Werewolf Training: A Weightlifting Routine to Gain Muscle

Werewolf Training

Gain Muscle with Werewolf Training

This training routine is designed for you to gain muscle. That’s it.

If you’ve come here to lose fat, you are better off using the Full Body Fat Loss Routine for Men or the Full Body Fat Loss Routine for Women. This routine definitely has nothing to do with fat loss.

If you came to learn how to bench 700 lbs, you are better off reading Werewolf Training for Strength Gains. Although, truth to tell, you will get significantly stronger following this program.

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Werewolf training is not designed to get you ripped or “toned” (::barfs::), or even super strong, but you will get stronger anyway. This is much more of a bodybuilding routine than anything else, but with great strength benefits.

This is not for powerlifting or strongman training, but some level of strength will definitely be gained with Werewolf Training. Everyone using this routine has added weight to all their major lifts.

If you are a skinny guy and want to gain mass, this is for you. If you are ripped up and shredded but want to have more size, this is for you. If you just want to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to your body for whatever reason, this is for you.

I based this training routine off of 15 years of experience with training and nutrition including my recent evolution into HIIT and HIRT training for fat loss. Periodization and muscle confusion are the two main principles used in this routine, and they will suit you well.

My recent research on Taylor Lautner and how he trained to gain 30 pounds for his role as the werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga: New Moon is what actually prompted me to write up this routine.

Without further ado, let’s get into the principles of Werewolf Training.

Werewolf Training Principles

Progress Factor #1 – Training

Weight selection:

When you see set protocols that look like 3 x 5, the goal is to use one weight for every work set. In this example, you would use the same weight for 3 sets of 5 reps. If you can get the required number of reps for all sets, you should go heavier next time.

Choose a weight to start each exercise. If you think you can add weight and still complete the number of prescribed reps for the number of prescribed sets for that exercise, you may increase the weight between sets. HOWEVER – you should not have to decrease the weight at any time during the exercise.

Example: When doing the bench press, 4 sets of 5 reps, you start with 185 and get 5 reps easily. If you choose to go up to 200, you should use 200 for the rest of the exercise.

When you see set protocols that look like 5 x 5, 2, 1, 1, 1, or 3 x 12, 8, 5; the goal is to increase the weight for every work set. For each set, if you can get the required number of reps you should go heavier for that rep range next time.

Even when you see 1, 1, 1 you should increase the weight by at least 5 pounds before starting the next set.

Negative rep overloading:

Jordan Yuam, Taylor’s personal trainer, had Taylor testing his limits by using 40% more weight than Taylor typically used for a 10 rep set. Overloading was used for 2-3 sets of 5 reps every other week. This type of training requires a strong, experienced spotter. Don’t try it without one.

Varying weights and reps:

Taylor didn’t stick to a 3×5 or 5×5 or 3×10 type of routine. He worked all of his muscle fibers equally by varying the volume from week to week. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that strength can be increased by 28-43 percent just by varying rep counts and training different muscle groups.

It is still good to stick to a certain rep range based on your goals, but it is even better to occasionally change it up to force your body to adapt to a new stimulus.

Number of sets:

When doing higher reps with lighter weight, you typically need fewer sets. Two sets of 10-12 reps is not uncommon.

When doing lower reps with heavier weight, you often need more sets. If is good practice to use four to five sets when training in the 1 to 5 rep range.

Bands, Chains, and Tension training:

Free weights are best, but Taylor also used added tension with bands. The added tension increases the difficulty of the easiest portion of each lift, which is usually at the top, by accelerating resistance at the end of each rep. Recruiting additional muscle fibers using this method definitely adds to the growth potential of each and every set.

Incidentally, bands are used in elite powerlifting circles like Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell.

Belts, straps, and gloves:

Typically we don’t like to use weight belts, wrist straps, or lifting gloves during our workouts, but there is a time and a place for some training assistance equipment. Weight belts can certainly be used for max effort attempts during exercises like deadlifts; they can help add stability and confidence to the lift for those with a weaker core, but during sub-maximal effort lifts they should be avoided in order to help build the strength in the weaker core. Similarly, wrist straps can be used in max effort lifts where the grip is required such as deadlifts and barbell shrugs; they can help enhance a deficit in grip strength, but again during sub-maximal lifts, they should be avoided in order to build grip strength. Gloves? Well, there’s really no place for gloves in Beast Mode.

Reduce cardio to maximize muscle gains:

Taylor’s main goal was to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass. His metabolism was going to keep him ripped no matter what, so in order to gain muscle he had to cut back on cardio. If your only goal is to get ripped, HIIT cardio and HIRT are great schemes, but skinny hard gainers should minimize endurance training during a bulking phase. 20 minutes is the limit.

Note: For those who wish to add cardio, there is one HIRT session scheduled after every upper body workout. Using the HIRT session might decrease your overall muscle gain, but it will also minimize your overall fat gain and keep you in better cardiovascular health. Remember, the HIRT session is OPTIONAL.

Sensible abdominal training:

The rules of weight training apply to the abdominals. It doesn’t make any sense to train your abs every day. Taylor Lautner only trains his abs 3 days a week. We pick a set of exercises that works the whole core and limit ab training to thrice a week. Every lower body day ends with a 3 exercise abdominal circuit, which is NOT OPTIONAL.

Varying planes of movement:

Most people train up and down, front to back. Yuam knows that side-to-side training is important too. Diagonal and sideways movements are vital for a versatile training plan.

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Progress Factor #2 – Recovery

Recovery is so important to growth. Without recovery, you just can’t grow.

You will have the option of taking an extra day off after every 4 workouts. This off day in included in the program, both on the webpage and on the spreadsheet, but remember the extra rest day is OPTIONAL.

Follow these recovery tips to ensure proper muscular adaptation:

  • Lautner takes every third day off.
  • Limit training to 5 days a week.
  • Weight training sessions should be kept under 60 minutes.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours each and every night.

Recovery is important within a workout as well. We want each set to receive maximal intensity and muscular facilitation so we want to make sure your muscles are fresh for each set.

For regular weight training, follow these rest protocols:

  • Supersets will still require no rest between sets. They will be denoted by a, b, and c.
  • 90 seconds rest between sets.
  • 2-4 minutes rest between exercises, as necessary.

Always end your workout with a 10-minute stretching session. Post-workout stretching increases both recovery and flexibility. This is a good thing.

Use these stretching principles:

  • Read about Flexibility Training.
  • Stretch every muscle group for at least one minute.
  • Hold each static stretch for 20 seconds and repeat at least twice.
  • Never use static stretching before you train.
  • If you must stretch before you train, use only dynamic stretching.
  • Think of your stretching session as a cool-down.
  • Stretching does not count towards your 45-60 minute workout limit.

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Progress Factor #3 – Nutrition

You gotta feed the machine or it won’t grow. Here’s how.

Choose your goal weight.

For example, let’s start with a 160-pound man who wants to weigh 180 pounds.

Calculate your metabolic co-efficient (M) based on your body type and past history of gaining muscle and losing fat. If you need help determining your body type, read A Body Type Analysis

  • Endomorph (hard to lose fat, easy to gain muscle) – M = 8.5
  • Mesomorph (moderately easy to gain muscle or lose fat) – M = 9.5
  • Ectomorph (easy to lose fat, hard to gain muscle) – M = 10.5

Let’s consider that our 160 lb man is an ectomorph. He has always been thin with little to moderate muscle development, but it is difficult for him to really gain considerable muscle mass without drinking weight gain shakes all day long. His metabolic co-efficient (M) is 11.

Calculate the total number of hours of training weekly.

If you are a busy guy you might be limited to three 45 minute sessions plus some warming up and stretching, which will come out to about 3 hours a week. For this example, based on Taylor Lautner’s routine, at 5 days a week and 60 minutes a session, our man will be training 5 hours a week.

Daily Calories

Daily calories = Goal Weight X (the number of hours you workout per week + M)

Example: 180 lbs X (5 hours + 10.5) = 2790 calories per day

Daily Protein

You should get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Example: 180 lbs = 180 g protein per day (180 g protein X 4 calories = 720 protein calories)

The best protein powder you can choose for your Werewolf Training routine is Optimum Nutrition. They have the highest quality protein for the cheapest prices. Click on this link to get some Optimum Nutrition protein powder now.

Daily Fat

You can estimate about half of your goal weight in healthy fats each day.

Example: 180 lbs = 90 g fat per day (90 g fat X 9 calories = 810 fat calories)

Daily Carbohydrates

The rest of your calories should come from high-quality carbohydrate sources such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

Example: 2790 calories – (720 protein calories + 810 fat calories) = 1260 carb calories (1260 carb calories / 4 calories = 315 g carbs per day)

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Progress Factor #4 – Supplements

First, let me say that you don’t need any supplements to succeed with Werewolf Training. Just eat a ton of the right foods, and you will grow. That being said, I know many of you will want to make the most of this routine by increasing your body’s capabilities with great supplements like protein powder, vitamins, and the best mass gainer.

Therefore, I am going to recommend the 4 best supplements for you to use to gain muscle.

  1. Post Workout Nutrition – P90X Results and Recovery Formula

    P90X Post Workout Formula

    Studies repeatedly show that you will recover from an intense workout twice as fast if you use a post-workout drink within 20 minutes of finishing an intense workout. It is a known fact at this point, so if you’re not using a specially formulated post-workout drink in that 20 minute window, then you’re throwing 50% of your gains right out the window.

    This post-workout shake contains four parts carbs to one part protein, which is exactly what you need to ensure speedy muscle recovery after intense workouts. It tastes great, is all-natural, and contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Mix it with water in a shaker bottle right after your workout – quick and easy.

    This specially designed post-workout shake contain a perfect blend of:

  2. Nitric Oxide (NO) Supplement

    Nitric Oxide

    N.O. supplements are some of the most popular bodybuilding supplements. N.O. will increase your pumps and, more importantly, increase your strength endurance. I find myself getting an extra 2-3 reps on every set when I’m using an N.O. supplement.

    • This N.O. supplement is a Hemodilator, which gives you extra energy by pumping more blood through your body.
    • N.O. supplements give you incredible pumps… you will look and feel stronger than ever.
    • N.O. supplements increase levels of Nitric Oxide in your body, increasing both strength and endurance.
    • By increasing your metabolism, N.O. supplements helps you avoid typical bulking-phase fat gains.

      Click here to get some N.O. for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

  3. Shakeology or Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

    Whey protein supplements can help you get the strong, powerful, lean, healthy body that you dream of. Hard-gainers can make higher carbohydrate protein shakes, while mesomorphs and ectomorphs can opt for the low-carb protein recipes. Click here for a list of more than 100 protein shake recipes.

    First, check out Shakeology – it’s not just your average protein shake. Comes in two great flavors.

    • Whole-food ingredients curbs cravings and burn stored fat
    • Over 20 phytonutrients and antioxidants
    • Reduces risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke
    • Probiotics to assist digestion and nutrient absorption

      Click here to purchase or learn more about Shakeology.

      If you are looking for a pure protein powder, check out Optimum Nutrition. Optimum Nutrition protein powder comes in about 20 different flavors, and is available in 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb containers.

    • Make protein shakes to supplement your daily protein intake.
    • Mix with foods you eat everyday to increase your daily protein intake.
    • The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle tissue.
    • More calories = more muscle!

      Click here to get some Optimum Nutrition whey protein.

  4. Xtend Amino Acid Supplement

    Xtend is a scientific blend of amino acids consisting of the proven 2:1:1 ratio of energy BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine), Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, and Vitamin B6 that will give you the energy you need to maximize your training and enhance recovery.

    The components in Xtend have been scientifically proven to:

    Scivation Xtend
    • help speed recovery
    • enhance ATP production
    • promote cell volume
    • avoid fatigue
    • increase protein synthesis
    • improve immune function
    • improve digestive health
    • elevate growth hormone levels
    • and promote vasodilation, which can lead to better assimilation and absorption of protein

      Remember, Xtend is full of glutamine, which is an important amino acid for energy and muscle recovery. You can take a serving of Xtend before, during, and after any workout, as well as right before bed and first thing in the morning. A steady supply of amino acids can only do a body good. Just don’t drink so much that you make yourself sick of it! Trust me, I’ve been there.

