A Sugary Fright Fest Done Right

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Josie Maurer
Josie Maurer

Josie Maurer of YumYucky.com writes today’s guest post. Josie is a woman who eats and then talks about it. She and her “Greedy Taste Testers” tell us all about the different kinds of foods they eat in an attempt to find a way of life that balances fitness and a taste for great cuisine.

Josie wants you to ditch the weight loss gimmicks, deprivation of so-called “forbidden foods”, and severe calorie deprivation, in favor of Moderation, Discipline, Portion Control, and Commitment to exercising and eating healthy.

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A Sweet Halloween Extravaganza!

Editor’s Note: if you want to skip down to Josie’s great recipe for No-Bake Raw Oat Bars, click here.

If foods filled with sugary sludge aren’t quite your thing, beware the death grip of Halloween! This one day, in particular, is extra fueled with the kind of zombie power that just might be strong enough to slap the protein bar out of your mouth in favor of a Snickers. Just maybe?

Your co-workers are bringing candy to the office, your kid is getting sweets from the teacher, and the snot nosed neighbor-child expects you to have some candy when they bang on your door in their gorilla costume.

So you see that. The sugary fright fest is all around you. But if you want an escape hatch for Halloween done healthy, try these anti-sugar sludge tips.

Candy Corn Visualization Technique

I’m all for fun-filled special days, so I’m not going to do any man-handling and force you to completely deprive yourself on this "holiday". Now go ahead. Chew on a candy corn or two. But if you find yourself going overboard, try the Candy Corn Visualization Technique.

Imagine that sweet corn treat in your mouth is this corn instead. You will stop chewing immediately.

Fill Your Food Trap With Fruit

Foods like pineapples, strawberries and bananas are sweet, after all. Halloween is a great day for a healthy smoothie designed to stomp out a sugar craving waiting to happen. Add a little protein powder and pretend its some ghoulish bone dust from skeletons long ago.

Make Your Own No-Bake, Raw Oat Bars

You can whip up this Recipe for No-Bake Raw Oat Bars in less than 5-minutes and tote them to your job to combat the candy tray.

These bars feature the natural sweetness of maple syrup that’s packed with manganese and zinc. The syrup touts antioxidant benefits and supports immune function. It also has some, eh-hem, male reproductive benefits.

Raw Oat Bars are way better than the sweetened, empty calories found in candy. They come out soft and chewy, yet a bit sticky on the fingers. Your co-workers may want to trade in their nasty candy for your tasty creation, so beware!

Sweetness Escape Techniques

There are additional techniques to escape evil Halloween sweetness, like hiding in a dark corner, duct taping the mouth shut, or wearing noise canceling headphones so you can’t hear the candy speak, but those techniques are very advanced.

You aren’t ready for that yet.

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