as these other pills, juices, etc. Would this be good to get? Should I take 1 or 2 times daily?I have tried no others for fear of wasting money I don’t have with all the confusion going on about this product. I trust you and if you think it’s good then I am going to order it. Thank you greatly!!

  6. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the great article. I recently tried the Sambazon Acai Power Caps and it does give me more energy. I received a free trial of Acai Berry Detox (featured on Oprah) and I am wondering is it OK to mix the two in a day? Will it be bad for me or is it OK and shouldn’t have any side effects?


    • Rosie: You don’t really need more than 1000 mg of acai in a day. Eat more than that and you run the risk of spending your afternoon sitting on the toilet. Other than that, no side effects.

  7. Hello there, I’ve recently heard about Acai berry diets and was wondering what part(s) of the body does it help remove fat? Thanks.

    – Kaiyou

    • Kaiyou:
      Acai is not a targeted fat loss supplement. In fact, there aren’t any supplements that I know of which target fat loss in specific areas. Fat loss occurs throughout the entire body as determined by your body’s physiology. I have added this question to the acai berry faq.

  8. Do you have to take the colon cleanse with ACAI. All the websites I have seen says it works better when you take the colon cleanse with it.

    Also, I am on prescription medicines. What ingredients does your product has and how much of it.

    • Cynthia: You don’t have to take the Colon Cleanse but many people do. I personally don’t. As far as ingredients, I’m not quite sure. The acai has acai in it and I don’t know what’s in the Colon Cleanse. Please check with your doctor to discuss interactions with medications.

  9. I have ordered 2 trials. One is Acai Burn amd the other is Acai Elite. Acai Elite has a picture of the berry’s and is in capsule form. Acai Burn is tablet and it says secret of the amazon. Is that (acai burn) not the right one. Are they same or is one an imposter?? Please any help would be great.

  10. For those who are confused about which product is the best acai product, you can’t go wrong with whichever product I link to from this page. Extreme Acai had a less than stellar customer service record, so I would prefer not to promote them although I have left their ads on the website. Acai Slim, Acai Burn, and Sambazon acai caps are all great products too.

  11. Andrea:
    Since Extreme Acai is 100% pure acai, it should be fine to take while breastfeeding. You see, acai is just a fruit so it would be like eating a whole bunch of blueberries. Your baby will likely experience the effects of increased antioxidants. That being said, you should probably wait until you hear back from the medical professionals, as I am not one. While I am 99.9% certain nothing bad will happen, you should take the acai at your own risk.

  12. I am nursing my 4 month old baby ans I just received Extreme Acai. My question is… is it safe for me to take right now? I’ve already consulted my O.B. and lactating department and they say to take at own risk, they don’t know much about it and they’ll ask at the next meeting. I’m getting frustrated with the responses I’m getting. I hope you can help me.

  13. hello,
    There are so many imposters…how do you know which is authentic..I tryed Acai Pure for 30 days..I fell good..lighter but i didnt even lose 5 lbs..so wats the hype..and i work out..please which one delievers what it promises..Acai Pure, Detox..Exteme..just to name a few…thank you

  14. hi steve, i love your postings they’re very interesting…:)

    My husband tried the Acai Elite and I would say it really worked! I’m surprised, I’m very spectacle about those things but, this one kinda actually worked a bit. He hasn’t finished but, so far, I think he looks a bit thinner. Not like “drastic thinner, but kinda more like: “hey, did you get your hair cut or something? you look different..” kind of a thinner…

    lol, yea, well anyway… I think it helped him fight off that nasty flu he got. I think the only issue with acai products is not so much the canceling of it, but i mean, if you can afford it, theres really no problem.

    Thanks for your postings, I read em every chance I get!
    Keep it up steve!


  15. I just bought some Wild Harvested Acai 500mg softgels, will they have the same effect in weight loss as any other product?

  16. When you say Acai Slim, do you mean Acai Berry Clear because that is what’s showing up when you click on the links.

    What is the difference between the Acai Slim (that you are promoting) versus the Sambazon Acai capsules? Which works better or are they equally the same?

    Have you tried Bolthouse Bom Dia (acai berry and pomegranate)? Is that a supplement juice like the Sambazon acai juices?

  17. Danielle:
    I really don’t know anything about the Acai Noni Burner, sorry. As far as using acai pills and acai juice in the same day, I do it. I can’t get enough of Sambazon’s triple antioxidant drink.

  18. What are your thoughts on Acai Noni Burner? I saw it on one of the acai berry supplement reviews and it was rated number one.

    Also, is it ok to take Acai Berry Slim capsules and drink the Sambazon Acai Drinks in the same day? Thanks.

  19. Edward:
    Acai Slim is very similar to Extreme Acai. Both products are similar to Acai Berry Power 500, although Extreme and Slim are both rated higher in most acai supplement reviews.

    If you want to place an order over sees, you will have to go with Sambazon. This is what they have to say about over seas orders, by which it appears they mean anything outside the US:

    Overseas Shipping: To obtain an overseas shipping quote, please contact us at: [email protected]. *** To avoid common international shipping complications, we choose to ship only dry items (dry items are: PowerCaps, PowerScoop & β€˜Gear’ (hats, t-shirts, necklaces etc.) outside the continental US.

  20. Is Acai slim any different to Acai berry power 500 or is this the same product?

    Can you tell me if any of the above are available in the U.K.

  21. Hi Steve,

    Was in another city this weekend and visited a Whole Foods Store. They had an Acai Powder by Sambazon that you put 2 scoops of into Milk, Juice, or a Smoothie. The ingredients are listed as Freeze Dried Acai Powder and Citric Acid. Since you endorsed Sambazon Juice in a previous post, do you think the powder form is ok as well?

  22. Thanks for your response, Steve. So are you recommending that the Acai berry capsule by Sambazon should be pure acai berry? I prefer to try the capsule and not the juice. I’m in Canada.

  23. Steve,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ve already ordered my free trial of Extreme Acai Berry. Will check with MD once I receive it. Thanks again!

  24. Danielle:
    You can take Extreme Acai or Acai Slim or any other 100% pure acai supplement, forever. It’s just like eating blueberries. I also don’t believe acai is contraindicated for anyone, but I am not a medical professional you should check with your doctor for that question.

  25. How long can you contiue to take Extreme Acai Berry? Is it like other supplements where build-up in the body could be harmful or the body eventually becomes immune/unresponsive to the benefits? Also, is it contraindicated for those who have High Blood Pressure/Hypertension and take prescriptions to control? Thanks!

  26. Marlene:
    I am not familiar with Albi Acai Berry, but I use 1 to 2 servings of my 500 mg acai supplement each day. Honestly I haven’t heard anything good about that supplement, so I just want to tell you about something else real quick.

    With a company called Sambazon I have finally discovered an acai juice product manufacturer that I trust. They have high quality products and reliable customer support. If are interested in finding out more, you should visit this link:

    organic acai products from Sambazon

    I am actually planning to post on Project Swole about this company very soon. Let me know if you try any of their products, and if you like them or not.

  27. What about albi acai berry? (500 mg) and taking two of those per day? Should that work ok, especially for weight loss?

  28. Linda:
    I don’t believe there is much sugar at all in Extreme Acai, after all it is just a pill. Stay away from acai berry juice though!

  29. What I need to know if the amount of carbs in the pill. I am diabetic. I have to watch my intake of carbs. I can’t use this product if it is packed with carbs, however, I am hoping the pills might be better. Can you help answer this question?

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