      Click here to get some Scivation Xtend for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

  5. Creatine – Kre-Alkalyn

    The purpose of creatine supplementation, is to build up the creatine levels in your muscles in order to increase strength and long term muscle gains, by more efficiently rebuilding ATP levels during your workouts. If you don’t know, ATP is what muscles use for short intense muscular contractions like weightlifting, sprinting, throwing, and jumping.

    Creatine Kre-Alkalyn

    The good news is that Kre-Alkalyn has a higher absorption so it doesn’t require front loading and reportedly causes less creatine bloating and stomach problems. Kre-Alkalyn offers you a brand of creatine that is 100% stable, will not break down into creatinine, and will absorb efficiently into the bloodstream. Each gram of Kre-Alkalyn is equivalent to 10 grams of creatine powder.

    The theory behind Kre-Alkalyn is: scientists discovered that the higher the pH of your creatine, the slower it is converted to creatinine. Pure Kre-Alkalyn has a pH of 12, the highest pH product on the market. This particular product also claims to use an enhanced delivery system, which gets the product into your blood stream even quicker.

    Click here to get some Kre-Alkalyn for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

    Your other options are to get regular old creatine monohydrate or creatine malate, which are both good, but reportedly not as good as Kre-Alkalyn. Just please do not get scammed by liquid creatine or creatine ethyl ester, or any of the other ‘advanced delivery’ creatine scams. That liquid stuff never works.

That’s just about all you need for supplements, although there are many other options available if you have the cash. The number of supplements you use depends highly on your budget and your willingness to drink shakes, juices, and take pills all day.
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The Werewolf Training Workout Routine for Muscle Gains

Here is a 3 week, 21 day, 18 session workout routine designed to build muscle. It consists of 12 resistance training sessions, 6 neural activation training (NAT) sessions, and 6 ab workouts.

Werewolf Training

Neural Activation Training (NAT)

Click here to learn more about NAT.

NAT workouts are optional, non-fatiguing, and will not lead to overtraining if used properly. NAT workouts will add to the effectiveness of the routine if you choose to use them.

Abdominal Training

Abdominal workouts are scheduled on NAT days, but instead, you can train your abs on any non-consecutive workout day. All NAT and abdominal training options are listed in the routine and on the spreadsheet. Do whatever fits your schedule and recovery ability.

I have tried to limit the exercise selection to equipment that most people can get at a gym, which includes barbells, dumbbells, and a box or bench.

Resistance Bands

Click here to learn more about Resistance Bands.

You can find resistance bands at some gyms, but typically you will have to buy them on your own. Do not buy the resistance bands they sell at Walmart or Target, those are garbage. Go online and find real resistance bands that you can attach to free weight machines.

The bands are best used with the first couple compound exercises of the day such as bench press, deadlift, military press, and squats. They can also be used with many of the other exercises. Your limitations will be set by your own creativity.

The Routine

The latest version of Werewolf Muscle Training is 3.0. It is the most comprehensive Werewolf Muscle Training to date, updated based on personal and reader feedback.

View a printable version of the routine, or download the spreadsheet for Werewolf Muscle Training version 3.0 here: printable workout routines

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Printable Werewolf Training Workout Routines

A printable HTML document and an Excel spreadsheet are available for Werewolf Training 2.0, 3.0, and each update from this point forward. You can download them all at the link below.

Use these spreadsheets to track your progress. Either keep track of your numbers on the computer or take the print-outs to the gym with you. A clipboard works great to hold your workout logs if you decide to print them out. I recommend using a pen to record your numbers, as the pencil fades over time.

Click the link below to print or download the newest updated training logs with updated exercises and rep requirements, added optional cardio sessions, and neural adaptation training integration:

Werewolf Muscle Training

Click the link below to download the spreadsheet for the old Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0, 21-day routine:

21 Day Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0

Click here to download the spreadsheet for the old Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0, 18-day routine:

18 Day Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0

You Can Make it Happen

Consistency is key. You must be consistent and disciplined in your training. Taylor Lautner had a multi-million dollar movie franchise contract on the line. You need to train like your future is on the line too, if you want to make the most of your workouts.

Expected Results

I haven’t tested this program out over a long period of time, so I’m going to need a couple of people to try it for at least 3 cycles. That could be as quick as 54 days, or if you take an additional rest day every 7th day (see below), you’d be looking at about 63 days.

I’m guessing a solid 10 pounds of muscle could be gained in less than half a year using this program, as long as you train at least 4 times a week, use proper recovery, and eat right.

After using this program for 3 cycles, 54 days, or 63 days depending on how many rest days you decide to use, you should take one full active recovery (little to no weight training) week. Read more about active recovery here.

Happy gaining!


Apparently, a guy named Chris used this routine with a low-calorie diet to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and gain some muscle along the way. I’m trying to get him to write about his experience, but not sure if he will. It doesn’t mention Project Swole at all, but here are his results: Chris on Facebook.

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Werewolf Training

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1,905 Responses to “Werewolf Training: A Weightlifting Routine to Gain Muscle”

  1. Hey Steve,

    I did this a long time ago in like 2011 and loved it but its been a long time out of the game. Do you have any recommended routines or such based on the past 11 years of learning? I typically only get an hour to go gym in and out so I have to count any cardio/warmup in that timeframe unfortunately.


    • Hi Joey!

      Thanks for your comment. There are a couple of other great workouts on this site you can try. I like the full-body workout routine as well as the 3×5 workout routine. What is your main goal at this time? Strength, muscle, fat loss, conditioning, sports performance? Whatever you hope to achieve will inform your workout strategy. Let me know if you still have any questions.


    • You should keep workout out, doing other workouts, or repeating this workout. Just take it easy for a week or two for maximum recovery, then get back at it.

    • Not super slow but also not super fast. When I’m training specifically to build speed and power, my reps are quicker. If I’m focused on building muscle, my reps slow down a bit, but not too much. Especially on the concentric phase (the push or pull) I always like to try to move as fast as possible with the weight I’m using, unless I’m dealing with an injury or tendonitis.

    • Do you mean ‘time under tension’? That refers to the amount of time the muscle is spent under tension during the set. Extending time under tension using methods like slow reps, eccentrics, forced reps, etc… are strategies frequently used by bodybuilders in their attempt to gain as much mass as possible. I hope this helps.

        • I mean it doesn’t really work that way. You want to go heavy on your compound exercises and a little lighter on your accessory work. If you HAVE to use one rep range for everything, meet in the middle and choose 8, but I’d recommend sticking with the original outline. Best of luck! Let me know how it goes.

  2. Best article I’ve ever read. Thanks a lot. My friend and I are ectomorph types and started going to the gym just over a month ago. Using all the information on this site I created a 3set x 12rep schedule of every exercise for that muscle ‘day’. Workouts were taking up to an hour and a half, DOMS was inevitable due to overworking, and progress was reduced due to lack of recovery. We did days based on bicep/back, tricep/chest, shoulder/anything that wasn’t tired, and began every workout with extensive ab work. I find that for ectomorph beginners who are serious about it, these are common mistakes. As outline in this article and workout schedule, you don’t need to DESTROY that muscle group every second day. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  3. Hi,

    I have been following your routine for three months now, but I’m not fully satisfied with the results for my arms and legs. Abs are fine. Naturally, muscle building takes time, sometimes up to a year.

    On the other hand, I get the feeling that I’m not doing as much lbs as I can for a regular set. Now I wonder: on how much percent of my 5,2,1,1… /1RM max should I train to gain muscle, while still not overtraining myself?

    Appreciate the help!

    • You can try tossing in the occasional set of 20-rep paused breathing squats. Do them towards the end of your leg training, as you should not actually be able to function for 5 minutes if you do these right. Pick a weight you can normally do for 10 reps. Don’t stop until you hit 20. To accomplish this, pause at the top of reps 10-20 and take a couple breaths. Don’t go back down until you are confident you can get back up. But also don’t rack the weight until you hit 20.

      For 5,2,1,1,…,1 you should be training with a maximal weight. If you can get more than 6 reps with perfect form on your set of 5, not heavy enough. If you can get more than 3 reps with perfect form on your set of 2, not heavy enough. Your first set of 1 should be a weight you can get 2, but then keep progressing in 5-10 pound increments until you realize your true max. However, try not to reach a weight that actually causes you to fail. The CNS doesn’t like failure… you don’t want to train it to fail, you want to train it to perform precisely with the maximum load you can handle.

  4. hi,

    Just wondering why v3.0 of the plan contains different exercises on some days – some have been added and some removed, and reps etc changed – is this due to trial and error or improvements?


  5. I was wondering why the 3.0 version reduces the amount of sets from 3 to 2 for the superset exercises. I prefer 3 but wondering if that makes a big difference in muscle gain? Thanks.

    • I found doing 2 intense sets is enough for most of the secondary exercises, as long as training frequency is at least bi-weekly for the chosen muscle group.

  6. Question 1. With regards to supersets, should I be performing one set of A immediately followed by one set of B and repeat until all sets are complete and then rest, or is there a rest after doing one set of A immediately followed by one set of B?

    Question 2. What would be the difference between resting for 40 seconds versus 90 seconds?

    Question 3. For neural activation training what is the recommended rest between sets?

    Question 4. With regards to abdominal training, does one perform each exercise (such as A then B and then C) and then rest, or rest after each set?

    • 1) Rest after B.
      2) 40 seconds = better conditioning, more lactic acid, and less strength due to a shorter recovery. 90 seconds is pretty long and should be used sparingly unless you are a powerlifter or training for some other sport or competition.
      3) Isn’t that question answered in the NAT post?
      4) A,B,C then rest, repeat

    • If you actually read te top few paragraphs it says this workout is for people who want to gain muscle/weight! Never find a workout and just look at the routine, you need to read up about it first and look at diet ect.

  7. Steve,
    I have followed your blog for two years now and have modeled my workouts after your programs. Your knowledge and routines have resulted in great results for me. Thanks. Question: I have noticed that when I take an active recovery week between routines that I come back to the gym a touch weaker. It bothers me only because I hear others say that when they take a break they come back stronger. I did some NAT training, swimming, etc. to keep fresh. Could my soreness and slightly weaker lifts be due to that Im switching from the Fat Loss full body workout to the Werewolf muscle upper/lower splits?

  8. When you write DB standing alternating shoulder press – 2 x 12, does that mean 12 each side or 12 total, meaning 6 each side?

  9. Hey steve, i’m thinking about starting this very soon. My only question is which one to choose? is 3.0 better than 1 and 2? why have you decided to do so much tweaking?

  10. Hey Steve,

    So for once I am really serious about hitting the gym and I have done a lot of research over the past few days and stumbled upon this. I am really intrigued by this workout especially since it is based of Taylor Lautner’s workout routine. I am doing this to build muscle mass and lose weight. Currently, I am fat (not huge but not skinny) and would like to get rid of it over time, but not too fast where it intrudes with my muscle building progress. I would like to keep track with you since no one has ever shown their results for losing fat and gaining muscle. I wouldn’t mind posting before and after pictures when done in exchange for advice along the way. I have started the 3.0 workout and I really enjoy it, but I was curious as to when to take days off. In the other workout versions you have mandatory days off and optional days off, but in 3.0 you only have one day of per week. I do not mind going HAM all week, but you do state above to take every third day off. Also, when would I include tension belts in the routine and when should I use negative overloading? Should I only do this for bench, or should I do this for squats, curls, triceps, etc.? Eventually could I try varying the workout routine by combining lower body with abs on one day and take the third day off? Should I begin to add in new exercises to each work out over time? I am not in great shape and managed to finish day 1 in 30 min with no problem. Also, for my diet, I have calculated all the above information for calories, protein, carbs, and fat. To accommodate for weight loss, I just multiplied my carbs and fat intake by a percentage when I had finished all calculations. I am 21 years old, 6’4″, and weigh 230-235 and my goal weight is 215-220 and to be mostly muscle. Thanks for your consideration.

