The 5 Best Boot Camp Exercises Part 1

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the best boot camp exercises

Boot camp workouts can be defined as a mixed bag of intense workouts, including power movements, speed elements, and strength training. There are different styles of boot camp workouts, which can focus on bodyweight exercises and military-style drills. Included in the best boot camp exercises, you can expect some calisthenics like pull-ups, squats, crunches, push-ups, and lunges.

Boot camp workouts usually include rounds of some intense activity which will be altered with intervals of lighter training. They also include functional fitness, which helps in stimulating movements that people do in actual life. So, before you go on an intense trip, with a camera mounted on your GoPro roof rack mounting brackets, follow the boot camp workouts mentioned below to get into perfect shape and build stamina.

Different Styles of Boot camp Workout

You may have heard about boot camp workouts referenced in the military. This style of workout is preferred by the military forces and has gained immense popularity in the recent past. The Boot camp workouts combine strength with cardio conditioning, which helps you get into shape faster. There are hundreds of different ways to mix up the Boot camp workouts, but they must include resistance movements and cardio in a circuit setup which means you go from one kind of exercise to another. 

Listed below are some of the top boot camp workouts that you can practice at your home without using any types of equipment:

1. Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is a prominent and effective boot camp workout. To do a bear crawl, you must get on all four with shoulders over your wrists and hips above your knees. Next, you must move your left hand and right knee while maintaining a neutral spine and keeping the hips parallel to the floor. Once you get started, bring the other hand and knee forward so that they can meet. Repeat this three times on each side and reverse the movement to the start. 

2. Knee Tuck Push-ups

The second boot camp workout that you can try is the knee tuck push-ups. You must remain in the plank position to start the exercise. Slowly pull your knees closer to the chest and then return to the plank position again. After this, you will have to bend your elbows and lower into a push-up slowly. It will complete one round of knee tuck push-ups. 

3. Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is another boot camp workout technique that you can do to increase your core strength. Start by standing with your feet under the hips, bend your elbows so that the hands are straight right in front of your chest, and keep your palm facing down. Then do a slight squat engaging your core and push off the floor using both your legs to jump upwards. Make sure your knees tap your palm, which is facing downward, while you jump. Finally, make a smooth landing by slowly bending your knees. 

4. Plank Walkout

The plank walkout is another boot camp workout that is quite simple but very effective. You must stand straight to start the plank walkout and then bend down so that your hand touches the floors. Once you are in that position, slowly walk with your hands forward to be in a plank position. Take a pause for seconds and then slowly move and walk back your hand towards your feet. Then return to the standing position to complete a round of plank walkout. Ab rollouts using an ab wheel, barbell, swiss ball, or medicine ball are a great replacement for plank walkouts if you happen to have the equipment on hand.

5. Oblique Sit-up

The fifth boot camp exercise you can do is the oblique sit-up. To start this exercise, you must lie down on your back with hands behind your head and wide elbows. First, stretch your legs on the floor while you lie on your back. Now sit up by engaging your abs and rotating the shoulders to the left while pulling the right knee towards the chest. Make sure your shoulder touches your knee and then reverse your movement to lie back down again. Repeat this on the other side to complete one round of oblique sit-up. 

Honorable Mention: Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is probably the most straightforward Boot camp workout that one can perform. Start in plank position and drive your legs towards your chest as quickly as possible to start this workout. Move your legs one at a time when you are doing the mountain climber workout. By keeping your core tight and moving the legs quickly, this exercise will prove to be amazing for your core strength in addition to it being great for high-intensity cardiovascular benefits. If you happen to have a medicine ball on hand, try the variation in the video below for an added triceps pump.

Final Thoughts

Boot camp workouts help in providing an intensive whole-body workout that increases aerobic endurance and strength in an individual. Many people are attracted to Boot camp workouts because they provide intense training that is challenging but fun. The Boot camp workouts can be performed with minimum or even no equipment, appealing to those who prefer working out at home. 

Although these workouts are more rigorous and intensive than just standard aerobics, the health benefits can be achieved in less time. Boot camp workout includes a lot of strength and agility and can be challenging for people out of shape, but the results you see after a few months of boot camp workouts are beyond imagination. These kinds of high-intensity workouts improve your body’s shape and increase overall strength compared to routine exercise. They also help burn more calories in less time, attracting many people who want to get back in perfect shape.

You might also be interested in a follow-up post we wrote about 5 more awesome BootCamp exercises in the top 5 best bootcamp exercises part 2 to really be able to switch up your strategies and exercises from session to session.   

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