  11. Hi Steve, I started my weight training at a measly 95lb over a year and a half ago and am now 5ft 10inches and 144.5lb, 20 years old…My problem at the moment is, I can not gain any more weight. I am eating between 3000, 3500 calories a day, I am two weeks into your werewolf programme were I have increased the workout to an hour long 2 days on one day off and I have even managed to continually increase my strength but still no weight gain what so ever. I am just wondering if you have any advice as I am training really hard and am being left disappointed at the end of each week and feel less enthusiasm to train.

    • Dude, you still have to eat more food. How many grams of protein each day? You also have to consider that perhaps you are training too often. The strength gains come from nervous system adaptation, but what if your muscles are slightly overtrained? What if you are burning up all of your precious calories by training too long?

      I don’t know what you need, because I don’t really know you – your diet, your intensity, your lifestyle, supplements, etc… I would have to observe you to tell you what you’re doing wrong. However, just guessing, I would say you should finish off the Werewolf cycle then take 1 active recovery week off, cut back to 3 workouts a week, no longer than 45 minutes, up the intensity of your work sets, avoid training to failure on most sets – leave 1 or 2 reps in the hole for all but maybe 1 or 2 exercises each day and even then only approach failure on the last set, increase your protein intake, be sure to sleep 8 hours a night, and avoid cardio like the plague. A combination of rest, recovery, fewer calories burned, and more protein should result in weight gain. You might not want to live and train like this forever, but it is probably your best chance at gaining weight.

      Either that or increase your daily calories by 500, including eating about 200 grams of protein a day, and keep your workouts the same. At 5’10, 144.5 lbs, your metabolism must be out of control. You probably need around 4000 calories a day to gain weight now that you’ve added 50 pounds – probably 75% muscle – to your frame.

      • Thats some great advice Steve, its much appreciated, I think overtraining may have been a problem Steve, I have so much determination to put it on that I was training 90 mins a day six days a week before I started this routine. As for my diet it is strict but yeah I can understand I might need more now. I’m currently taking creatine and Maximuscle progain, would you recommend I swap these for something else. I know its impossible for you to see but im quite confident am hitting the right intensity in the gym. Although I dont have many nights out I struggle for 8 hours sleep a night so maybe that could be something I could improve.
        If I remove cardio will I still maintain a degree of fitness? This is one thing I fear. I’m currently at 8% BF believe it or not so I look cut I just want some more bulk. If I apply these changes do you think it would be possible to gain 24lb by next September?

        Once again thanks Steve this has been some great advice!!!

        • You can keep the cardio to maintain a level of conditioning, but really all you need is like 2, 30 minute interval sprint sessions a week. The problem is that the more cardio you do, the more food you’re going to have to eat. So, choose your goal wisely. Want to gain 24 lbs of muscle? Cut the cardio WAY down and eat more food. Want to stay at 8% bodyfat or lower? Then it’s going to take you longer to gain 24 lbs of muscle. You can accomplish this goal in a year, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Stay strict. Eat more food. Train like a wolf.

          • Thanks Steve that advice has really helped me out, I think i’ll just cut the cardio for a cycle and see how that goes and the BF% I can take or leave it isnt something I intentionally tried to maintain…Suppose all that is left to do is eat, train and sleep like a wolf now!

  12. hey steve,
    so i have been doing the werewolf muscle 2.0 for like 6 months now and i love it, i just noticed their is a new 3.0 workout. The workout to me looks like an easier version on the previous one with less sets and why did you get rid of the box jumps on the 1st leg workout. Would it be to much if i added the box jumps at the end of the new 1st leg workout instead of the tabata squats. Im sure there is a method to the madness, please explain the changes.

    • If I remember correctly, I removed the box jumps because the first time I did that workout the box jumps made me puke. I’m sure plenty of people who aren’t me, can handle it. If you can handle it, you can do it. My routines should not be set in stone. You should take these routines and modify them to fit your needs. There is a reason for everything, but when you are able to train on instinct you shouldn’t necessarily follow anyone’s routine to a T if you know what’s best for you.

  13. I’ve been doing this workout for close to a year, I used to be really skinny, 6’0 at around 160lbs, I like it cuz I’m at 180lbs and I’m definitely liking the strength, plus I never get bored with the workout. I’m still looking to get stronger, especially with biceps, but I want to get my abs a little more cut, they’re there like the six pac is gonna pop, should I continue doing this workout and add more cardio? What do you think?

  14. Hey do you use any apps for working out and if so which ones? I got All-in Fitness which looks great but when I try adding in your werewolf training it gets all messed up. Wish I could just import it somehow. I like the idea of having everything right in one place. Days, exercises, reps, sets, tracking of all history, progress. Technology is frustrating.

    • I once had a mobile app for WWT but the guy who was working on it went back to college and I never learned how to finish it. Probably should. I published a post the other day about the Watch Me Change iPhone app, which is helpful for monitoring progress.

  15. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for creating this program Steve. I’ve never been a really big guy, and try as might nothing ever really got me motivated enough to stick with it. Your program has been different though, and I’m already noticing significant gain. Again, I just wanted to say thank you.

  16. Hey steve, last year as a high school freshman i started doing bodyweight exercises and running 3 miles a day for a month and i got pretty big and i was lazy this summer and i lost most of the mass but i have the same strength and tone my friend recommended this to me so i just finished the 10th day, so my problem is how do i know im eating enough i heard if you eat too much protein its stored as fat so i just want some tips on how to know im fueling the machine enough ^.^ thanks

    plus at the tenth day should i look any different because my upper body really doesnt is it because i have too much endurance from pushups im not getting sore from the upper body or what? for now i have to stop obsessing over the little details and just get going but your help is appreciated.

  17. Steve,
    I have been doing this workout routine for almost 2 weeks now and I have noticed significant back hair growth, and my teeth are turning “fanglike”.. Should I discontinue the routine? Awesome muscle gains though bro!!!

    • I would stick to the routine for now. However, if you notice any lengthening of the ears and nose you should immediately discontinue use of Werewolf Training, and if you grow a tail for longer than 6 hours, go to the emergency room.

  18. seems like i have my routine just about right. only question i have is a workout partner. i usually workout on my own but it is said having a spotter is a boost..but i limit my workout to 60minutes, having a spotter/workout partner will maybe double that.

    i havehigh metabolism, i’ve gained 10 lbs before in 3weeks and still managed to stay under 7% Bodyfat. i eat healthy,4times a day, and 2scoops of “serious mass” aka weight gainer, morning and after workout (nighttime). i am consistant and dedicated. though i took a summer break and lost those 10lbs. goal now is to gain 20lbs. im starting to get back into the routine but i don’t know if i should look for a workout partner. What’s your input on that?

    • You don’t need a spotter all the time, just for your heavy bench sets and maybe a couple other movements. If you learn how to synch with a workout partner, it will not add more than 10 minutes to your total workout. If the two of you can’t focus enough to get in and out in 60 minutes, then you need a new, probably more dedicated, workout partner.

  19. June 20 – August 10 (12 weeks).
    Weight: 81.2kgs – 86.8kgs.
    CFI: 11.3% – 9.2%.
    Max Bench Press: 195lbs – 245lbs.
    Max Deadlift: 295lbs – 385lbs.
    Max Squat: 205lbs – 285lbs.
    Max Military Standing Press: 100lbs – 140lbs.
    Max Chin-ups: 12reps – 26reps.

  20. hey steve, i started the werewwolfing dumbell training yesterday as im training at home
    i have to say thankyou for all the effort you have put into the site, its great
    im 18, and i have close to no pecs at all, i want to increase mucle size everywhere but my main focus is developing my chest
    i read through your page on the top chest exercises and i was wondering if it may be worth adding some flyes into the werewolf routine?

    • If you want to increase the size of your chest, flyes are not the solution. You need heavy dumbbell presses at least once a week, incline and flat. Start your workout off with chest training. Don’t neglect other body parts, but focus your main intensity on the dumbbell presses.

      • ok thankyou steve
        also ive noticed with my chest that there seems to be a gap between my left and right pec and my pecs are not really round
        will this change after i start to gain more chest muscle?
        thanks again
        oh and ive been loving the routine

          • damn genetics
            well ive nearly completed the first cycle and i can say i feel alot better. im lifting more weight and i feel like i look better, although i wont measure up until after the first cycle is complete which will be just over a week
            ill let you know of any gains i have made
            thanks steve

  21. Im 16 and just started really getting into working out at the begining of summer. i have gained some muscle and have been doing a consistent 3×8 routine with free weights. i was told that doing reps over 8 was for toning so on the workout it says to do things like 2×10 for curls will that only tone or will it increase muscle mass because i wanna get big not tone

    • Doing more than 8 reps is not ‘toning’, it’s ‘bodybuilding’. In fact 8-12 is the ideal rep range used to stimulate hypertrophy, which basically means ‘building muscle’. We do 5 reps sets in Werewolf Training to also build strength, which helps build larger muscles indirectly by building strength. Now 20+ rep sets are great for your ‘toning’, although 20 rep sets of squats are used quite often for bodybuilding purposes as well. In any case, Werewolf Muscle Training works.

      ’nuff said

  22. hey steve. i left a comment earlier , only after 1 week of following the program, but i have now completed 1 cycle of muscle gains. i can see a huge increase in chest strength and some size strength.strength in most areas have gone up but i cant seem to get my shoulders bigger. im gonna do 3 cycle muscle gains followed by 2 strength…. im wondering if i can change some on the “lighter exercises” such as standing shoulder press to barbell military presses where i can put more stress on my muscle and mabey see more results…. mabey even add some exercises

  23. Hey Steve,
    I was wondering: Can I add some 20 minute HIIT Sprint Sessions to the off days? I’m actually doing the second cycle of this routine, performing all the HIRT sessions as well. Is it okay to add HIIT without overtraining risk or the NAT workouts are a better option? I’m trying to maintain bodyfat as low as possible, been around 9%.


  24. ive been doing this for about 3 months and it was good then i hit a wall and im not getting bigger i gained 5 pounds now i can even get soar. ive switched my workout but still can get any mass on me

  25. Well I see a lot of questions being posted here and I would just like to leave a comment. I have used this routine on and off for about two years now. I use it primarily to break through a plateau in training or look jacked for the beach season and I must say it has worked like a charm everytime! Here are some results:
    I started out at 145lbs/5’10” and was very active in the gym. I was pretty cut up already from low body fat and a lot of MMA training. I stopped fighting and wrestling and wanted to get big for the beaches and well girls. After using this routine I got up to 155! Strength went through the roof too! My one rep max on bench was 185 and in less than a year I got it to 275! Obviously I rotated to heavy lifting for a few months but I used this workout to build my foundation. I am back on this routine and in a week I already I feel the results. I am up to 160 now and would like to be at 165-170 by the holidays. I am a very hard gainer so 5 lbs of muscle looks huge on me!

    Thanks again for this work out!

    • im am exactly the same, ive hit a barrier and i cant find my way out of it im currently 158 and ive been stuck their for 2 weeks and cant build any mass, ive tryed switching my workout but its not working.

  26. i just finished my first week and enjoyed it. i dont feel as if my bis,tris or lats r being worked hard enough as i used to have set days for each body part and did 4-6 exercises per body part and am used to really working each muscle to its limit rather than upper + lower body days. will i still see significant gains in those areas or is it ok to add more sets? … im just trying to understand the concept of your style of workout in comparison to my old one. thanks

  27. hey man, ive been doing the routine for 2 cycles now.and ive noticed a big difference! first of all i want to thank you.. other thing, i havent been taking any protein shakes or supplements and ive been getting a decent gain, but i want to get a little more, do you think is okay if i take some N.O.? i gained 10 pounds in those 2 cycles i was 150 and now im 160 5,11″
    i also havent seen my six pack, do you think i should do more cardio?
    thanks a lot!

  28. I have been on this program for about 9 months. I have been through many cycles. At about the 4 or fifth cycle I started manipulating the program to fit my needs.
    I’m an ectomorph, starting weight was about 140 lbs. I have since hit a maximum of 155lbs then drop down to about 147. My bench reached a max of 205 x 2 (personal record). Instead of looking like a werewolf I now look more like a swole Spiderman. At this point I’m switching to the Werewolf Strength training program. Steve, big thanks for all the tips and good information! Without your training program I wouldn’t be where I’m at.

  29. Steve,

    I’m starting Werewolf Training routine today and I hope to get the best out of it. I’ve only recently started exercising (about 7 months now) and do see a changes but not a lot of muscle gain.

    I’ve downloaded your routines but don’t understand a couple of exercises. what do the a)’s and b)’s mean?
    Example: on day 1-
    a) Weighted or assisted pull ups – 2 x 12
    b) DB standing alternating shoulder press – 2 x 12
    a) DB standing alternating bicep curl – 2 x10
    b) DB standing OH tricep press – 2 x 15)

    Do I alternate these exercises or do I do just do one of each a) and b)?

  30. Hey, so when it says to do an alternating set, such as curls for 2×10, does that mean 10 reps per arm or 10 reps total?

  31. Great job Steve! You’ve really put a lot of effort into this site, it is one of my top references for my exercise plans! Thanks again bro and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks man. I wish I could make this my full time job. I have fountains of information, diets, workout routines, and so much more to share, but I just don’t have time.

  32. Hey Steve,

    I’m 24 and I have been working out regularily since I was 17. Since the majority of my plans have followed a body building type of routine (Chest day, leg day, back day etc.) What kind of results should I expect from an alternating general upper body to lower body work out?

    • Twice as good results as using a single muscle split. Don’t be fooled into thinking full body workouts every other day would work even better. Full body workouts are great for fat loss and conditioning, but an upper/lower split training 4 times a week works best in my experience.

  33. P90X Results and Recovery Formula so this is the best recovery drink? will this help me pack on muscle or lose fat?

    • Gain muscle, yes. Gain strength, yes. Maintain strength and muscle on a fat loss diet, yes. A post workout recovery formula should be used after every intense exercise session. You always need to replace lost glucose, spike the insulin, and get amino acids into the bloodstream immediately after a workout.

  34. Hey Steve,

    I just finished your muscle training program. I feel great, and yes guys, this program really works. The strength gains are amazing. Since I am done with this program which should I do now? Should I do your strength training one, or is there another program you can recommend to do for a while until I get back on yours again.How long should i wait till i get back on the muscle program.


    • Take an active recovery week if you need to and do the whole routine again. Don’t take the active recovery week if you don’t think you need it.

  35. Steve,

    Thanks for all creating this wonderful program. I’ll soo be starting out with Werewolf training 1.0. Anyways my calves are a little lacking so i was wondering if i could add an extra Calf day at day 7, 14 and 21. It would still give me almost 48 hours of recuperation before and after the next calf workout. But i would like to hear your feedback on this. Thanks

  36. Steve,

    I’ve been working out since 3/03/11 started at 292.8 lbs, I’ve now cut down to 270.8 had dropped down to 263 but noticed I started gaining mass which is great. I’m looking into doing your Werewolf Muscle Training 3.0 workout. I consider myself between a mesomorph and a endomorph. My target weight is around 230. So was wondering how many calories I needed to take in a day.

    • Not offhand but it was probably like 4000-5000 a day. He was skinny as hell before he started lifting weights for Twilight. You might be able to find that answer on Google.

  37. Is the decline skull crusher with a drop set then 2sets x8 reps. A good addition to this workout routine? and how often should I add drop sets into my workout?

  38. Hey there Steve, first and foremost, I have to say your program looks sick. This is the intense strength training I’ve been looking for. I’ve got one pretty important question though; I don’t use supplements for personal reasons, and I was just curious if I can expect the same results if I omit them? Thanks a lot man!

  39. Im just looking for a new workout routine so I was just wondering if this workout really does put on a lot of muscle mass. Like is it worth the time, do you really get good results.

  40. Hey Steve,

    I was wondering if it was possible to include some leg presses and lat pulldowns anywhere in the routine. If it is possible where can I put it? Btw great routine. I did it before and loved it gained about 10 lbs and my strength went up a lot. I just joined a gym so now I’ll be able to follow it completely I’ll be sure to send you my results when I’m finished.

    • If you must use leg presses, insert them on leg day. If you must use pulldowns, insert them on upper body day. Congrats with your 10 lbs weight gain.

  41. Hey Steve,

    I have just broke up from college, so have three months now to concentrate on training. I am just wondering how you feel about additions to the routine. For example I have removed shoulder workouts completely from the upper body day and instead have added two shoulder workouts to the lower body days. In place of the shoulder workouts on upper day, I have now added an additional tricep and forearm exercise. Whats your opinions on this, im in pretty good condition already as I fight mma but I am not going to train in it for three months now as I just want to gain some mass.

      • Just finished my first cycle of 18 days Steve on my tweaked version of the werewolf badboy and I have managed to gain 6.5 pounds roughly. My diet was ridiculously strict though eating 4000 calories a day and I used lots of supplements like maximuscle progain, cyclone and flapjacks. So yeah I feel its worked pretty well for me I have been keeping a diary so i’ll let you know as I continue. Today I am eating all my guilty pleasures though before I start cycle 2 haha

        • mmm… flapjacks… now I’m hungry. Just so you know, there is a site for recording your progress on Werewolf Training at werewolftraining.com. I just don’t have time to build the site out like I want to, but somehow 50 or so people have already registered without my ever publicizing it.

      • 1 Cycle down, 6.5lb gained Steve, so far so good. I also think that people starting this routine should educate themselves on diet first, its really helped me a lot piling loads of the good stuff in.

  42. Hey Steve, This about the second or third time I’ve written about the Werewolf Program. I have been on and off with it but I am going to be giving it my all now. I had severe abdominal pains last week that sent me to the emergency room. Fortunately the only thing that really seems to be out of sorts is the lower abs. I had hernias when I was a kid and we moved a lot. Now they suggested Under Armour or the like and I just got a pair delivered. Oh, the pains of aging and not really keeping myself in the best shape, I have no excuses! So, here we go again. I do feel this is a good program for older men and bodybuilders. How do I keep you informed of my progress, this way or another? With the additional exercises after the main program of the day, I may have to modify but those I can do I will do. Waiting on your reply, no need to hurry. My son is taking a bodybuilding class at his Jr. college and he’s a bit sore. He does have a set up at his apartment but like loads of others, it’s become a storage rack rather than put to it’s original intended use. Go Mavs!!!

  43. hey steve,

    first of all thanks for the great work.

    I have a question regarding the NATs on day 3.
    how does the 6×3 work? i do 3 plyo pushups, rest and do the next set?

  44. Hey,
    I was wondering how often we should be using the Resistant Bands during the week? Like every session or just a some??

  45. I just got a new tat on my 4arm and can not do any upper body due to damaging the tat and sorness. I need to take a few days from this routine. Should I just do the lower body days and light for upper body. It usually takes close to 2 weeks for a tat to heal.

  46. hey steve, im 14 and looking to get big for hockey. im 5’4 and was just wondering if this workout would maybe stunt my growth? it looks like a killer workout routine but i want to be safe! thanks!

  47. Hey man, i am about to finish the muscle traing workout for the third time. so I am gonna take a small break. would it be fine to switch over to strength training workout for about a monthe and then come backt to my same muscle gain/traing workout, thanks man.

  48. Hi Steve,
    I love the look of this program ive been looking for something like this for ages thanks heaps for sharing! Just wondering, will this program help with definition as well as weight gain? or will i have to do more for that? Thanks heaps!

    • Your diet will determine whether you gain muscle or lose fat. This routine can really be used for both. However I do have a full body fat loss routine on this site as well. People seem to like that one too.

  49. Hey steve, im was just wondering one of the thing taylor looks so buff is cuz of his shoulders and traps ect, and working the 3.0 workout i dont see much of shoulder workout can you explain how he got his shoulder so big and round?? thanks

  50. Hi steve,
    This may be a stupid question and im just missing something but it sounds like we are supposed to repeat this workout 3 times as in 3 cycles, with a weeks break in between, and then move onto the wereworf muscle workout? Is that correct?
    By the way i started the 3.0 workout yesterday, and it was killer, probably one of the best workouts ive had! thanks!

    • Do the workout 3 times without any breaks in between unless you feel overtrained, for a total of 9 weeks. Then take an active recovery week. Then do something else or repeat the 3 cycles again.

  51. Hey Steve, i found your routine just recently and i was very intreuged, i noticed that you have made the routine a combination of hypertrophy and strenght gain, i was wondering if the routine will develop both? i was also wondering whether, werewolf muscle training 3.0 would suit me, im 16 years old, 5’7 and weigh 132 pounds, im quite built and i only have 5%, thanks to my high motabolism but i also find mass gain hard, whats your oppinion? Thanks

    • This would be a great routine for you. Be sure to follow the nutritional guidelines if you really want to gain weight. You will gain both strength and mass on this routine, unless you don’t eat enough, in which case you’ll only gain strength.

      • Ok cool, once i finish the routine 3 times and take the recovery week off, if i were to repeat the routine again 3 times would i continue to gain mass? also the super sets, what are the advantages of them and what will, they do?

        the rountine is great, im already seeing improvements in my lifts and its my first week.

        • Yes, you would continue to gain mass if you tool a recovery week and then used this routine again. Supersets allow you to perform more exercises in the same amount of time. Using antagonistic muscle groups in the superset can also help you to recover quicker and fully stimulate your nervous system for the next set.

  52. Hello Steve,

    I would like to ask you that If I can start right away from workout 3.0 as I haven’t done 1.0 and 2.0. I am regular fitness guy and has no problems with following training routine 3.0.
    thank you

  53. Hi Steve,

    I’m 24 years old, 180 pounds, 5’10.5 with 18% body fat. All the trainers at the gym and other sources tell me that I nee 260-300 grams of protein a day to build muscle and lose fat????

    Is this true? You mention I need 1 gram per pound of body weight and that is logical – can you please explain??

    Thank you for your time!

    • 260-300 gram is too much. I’d aim for 175-200 grams of protein per day. 220 grams at the most. Read some of my protein articles for more info.

  54. Hey mate, I Need a couple of answers.

    Are you suppose to the heaviest weight you can manage by yourself or with a spotter? Also I’m one of the high metabolism people and been sitting on 159 LBs for years once I put on the required weight I’m after will it eventually decrease overtime or do I need to stick to the same deit? And by putting on the weight will it make me bulky or will it be bigger muscle I have but still be toned as I am now?

    • If you eat a clean diet you should be able to put on lean muscle mass without too much added fat. If you notice you’re starting to add fat, decrease calories. If you aren’t gaining any muscle, increase calories.

  55. hey steve i found this routine somewhere and i wana ask your opinion whether this workout is good for me to build muscle. i am 5ft 7 (143 pounds) THANKS A LOT!

    Day 1: Arms.
    Triceps Pushdowns: 3×8-12 (straight bar or triangle bar)
    French Curls: 3×8-12 (e.z. bar)
    Tricep Dips: 3×8-12 (weighted if necessary)

    Bicep Curls: 3×8-12 (barbell or e.z. bar)
    Preacher Curls: 2×8-12
    45 degree-bench curls: 2×8-12 (with dumbells)

    Day 2: Chest
    Incline Dumbell Press: 3×8-12
    Dumbell Flyes: 3×8-12
    Flat Barbell Benchpress: 3×8-12

    Day 3: Legs
    Squats, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions. Calf Raises All 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

    Day 4: Back
    Lat Pulldowns: 3×8-12
    Seated Rows: 3×8-12
    Shrugs: 3×8-10
    Hyperextensions: 3×12-15

    Day 5: Shoulders
    Shoulder Press: 3×10-12 (dumbell or barbell infront of neck)
    Side Raises: 3×8-12
    Bent Over Rear-raises: 3×10-12
    Front Dumbell Raises: 2×10-12 (one arm at a time)

    • That is a horrible workout. I hate it. Arm day? Flyes before barbell bench? No pull ups? No barbell rows or even t-bar rows? No deadlifts? No sets under 8 reps? No, I’m going to have to insist that this is one of the worst workouts I’ve seen. If you use it, you will be wasting your time in the long run. Maybe some upper body gains in the short term, but you would get FAR better results over the course of say 6 months, if you used Werewolf Training.

      • well i guess i will stick to Werewolf Training then. Primarily i had gain alot of strength but i hardly see any changes on my body yet since i am on Werewolf Training Routine 2.0. THANKS for your opinion !

  56. Hey, I have a quick question. My stomach still won’t show any lines and I was wondering if it would be ok to do a 6mph ten minute treadmill after my workouts every day. I have heard constantly that this will decrease the amount of muscle I gain but that does not make any sense to me. How can running decrease muscle, it would only decrease weight as long as I’m keeping up on my calories and protein. I know you incorporate HIRT and HIIT after some of your workouts but I would like to add the ten minute jog. So basically my question is, will this decrease my muscle potential and how much muscle I gain, and why would it do this if yes. Thanks.

  57. Hi Steve. I just completed one cycle of werewolf workout 3.0. I started off at 133.5 pounds and am now 140.5. Also, I doubt even a pound of it is fat because my stomach is still the same size and I’m getting more defined. Is this good gains? I’m going to do at least 2 more cycles to see if I keep making gains. Thanks Steve.

    • Those are awesome gains! I’m about to open up WerewolfTraining.com for contributions. I hope you will at least volunteer a testimonial.

      • I one hundred percent will. You have my email so just email me when it comes out. I can start doing before and after pictures if you’d like as well!

  58. hi steve can i workout just my upper body for 4 days a week? monday tuesday thursday and friday ?

  59. Hi Steve, had a question about the nutrition. When I do the math, being a 160 pound endomorph, it says I should be eating about 2450 kcal a day. My BMR is about 1800 without an activity modifier. That seems low to me. I don’t want to get fat but do want to fuel the muscles. Thanks for any input

    • Bump it up to 2500 cals and if you don’t see any gains after two weeks, add 200 cals and keep adding 200 cals each week until you gain at least 2-3 pounds a week.

      Since you are an endomorph you will gain both fat and muscle easier than skinny guys, so you should definitely not go hog wild adding calories to your daily intake above 2500 unless you know for sure that you’re not growing.

  60. Hi Steve!
    I was thinking to use the werewolf training plan. The only thing i was wondering was that on day 16 i can see that it is written deadlift: 5×5,2,1,1,1.
    i didn’t quit understand that. please help =)

    • That is a max effort attempt. Do a set of 5 reps, then a set of 2 reps, then do sets of 1 rep adding 5-10 lbs each set until you hit your true max. You don’t have to stop at 3 sets either, keep hitting 1 rep sets until you reach your max.

  61. A while ago I was a bit intrigued on what a Werewolf Training is and because I am not yet familiar with that training I am enjoying myself reading this article. I am planning to do an application for that training and hopefully I’ll get the best body result in the future.

  62. hey steve , your routine includes only 2 days of upper body workout and another 2 days of lower body workout in a week. but i think i can do upper body workout for 3 days a week . what do u think?

  63. Hi Steve, I have knee joints problem, but would like to workout for my lower limb. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks for the workout tips above.

  64. hey steve just wondering if the tabata body weight squats are an optional exercise for those that want to minimize fat gain or if its a neccessity?

      • yeah i tried it out and felt an awesome burn for quite a while lol
        also wondering if there are exercises in the workout that i cant do due to lack of equipment should i just try and replace it with a different exercise that works the same muscle group?
        eg. normal calf raise instead of seated calf raise
        and maybe tricep pulldowns instead of dips?

        • You can replace exercises if you don’t have the right equipment. Any calf raise will suffice, although I’d prefer if you would replace bent-knee calf raises with other bent-knee calf raises, and straight leg with other straight leg. However, replacing dips with triceps pulldowns is not that great of an idea. You’d be replacing a first rate exercise with a mediocre exercise. If you are replacing something that requires you to move your body through space, like dips and pull ups, then I’d prefer if you replace those exercises with something else that moves your body through space or at least utilizes free weights instead of cables or a machine.

  65. Quick question, when you it says something like DB standing alternating shoulder press 2 x 12, is that 12 for each arm or 12 all together?

  66. Hi Steve!!! Hey i got a question! What do you think about 6×6 sets ? i mean, not ALL your workout based on 6×6 just one at the very beggining, is this unnecesary ? or a 5×5 should work better ?

    • 5×5 is a proven winner. 6×6 could work worse, the same, or better than 5×5 based on your individual physiology. Give it a try and use it if it works.

  67. Hi Steve,
    I’m into my second cycle of the 3.0. I work out 5 days a week and intake aprox 3000 calories per day. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 175lbs. I’m trying to pack on muscle weight. Therefore I take in 175 grams of protein per day. I have neither gained nor lost weight so far. I know I am a hard gainer but is this normal for some people? Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Did you gain any strength? Are you leaner or just the same as when you started? Maybe you need more calories. Maybe you need higher intensity. Cut out all cardio. How is your lifestyle? Do you sleep 8 hours a night? Do you drink or smoke? All of these factors can contribute to slow gains. I’ve known people who can’t gain weight, but get really strong, quickly. There is an answer or a solution to your problem. Change something and let me know how it goes.

      • I’ve definately gained some strength. I would say I look the same except when I flex I see a big difference. More muscle definition and size for sure. I only do a 10 minute running warm up but maybe I will cut that out all together. I’ll try a couple of changes and let you know. Thanks Steve!…I do love the routine!

  68. Hey Steve,

    I’m getting ready to start this workout and I have two questions. Will this workout also help build big shoulders (deltoids and traps)? I have been trying to build more shoulder muscle so I was wondering if this is a good workout for that or if i should add anything to it to help build more shoulder muscle. Also, I have been doing abs three times a week instead of the two times a week that this workout has and I have been getting great results. Is there a way I could do abs 3 times a week with this workout or would it work better to just do it two times a week? Please let me know, thanks.

  69. Hey Steve, I read the NAT page and im still confused on the whole thing. Could you give me a breif statement about the whole thing and an example on NAT? Thanks.

  70. I don’t understand if I am doing the NAT days right. Am I supposed to superset the NAT workouts or do I just do the 3 reps, break, 3 reps break?

  71. Hi, Steve.
    I completed many cycles of Werewolf Training for Muscle & Werewolf Training for Strength and saw great results. After plateauing a bit, I moved on to a couple other programs to mix it up a little. Now I again hear the plaintive howl of the wolf and am excited to start back up again.
    The addition of NAT days excites me, and I plan to do them as delineated in the spreadsheet. So, here’s my question:

    Since the caloric expenditure on NAT/abs days won’t be nearly the same as on regular workout days, do you have recommendations for amending post-workout nutrition for those (NAT/abs) sessions?

    Many thanks in advance for your answer and for continuing to challenge and enlighten us!

    • You don’t really need a post workout shake after NAT/Abs workouts. Just a regular high protein, moderate carb, low fat meal will suffice.

  72. I was wondering, I’m half way done with the 3.0 of my first cycle. After I complete it Do I go straight into another cycle, and after that do I just keep going right back into it and starting over?

    • Depends on how you feel. You can take an active recovery week if you’re feeling really drained, slightly injured, or painfully sore. Otherwise, start up again with week 1.

  73. How heavy of a weight should you use when doing the NAT speed squats and deadlifts?
    On the Tnation website he shows doing 5 reps insted of three until you start to feel fatigued then drop the sets. He also had 8 sets in total in his routine. Is that ok to do 5 instead of 3 reps on the NAT days?

    Thanks again as always,


  74. I am trying to minmize fat gain as much as posible, so on the days that you have the optional routine can I sub it with a 20 min HIIT session on a bike or tredmill? I still want to gain muscle but I do not really want to add much more fat to my body.

  75. Steve,
    I’m a fairly experienced weightlifter, and have been loving this program thus far. However, when the program says:
    a)some workout
    b)some workout
    c)some workout
    Does that mean to do one set of a, one set of b, one set of c and repeat that three times? Or do I pick one of the three?

    • I’m going for straight muscle gain, my metabolism handles any fat gains for me. If that matters here.

        • I’m not familiar with the clean sweep press and I’m a little too busy to go research it right now. Work it in wherever you feel it would be appropriate, perhaps during a HIRT workout.

  76. I will! I just started it today! I did change one thing though. On the HIRT routine I subbed in box jumps for the jumprope. I was wondering how many Box jumps is suitable? It is a harder movement then the jump roping.

    • Keep your butt anchored on the floor and basically fold up like a clothespin and touch your fingers to your toes. It’s pretty hard unless you’ve got a strong core and good balance.

  77. I can never figure out what body type I am. I am not super skinny, I am not fat, but I would not say I am built like an athelite either. I am in ok shape with some muscle, I have some fate around my waist and lower back, The rest of me not much. I am guessing I fall in between Meso and ecto? Last Body fat test I had I was around 14-16% area. I am 5-11 about 170lbs. I had been doing stronglifts 5×5 and bill star to add strength, but Now I want to add more muscle so should I do this for 3 cycles. Gain more muscle then either go to a strength or fat burn routine for 1 cycle then come back to this routine?



    • Probably somewhere between meso and ecto like you said. This routine would be a great follow up to stronglifts 5×5 or bill starr. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

  78. Hey Steve, Im back.. haha.. If you still remember me.. 😀

    I just started my 1st day of 2nd cycle of work out routine 3.0

    I am just here to give you an update, Before I started your work out routine I weigh 112 lbs now after I had finished a cycle Im 123 lbs.. well I cant say that what I gain weight is pure muscle it also includes fat, cause I dont do exercises that minimize fat gain that you put on the work out routine cause I want to see immediate results..haha..

    And also I have 2 questions for you., You see I am a Filipino and our stable food is rice, White rice to be specific, Is it healthy to eat every 2 hours of white rice, most probably 3 cups of white rice in every meal, and I dont have any food here that is available in my house that is rich in calories except that, so here’s my question should I continue eating 3 cups of white rice every two hours or should I stop or reduce it?

    And lastly my 2nd question is, my goal is to weigh 170 lbs pure muscle after I reached or get near to my aim weight, should I reduce my regular diet, I mean should I reduce eating too much food that is rich calories to reduce fat build up, or should I continue?

    Please reply..

    Thanks 🙂

    • You don’t want to let yourself get fat. Some fat gain might happen while you’re building muscle, but don’t go overboard. I hate to see anyone gain more than 20% fat when they are building muscle. Out of 20 pounds gained, I wouldn’t want to see more than 4 pounds of that be fat mass. If that’s the case, then you are eating too much. It seems like your metabolism is pretty high, but I’d also hate to see you overdose on white rice. Too much white rice can definitely lead to fat gain, and puts you at risk of high blood sugar, which can lead to insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes. There has to be a way to get more protein into your diet. What about fish? Can you switch to a whole grain rice? Can you eat more dark beans – kidney beans, black beans, baked beans? What about peanut butter? I’d much rather you eat 4 tablespoons of all natural peanut butter every 2 hours, than 3 cups of white rice.

      • Now I get it.. so do you mean even I am just 123 lbs I should still do the Optional HIRT cardio you put on workout routine 3.0??

        Then if that is your advice Ill do it..

        Oh my! I dont know that too much white rice will cause me diabetes.. how about I switched rice to bread is it okay?

        We have Fish here, sometimes its Fried Tilapia or Fried Milk fish.. And also we eat also meat like pork meat and poultry like chicken..

        Yes youre extremely right on my metabolism it is high, we dont have beans that you mentioned here in the philippines we only have monggo beans,

        Im not sure if we have all natural peanut butter here, The peanut butter we used to eat is processed peanut butter.. Is it okay for substitute?

        Thanks for the reply..


        • No, I don’t think you should use the optional HIRT cardio. This will use up precious calories that you need to gain weight. All I’m saying is that if you notice rapid fat gain, then definitely step back total daily calorie intake until the fat gain stops. Weight gain should still continue slowly, a 2-4 pound gain each month is what you are looking for, to ensure maximum muscle gain and minimal fat gain, but again if you truly have a fast metabolism then you shouldn’t worry too much about slight fat gain, since you’ll lose the fat as soon as you try to.

          Regarding peanut butter, I don’t like processed peanut butter. Your peanut butter should only contain peanuts, not hydrogenated oils and other nasty ingredients. If you don’t have natural peanut butter at all, then processed peanut butter is OK once in a while, but I’d prefer you to eat regular nuts instead.

          • Ok I get it.. Then I will be using HIRT cardio when I weigh around 150lbs and up?

            Then I should step back on may total daily calorie intake not because of rapid fat gain but because I gain weight rapidly, I gain 11 lbs within a month.. but when I check my body, when I touch it I can feel it is muscle,.. I can only feel fats on my waist and stomach but on my shoulders, on my back and legs I can feel they are muscle.. Should I still less my calorie intake?

            And about on the peanut butter should I take 1 table spoon of it a day??

            Thanks for reply..


          • 11 lbs in one month is a lot man unless you are on steroids or other really good supplements. Slow it down or you will definitely start to notice the fat packing on. 5 lbs of solid muscle a month will add up over the long haul. Would you rather gain 30 pounds in 3 months with 50% fat, or 30 lbs in 6-9 months with only 10-20% fat? You will be much happier a year from now when you’ve steadily gained for 12 months straight, rather than bouncing back and forth between fat loss and muscle gain. Then after that year you can dedicate a solid 3-6 months to strength gain and fat loss. I’d say don’t worry about the peanut butter at all, just keep doing what you’re doing, but cut down a little bit on the carbs or something if you keep gaining 4 pounds a week.

  79. Hi, just wondering, should i use the 2.0 or 3.0? and ive read that i should do the muscle training 3x then do strength training 1x? is that all i have to do? ( apart from the nutrition etc…)



  80. I’ve decided to change it even more. I have calculated that since I want to be 160 pounds (I’m 5’6.5 and 133 pounds) that I need 2640 calories, 160g of protein, 80g of fat, and 320g of carbs that I’m going to do 10 slices of bread a day (50g of protein and 150g of the carbs). Is that way too much?

    • That’s quite a bit of bread. I’d rather see you vary your foods more. What about beans? You can also consider trading some of those carb calories for fat calories and just eat more nuts. You don’t have to stick to the exact nutrient breakdown.

  81. Hi Steve I’m 5’8″ and almost 190 I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle. My diet is good. I eat good health foods regularly about 5 times a day. Is this routine going to help? Or should I first lose the weight and then come back and do this routine to gain the weight in muscle?

    • The routine will help. If you want to lose fat you can try this routine while dieting, or you can use one of my full body fat loss routines instead. I always encouraging losing excess body fat before trying to gain muscle, but you can sometimes accomplish both at the same time.

  82. One more question Steve, do you think this is the best routine for me? I’m 17 and a senior in high school. I weigh about 135 pounds and it’s really hard for me to gain weight. So if i eat a ton do you think i can pack on some much needed weight? I’m also taking N.O Xplode and Whey but i’m almost done with the whey and i’ll probably get monster mass. Also if there’s anything you think I could add to the upper body days for my chest and arms that would be great, since i want those to grow more. thanks!

  83. Hi Steve. I’m a full blown vegan so it’s a little difficult to figure out my diet needs. I also don’t eat salts or unnatural sugars so most of the supplements out there are out of the question. My diet consists of daily 3 rice protein drinks (totaling 36 grams of protein), 2 servings of almond butter on 3 pieces of whole grain bread (26 grams of protein), 4 servings of tempeh (88 grams of protein), 1 serving of soy milk (9 grams of protein, and 3 servings of firm tofu (21 grams of protein). Is this an ok meal plan for getting ripped like Lautner on this? It’s a total of 180 grams of protein. This is all just extremely confusing, I’ve been experimenting and working out with this diet for 8 months now (lost 45 pounds around two years ago so trying to get jacked now) and at first made minimal gains. Then I incorporated tabata into my regimen with weight lifiting and made some ok gains. I just don’t know if it’s my routine or the diet that isn’t working out so well. I’m going to try your 21 day workout for 4 cycles and repeatedly let you in on the results, I just need to know if my nutrition is right. Thanks

    • I just found a humane brand of poultry so I will be adding two breasts to that as well daily.

      • Oh and I hate to be annoying but last thing, what are vertical jump series? I don’t understand that on your 3.0 workout it says do six sets of 3 reps of NAT Vertical jump series, 3 reps of inverted rows, and 3 reps of plyo push ups each with 6 sets. This seems like a small amount. Thank you so much and hate to be a bother sorry

        • Vertical jump series is just 3 vertical jumps without a reset – no pause between reps.

          The diet you posted is fine, especially if you add those 2 chix breasts.

  84. What is an alternative for the barbell push press? My ceiling is not tall enough, so i usually do some exercise as seated. Is shoulder press an good alternative or do you have a better option?

    • I haven’t tried the workout and I don’t even know which exercises he uses. On the homepage of the DVD website I see a big picture of GSP doing what appears to be standing triceps kickbacks, so my initial reaction is that it’s just some bogus cardio routine with super light dumbbells for overweight housewives. Then further down the page I see him demonstrating a turkish get-up, so I reconsider my initial judgement. There appear to be several levels of intensity you can choose to follow, and GSP is very well conditioned – he knows how to train himself for MMA, to say the least. This routine seems mostly dedicated to burning fat rather that building muscle. My guess is that Rushfit is very similar to the BeachBody program P90X, which is much more popular and well-known. If you are going to do a home DVD workout, I’d suggest starting with P90X, get as much out of that as you can, and then try Rushfit if you really think you need it.

  85. hi, what equipment will be needed for the werewolf routine?
    At the minuit i have a bench,DB, and BB. Is there any other equipment i will be needing?

    • Something to do pulls ups on. You can probably get by without a medicine ball by using bodyweight, or holding a dumbbell. Use the bench for step ups and such. You should be OK with what you’ve got.

      • ow i forgot to say ive got pull up bar aswell.
        ive also got another question though, how many times do i repeat the 21 day workout? or if i dont repeat it what do i do instead?

        • You can repeat it as many times as you like. I recommend 3 times, then try something else for at least a month. If you’re looking for a different routine, I have 5 or 6 of them on this site, or you can take the basis for any workout you find online and swap around the exercises. Nothing has to be set in stone – eventually you will use body awareness to train by instinct.

          • You should see an improvement after 1 cycle through the routine. Also, Taylor didn’t do this workout specifically. I just based the original routine on the research I did about how he trained for the second Twilight movie. It has actually evolved quite nicely since I originally wrote it.

  86. I was just wondering, since there are so many different types of workouts in this and every workout is different, will i ever need to change it up and do something else or will my body not get use to it to where i can just keep doing this workout over and over again, thanks for the help.

    • There Werewolf workout might have enough variation that you won’t ever need to change it, but I recommend switching it up after 3 cycles.

        • Switch to a new routine. Werewolf Muscle Training is too complex with its exercise variation, rep count, set count, etc… If I reworked it with new exercises and set/rep requirements, I’d just post it as a whole new routine. Either keep using the routine for another 3 cycles, switch to Werewolf Strength Training, 3×5, full body, or some other routine from some other website. Make sense?

          • ok, i think so, i am on my second session, but for when i want to switch it up for a while what workout do you recommend. I am looking for workouts that help build muscle and will get me ripped, any workout you recommend will help, thanks man.

          • Try the Werewolf Strength Training workout or the Fat Loss for Men workout. Both can be found on my site, at the top, under Workout Routines.

  87. hey steve since im wondering but can you switch when your ur Bent over rows 4 x 5 for that and pullups 2 x 12 can u switch it so it can be 4×5 for pullups and 2×12 for bent over rows

  88. I am doing the 2.0 version, it works with my plans better, but i am wondering if i will still get the same results as the 3.o version, thanks.

  89. Hi, planning on trying the WW mass gain routine, just wondering about weight progression, what would you recommend

    • Just try to add 5-10 pounds each workout. You should be able to use body awareness to estimate how much weight you can use that day, based on previous workouts.

  90. hey steve.

    Im have difficulty on pull ups.. no matter how I tried I cant make a set.. Is there any alternative to pull ups?? thanks

  91. Hey man, i had a couple questions, first, what is the seated c on workout number 2 and also what kind of food should i be eating. thanks

  92. Hey Steve
    I have a couple more questions. I’m 17 years old and weigh about 135lbs. Will this workout (3.0) help me out in gaining a lot of weight. And also can you think of anything i can add on upper body days for my arms and chest please? Thanks!

    • This workout and diet plan will help you gain plenty of weight. You don’t need to add anything for arms and chest, this workout is all inclusive.

      • Definitely will gain weight, almost done the second cycle for 2.0 (took me just over 5 weeks so far)…i have generally been dieting better for lifting (more carbs before/after workout, protein for recovery), but I can’t say I have been STRICTLY following the diet/supplement plan. Regardless, I started at 174 pounds the first week of march and am now at 181 pounds. i started this a week after my final college swim meet of my career. being a swimmer, i have a VERY HIGH metabolism, and i’m usually a hardgainer. coupled with the fact I eat very healthy to begin with, I’m gonna assume that at least 3-4 of those 7 pounds are pure lean muscle. Also i do MOST of the Optional HIIT workouts

  93. I just completed the 2.0 version for the second cycle and must say… HUGE weight increases on all lifts. I love this program. Please keep them comming. Thanks.

  94. I can’t wait to start this routine tomorrow at the gym. I’m 33 5″10 and weight 190. I will share with you my progress!!! I have been working out daily for the past few months and notice strength nag energy improvements. I have really been bouncing around as far as my routine. I will stick to yours to the T. Thanks

  95. Heyy just a curious Question. in the #3 Wereworf training you dont have that much exercise for the shoulders and i guess this routine is for having a body similar to taylor. what you think ? thanks

  96. Hey Steve..

    Hi! Im Andrei,

    Im just going to ask about your workout routine 3.0. I read about it and noticed that it only has 1 rest day in a week.. But According to your research above that Lautner taked his rest day every 3rd day of his work out.. Im just asking

    and also I have a problem with pull ups. I cant do it even how hard I tried. Im just going to ask also if you know a alternative exercise for pull ups..

    Please reply.. Thanks..

    • I added Neural Activation Training (NAT) on off-days, which will actually help recovery rather than hinder it. Furthermore, I moved abdominal training to NAT days so that you can train abs fresh and your ab training won’t affect the rest of your training, however you are free to move ab training back to the lower body day.

  97. Another update (and some questions.. for some reason I cannot continue on my previous thread here).

    I’ve now, thanks to this program, surpassed the plateau I’ve been on for a very long time. I’ve increased the weights in almost all exercises, but most importantly in my benchmark exercise: DB bench press. I now do 35kg in each hand very well, compared to barely handling 30 for most of the latter half of 2010. Soo… yay!

    Also, I am now almost done with the second cycle. But I am going away for a week over Easter, and most likely won’t be able to get any workouts done. I’m guessing I’ll just have started cycle 3 when I leave.. do you think it will be bad for me to have a weeks break here? Should I just continue where I left off when I get home, or start over from Workout 1 and restart the cycles? Might be a silly question, but I’d like to get your perspective on it. I’m still on the 2.0 program.


    • A week off will be good for you. Try to get in some active recovery and short NAT workouts while you’re away, but don’t push yourself too hard. Start over from workout 1 when you return. That’s my opinion.

  98. Hey Steve

    I just wont to find out a bit more about your programs.
    I’m male, 6’1 in height, 20 years old and have been in the gym for a while.
    my current weight is 85kg’s and i am looking to cut down on body fat and just wanted to find out if your program will help me achieve this?


  99. hey steve..

    Im male 5’9 in height, my age is 17, and my weight is 52kg..

    You see Im ectomorph.. Im just going to ask if this workout routine is applicable to me..

    please respond to this message..

    Thanks 🙂

  100. Hey, I like the routine generally, but I am an intermediate level lifter, and I have noticed that I naturally grow better in size and strength in the arms and back, and therefore, would like to alter the routine to emphasize the chest more, just until I can develop proper symmetry.
    Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

    • Add an extra set of barbell or dumbbell bench press, either flat or incline, on upper body day. Make sure you use chest-based NAT workouts on off days.

  101. Hey Steve im looking at the printout for werewolf 3.0, day 10 workout 9, and of the ab giant set, a is blank, b is the bicycle maneuver, and c is ab wheel roll outs. My question is is a supposed to be blank? thanks?

    • It should not be blank. It should read: a) Vertical leg raise or captain’s chair – 3 x AMAP
      I’m having horrible formatting problems with the printable version of each routine. Lines are missing, words are missing. Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve spend countless hours trying to get the conversion down right, but I just can’t get it right. If you check the routine now, you will see that no words are missing, but there are random lines missing from the formatting.

    • I have been constantly either busy or sick for the last month. Lots of stress in my life right now. That being said, I’ll try to get to the dumbbell workout sometime in April. I also have to rewrite the Werewolf Strength routine because it is more of a full body strength routine and doesn’t really fit the Werewolf Training philosophy.

  102. I started the strength routine in january and started the muscle routine last week and gained nearly 10 lbs of muscle in about 3 months

  103. HI, im going to start this workout on monday and is my first time on the werewolf and i would like to know if is better for me to start on the 2nd or go straight with 3 ?

  104. I have done 9 cycles of 1.0 and had good results. Should I continue to use 1.0 or switch to 2.0 or 3.0?

        • The NAT can be a workout or a warm-up. It is not a workout in terms of fatigue, but rather it is a neuromuscular workout that should not involve fatigue. NAT has the potential to make you sweat if you do say a 20 minute NAT workout, but should not be used in place of a high intensity workout like HIIT, HIRT, or your regular weight lifting. You can use NAT to replace regular workouts during an active recovery week. NAT can and should be used as a warmup.

  105. Hey Steve,
    Huge fan of the site, I am a little bit overweight, just some excess body fat here and there, would it be a good idea to do cardio on off days?

    • There is some optional cardio worked into the routine for people who care more about staying or getting lean, than about gaining muscle. Adding even more cardio may not be a good thing. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

  106. I do russian twists (typically12-25) with about 25-30lbs ( kettleballs). I cant do Windshield wipers… I think its a balance issue… and I dont know what a Turkish get up is….I typically just do the ab exercises in the Sterngth and Mass 2.0 Would you recomend NAT and just perserverance to get the full pack?

  107. Also my abs are insanely strong, just not super ripped

    ( I can do over 25 sit ups on a decline w a 50 lb kettleball

    • It sounds like your abs are strong. Do you use a variety of exercises to train them? I’d say you need to drop a couple % body fat and swap out your entire ab routine for something totally new. Do you do windshield wipers, Russian twists, Turkish get ups?

  108. So Ive completed 3 curcuits of this and 2 curcuits of Strength and priority #1 right now is getting a six pack…Right now there a bit hazy, kindof a 5 pack type deal. I want the ones that really stand out. Part of the problem might be Im only 15. I am 5foot9 and 140lbs with about 9%bf. My typical meals:

    3eggs and some keifer

    1 peice of fruit and a Cliff bar

    Chicken Salad

    An Apple

    Dinner (Indian food italian etc.)


    52 gram protein shake

    What should I do, this program or Fat Loss or something else

    Thanks man you rock!

  109. Hi Steve, what is a good substitute excercize for someone who has no access to a bar to do pull ups,chin ups, etc. I am trying to adapt your workout for dumbell use since that is all I have available to me at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Find something to hang on and do pull ups. If not, do inverted rows. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Do you have the will?

  110. Love the routine Steve can’t wait to start it next week!
    Only thing i would change would be to get rid of this comment “It is not necessarily for bodybuilding, but definitely can be used by bodybuilders at a certain point in their training career. After all Werewolf Training IS designed to build muscle.” since it feels a little silly to have that in there to me.

    • Standing calf raises off a book, box, or bench. Best if you can hold something in one hand to add resistance, a dumbbell or a cinder block or something.

  111. Hey Steve! This website has helped me a lot since I started working out 6 months go. I had just completed my 9th cycle and now it is my week off. I usually take a week from my home gym every 3 cycles and do little cardio and/or body workouts. I went from 149lbs to 172lbs since i started. Also, your advice had helped me get a 6 pack without losing any muscle. I know it worked because I maintain my weight and my abs are becoming more visible. It will probably take a couple more weeks for me to get the 6 pack i truly want since I still got a little bit of fat where my lower abs are. Just need to work through that last couple of lbs. My main goal is to gain muscle mass, so should I stick to gain muscle 1.0, switch to gain strength 2.0, or switch to the new workout 3.0?????????

  112. Hey Steve! I just wanna say that workout 6 is kinda too hard. It has 3 toughest compound exercises in 1 workout…I almost puked, really, and I’m in great shape… when will you release 3.0?

  113. Ciao Steve,

    I have already started werewolf routine and before this I was just doing mixed exercise. my weight was 62 kilo before and now it is 67 kilo without any kind of suppliment. But Now, I am planning to start with suppliment and I would like to know from your side that do you recommend me to take xtreme NO right now or not yet?



  114. Steve
    This is more of a statement rather than a question but to anyone out there who doubts this workout routine, your insane. I’m 6’1” 190 lbs. I did the usual bodybuilding.com workouts and dropped from 235 down to here and have been looking to gain muscle. However, your body does plateau. Heard about your routine from a friend and let me just say THANK YOU. I really have done so many routines, but what you have up here works. It literally kicks my butt every time. Switching up the daily routines by using the muscle confusion aspect of this workout is brilliant and i just can’t express how awesome this is. Thanks bro.

  115. Hey Steve,
    Is it ok to do this program 3 or 4 times before switching up? Also, should you take off a week or so after the completion of werewolf muscle gain before jumping into strength gain?

  116. Hi Steve, I noticed that there are not much of biceps workouts in your routines. I use to train biceps & triceps once a week with at least 5 biceps excersises + 6 Triceps excersises, And STILL didn’t make a hige appearance difference (Except for physical Strength)…Do You think your routine covers up the arms enough or not ? (It’s a HUGE concern for me)

    Thank You,

    • You didn’t get good results because you overtrained your arms. Intense chest and back training should take most of the guesswork out of arm training. However, I do see that the Werewolf Muscle routine is a little light on triceps training. So, are you a bodybuilder? I can’t really think of another reason to put such HUGE priority on arm size. Do you squat?

  117. Hi Steve, I have been looking desperatly for a good workout to start with and was very intrigued by this one. I’m a beginer with weights and sadly I am majorly overweight. I am trying to get into a healthy lifestyle for the sake of improving my health so I do not die at an early age simply put. lol I am over 300 pounds and I need help. My question is, will this workout help me to burn my fat while also getting some great muscle and strength, or should I forget it? I apologize if this is a dumb question, but it’s better to ask and feel dumb, then not ask and die young. Thanks. 🙂

  118. Hey Steve,
    Really like what you are doing with your website. I love it when I find good information on the internet.
    I have one question though: What type of warm up would you recommend with this type of training?
    Maybe 5 or so minutes of cardio followed with some dynamic stretching, but the rep ranges are lower for more intesity [five reps]. Should we go through a “warm up set” before each new low rep exercise?


    • Definitely warm up before the first exercise. Warm ups can include low intensity or high intensity cardio, Neural Activation (NAT), light sets with dumbbells, HIRT, cables, and/or dynamic stretching. You can do anything as a warm up as long as it doesn’t fatigue you for your work sets. I personally use a 5 minute warm up with simple dumbbell exercise and NAT movements. I used to spend 10 minutes on a elliptical. It’s all about different stroke for different folks.

      During the workout, for low rep sets I usually perform one feeler set of 5 reps with 50-75% of the weight I plan to use for the exercise. Usually the first 2 reps are slow and last 2 reps are as fast as possible. I rarely use warm up sets for exercises where my goal rep range is more than 5.

        • I will update the current page but will provide links to the spreadsheets for the previous 2 incarnations of Werewolf Muscle training. The spreadsheet routine is officially finished. Today I will update the page and republish it.

  119. Steve,

    Thank you for the great site! I just finished the first cycle and gotta say I gain 5 pounds of muscle, looking better than ever now! I’m going through another cycle then try your strength routine.

  120. hey steve
    i have done one cycle of the program and its great, but i have actually lost about 4 kilos of weight.
    i have been eating like a pig and taking optimum nutrition 100 percent whey twice a day.
    I believe i look a bit more ripped and lean but i was just wondering if you could let me know why i may be losing weight instead of gaining?
    could it be because of the low carb protein shakes?

      • yeah i increased my 1 rep max on bench by 8 kgs and my squat by 12 kgs
        should i switch protein or stick with the ON 100% whey?

        • Well that’s great news. You can make a number of changes to increase your calorie consumption. Consider getting some Shakeology, which is a really high quality meal-replacement type shake. You can mix that, or you regular whey protein powder, with 2% or even whole milk for added calories. Consider supplementing with fish oil and flax oil to get some extra healthy fats in your diet as well.

  121. hey steve for the chin ups and the pullups since i can only do 5 do you think i should do regular chin/pull ups to work up to 10 or use the assisted to get the number of reps?

    • I think you should use assistance to get the required number of reps, since the goal is building muscle rather than building strength.

  122. Steve,
    thanks for a great guide, I am looking forward to starting it tomorrow.

    Although my goal is slightly different, as I will continue my weight loss (I was 111kg at my most, now I’m 87kg) and basically I just want to look and feel good. So I’ve got enough bulk 🙂 .. but I have a great feeling about your program, as I find the worst part about sticking to a routine is that repeating workouts easily get boring.. but here it’s changing every day.. and I’ll probably do some cardio / 5-10km runs on the off days and occasionally on the workout days.

    If I come out of this looking like a movie star you’ll hear from me. 🙂

    • PS: I’m also on a low-cal “diet” (meaning: I don’t eat too much crap and try to eat as healthy as possible. It’s not that easy when I’ve got others to cook for 🙁 ).. and I also use supplements (Creatine and Whey Protein)

        • Quick update:
          I have now finished the first week, so tomorrow is Workout 8.. and I’m already feeling the effects. Not much has changed visually, but my entire attitude towards working out has changed. I have never been as tired, sweaty and -happy- after a workout. I strongly believe that working out should be physically and emotionally “painful” while doing it, only to be replaced by satisfaction when you have completed the full workout.. and now it’s going great. My motivation is at an all time high, I do some 7-10km runs on my days off as I want to lose weight instead of gaining it..

          Some questions, if I may:
          To clarify: When it says “12, 8, 5”.. should these be the same weight? Or increased by 5lbs at each set?
          I have no problems increasing, I’ve noticed.. I have added more weight to my exercises in the past week than I have the past 6 months.

          Also, can you explain the 120% of max rep for the bench press? Do I add way more than I normally am able to do?


          • For 12,8,5 you’ll want to add weight to each set. How much is up to you.
            For 120%, take whatever you can normally do for 5 reps and add 20% to it. Say you can normally bench 225 for 5, you’ll want to toss 270 on the bar. You NEED a trusted spotter for this, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to settle for just using your regular 5 rep max weight. Have your spotter give you a strong lift off the rack. Lower the bar under control to your chest. Then your spotter should hoist the bar up as quick as he can so that you don’t have to worry about the actual press… you will have to press some, but your spotter should take as much of the weight as he can. 5 reps might be too much to ask, but at least try to get 3 reps. Don’t hurt yourself.

  123. hey i’m finding it really hard to gain any muscle and would really like to put on as much as possible as i’m very skinny. i eat loads and healthily and take maximuscle progain shakes. do you think this workout will help me? thanks for any help

  124. hey im really skinny and trying to put on as much muscle as possible, i find it hard to gain muscle even though i eat loads of food and healthily, also started taking maximuscle progain shake, do u think this workout is for me? will it help put on muscle asap?? thx for any help

  125. Started the workout 2 weeks agoo and I’ve really progressed, deffinitly gave me the knowledge to push myself in an actual progressive direction, as to just doing random thing at the gym.

  126. Hello Steve,

    I have a question? for example according to your routine, there is written that workout 1 BB bench press – 4 X 5, So it means 4 sets of 5 reps. But Can I increase reps in stead of 5. Can I make it 7 or 8 OR you strictly recommend to do only 5 with the same amount of weight.

    I have asked this question because after performing DB standing two hand OH triceps press – 3 X 8, I don’t feel a lot bcoz the number of sets and reps are less. Can I make it 5 X 10 or strictly NOT?

    Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Italy and Netherlands

    • I specifically recommend 5 reps unless you instinctively know for a fact that your body grows better with 7 or 8 rep sets. But if that were the case then you probably wouldn’t be searching my website for a new routine. Personally, I think you are confusing feeling ‘pumped’ or ‘fatigued’ with training effectively. If you can get 7 reps at a certain weight, then you are not using enough weight. The point is to teach your body to put every last bit of effort into completing the 5th rep. This is called intensity, and if you aren’t lifting with maximum intensity, then you are wasting your time. 5 x 10 is completely out of the question if you want to follow this routine properly.

  127. Steve,
    I started this training regiment on march 6th and I am amazed at the progress I am making. I’m a natural mesomorph body type but never had he drive to intensly train. I’m 5’10” an got up to 232lbs of being overweight. I hated running with fiber of my being. But this routine has made training a lot more fun and I’ve already lost around 5lbs in a week. Thank you for this regiment, Steve!


  128. Oh Steve, Fountain of knowledge. Need some help my friend, I’m only available to use the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Will this routine be as effective if I do this 4 days in a row, and rest for Friday, Saturday and Sundays?

  129. I love your site, keep up the great work. I’m currentky using the Werewolf training for muscle and started my 2nd cycle last night. I must say that I really enjoy this workout program. I have noticed an increase in strength and actully put on some weight in a good way. I have tweeked the program a little because of real life events. I do every other day. Sat., Mon., Wed. Thus. & Fri. off. This works best for my schedule and the craziness in my life. Thanks once again for your insite and knowledge.

  130. Steve,
    I am about to start the muscle gain routine and plan to do the three cycles, but my question is after that should i switch to the werewolf training for strength and do that for 3 weeks? Or should i stick with the muscle gaining routine until i am satisfied with the weight i have gained?

      • One more question Steve, do you think this is the best routine for me? I’m 17 and a senior in high school. I weigh about 135 pounds and it’s really hard for me to gain weight. So if i eat a ton do you think i can pack on some much needed weight? I’m also taking N.O Xplode and Whey. Also if there’s anything you think I could add to the upper body inclined days for my chest and arms(mostly for biceps) that would be great. thanks!

        • Stop worry about your chest and biceps. Use this routine, follow the nutritional guidelines, add more calories if you’re not growing, skip most of the cardio, use your supplements, sleep 7-8 hours a night, and check back in with me after 3 months.

  131. Hey I’m on week one and the results I kid you not are showing already. I’m 21 years old 5’10” and a hardgainer at only 140 pounds. My goal is170 ripped. I’m doing 3500 calories aday and train mon-Friday 1 hour max. This workout is real man I haven’t had success with anything else thank you so much man. If you want any info or progress pics email me [email protected]

    • Sweet! You’ll be glad to know Werewolf Training 3.0 will be out shortly with slight modifications to the routine, including the additional of Neural Adaptation Training on off-days. I personally have gained 22 lbs intentionally bulking, by using this routine for the last two months.

      • yessss can’t wait for for the new routine Steve. I also have gained a lot of pounds (18) after 4 cycles of this routine. thanks for all the time you put in to the site. Your the man.

  132. Hi Steve,

    Great site 1st of all! I’m male age 24, Asian, weight 175lb and 5’11. I just started your program and to be honest this is my 1st real work program for me. Although I’m used to working out in the gym I never really had a proper workout program. I only reason I’m stating this is to keep me motivated during the 3 cycles 54 days. I am now talking Whey Protein from GNC as supplement. Please let me know if you have any tips and suggestions. Will keep you updated during this period.


  133. Hey. I just started this workout and am now on workout 8. On got to the toe push on sled exercise and have no idea what I am supposed to do. There is no video on youtube explaining it or anywhere on the web. What exactly is a toe push on sled?

    • Use the sled / leg press machine, hang your heels off the edge and press up/away using the top half of your foot, then stretch the calf by allowing your toes to move down/towards you. That one rep.

  134. Steve,
    I stared the workout today and I noticed in the super sets there is always a,b, and c but i dont see where the c is on any of the workouts ive been supersetting when it says somthing like
    [(a)standing bicep curl] and i would then superset with the one labeld (a). Is this the right way to do the routine? And if so where do the (c) workouts come into play?

    Thanks, Sam

    • I’m a little confused with your question. If there are two exercises labeled a) and b), then this is a superset. If there are three exercises labeled a) b) and c), then this is also a superset although 3 or more sets is sometimes called a giant set. Either way, whether the exercises are labeled a) and b), or a) through z), just do them all in a row without rest between sets until you are ready to start over at a) again, then you can rest before repeating the super/giant set.

      • So if i got it right when i do a workout like a)standing OH press i superset that workout with a). and at the end i do the a),b), and c) giant set three times no rest correct?

        • superset the a) with the b), I think that’s what you meant, and rest after b). And yes at the end do a) b) c) together with no rest after a, b, or c.

  135. Steve,

    I have a really limited set of weights – just dumbells and a couple of kettle bells.
    Is it possible to adapt the program to just use dumbells? Would it still work OK?



  136. Hey steve, Thanks for putting your effort into this program.
    Im 5’10 and weigh 156lbs Im already used to working out, But was looking for a work out plan. Ill Do 3 cycles of the 18 days and will get back to you. Thanks

  137. When deadlifting:

    Should I keep my legs still or bend my knees slightly during a repetition?
    Also, should I bend forward until my back is horizontal or until the plates hit the ground?
    One thing I know for sure is that my back should be flat, and wear my belt to avoid back pain, even though my back hurts from time to time….


  138. Hey Steve, quick question. Instead of taking the seventh day off could i just take a day off after each workout? or would that be too much recovery time in between?

  139. good day….i’m 5’8″ 120 lbs…26 yrs old…i’ve been thin ever since, i want to gain weight and have some muscles for a change; i just want to workout at home…what tips can you advice? thanks…

  140. Hey Steve none of my mates really train and due to my job I train late at night when no one is about so on workouts 9 and 10 I have no one to spot for me so i’m just wondering if you could suggest a different 9/10 i could do. BTW this workout is awesome thanks for the effort you put into creating it

  141. Cool Post I’ll definitely try it.I heard Lautner did mixed martial arts or treadmill running for about 10-15 minutes before every workouts is this recommended. Just Wondering

  142. This workout is the most unholy thing I have ever experienced. It literally hits you from every angle and really leaves you feeling like you’ve been worked!! about 3/4 through my first cycle and I’m already starting to feel like I can notice changes and just the general sense of wellbeing this gives you is phenomenal. Been following a standard gym routine and felt very bored and unmotivated but this gives you new challenges praically daily and I’m feeling aches in places i didn’t even know could ache. Endless credit to you Steve for putting this routine up, you are literally a godsend.
    Thanks!!! 🙂 🙂

  143. Hi Steve, when it says 3 x 12,8,5… Do you add weight after each one, say you’re doing bench and you’re doing 12 reps with 150 pounds, do you do 150 pounds for the 8 and 5 or do you do something like 160 for the 8 reps then 170 for the 5 reps?

    • Add weight for each set. You are trying to beat your previous best weight for each rep range, so if you did 150×12, 160×8, and 170×5 the previous week, you best be hitting 160×12, 170×8, and 180×5 the very next workout.

  144. Hey guys I’m 19 and sick of being skinny so i’ve been going to the gym regularly for about 3-4 months and have noticed a significant change to my arms but a lot less to my chest and back despite focusing on these areas more so than my arms (don’t think I’ve been overtraining). I’ve noticed some increases in strength in my back and chest and can do more press-ups than i’ve ever been able to. I’ve just started this programme, which by the way looks amazing, and was wondering if it will help bulk my back and chest out in proportion to my arms or whether i’d need some additional excercises to put myself back in proportion.

    Thanks alot 🙂

    • This routine is designed to maximize development throughout your body. I recommend not adding any additional exercises, but lift your compound chest/back/legs exercises with more intensity and stop worrying about your biceps.

  145. Ok! Got some good news about this program Steve…! 🙂
    Workout 9+10 are the max weight days.(right?)
    I’m in cycle 2, workout 10 today.
    Been a month since I began werewolf training and I can bench 250lb for 6 reps (+30lb increase) and today got stuck at 350lb deadlift (+50lb increase).
    Needless to say I was like: How the hell did I lift this? O.o
    Cheers to a GREAT strength and bulking program Steve.
    Can’t wait to see my BP and DL max during cycle #3.
    If I can bench 250lb for 8 reps I’ll make you a statue in front of the gym. 🙂
    Bulk us up!

      • Steve I almost forgot something.
        Workout 10:
        We are testing our max in DL and Squat during the same day…
        Personally im exhausted after DL maxing… Like today… :p
        How can I possibly test my max for squating that way?
        Same goes for workout 9, regarding 120% for BP and Chin-ups…
        Is this done intentionally in your workout?

        • Actually, I can’t stand that particular day myself. Workout 9 wasn’t so bad because BP and Chins are antagonists, but maxing on deads and squats on the same day was too much for this guy. Initially I set that up intentionally, but in hindsight it doesn’t accomplish what I’ve set out to accomplish. I think WWT 4Muscle needs one final revamp to alter the order and placement of certain exercises. Then it will be a truly marvelous training routine. I give you permission to use your instincts to alter the routine for separating max deads and max squats.

          • Well, it’s good to hear i’m not the only one who can’t max DL and SQ in a single workout…
            Another thing: Dips are done with elbows close to body or away?

  146. I am 6’0″ and 175 pounds. I am trying to have a 6 pack. I got 4 packs showing and the bottom abs outline. How can I get the bottom abs to show without minimizing muscle gain. I have a good diet. Should I use the 2nd optional day off to workout or add a day of cardio(HITT)? What do you suggest?

    • If you really want to lose fat you are going to have to forget about muscle gain, especially since you are already lean enough to have a visible 4 pack. In order to drop more fat you’ll have to decrease dietary calories. You can add in a day of cardio, either 25 mins HIIT or 45-60 mins endurance, if you want, but that might impact recovery from your regular training. Consider shortening rest breaks in your regular training, or turning some one-off exercise into supersets where you feel appropriate. Ultimately though, I’d wager on making changes to your diet rather than your training. Have you tried Intermittent Fasting yet?

  147. steve I have trouble getting to the gym on certain days, so I was wondering if mixing up the workout days would be ok. ex. workout 1, day off, workout 2, workout 3, day off, workout 4, day off, workout 5, 6, day off, etc.

  148. where can i go to see some credibility here? before and after pics, success stories, etc.. i want to see proof that this works.

    • You can read through the comments and there are a couple Facebook folk who have posted about this routine. Ultimately though, I need to get the forum up and running so people can post progress pics and workout logs.

      • Im 3 workouts away from completing cycle 1 and have been logging my efforts on a spreadsheet. Took one photo at the start and will do one after cycle 1 is complete and can mail it to Steve who can look over and see if its worthy of being put on the site

  149. In a generic full body workout routine your suppossed to work each muscle group 3 times a week. In werewolf training (if you take the two optional days after workout 4)they are only worked twice, same thing with abs. Will you still see the 10-15 pounds of muscle added in two months? Or will the full body workout work better?

    • Werewolf Training works better for prioritizing muscle gain than does the full body workout routine. I’m in week three of WWT right now and I’ve gained 12 pounds in those three weeks. Granted I’m using some supplements and eating protein like it’s my job, but trust me WWT will do you good.

    • Supersets mean you can get more exercise in, in a shorter period of time, which is good for muscle and strength gains. Plus it keeps your heart rate up, which is good for fat loss.

  150. I have a pretty good body, worked out for last 3 years, went from 125lbs to 150 and stayed here, very in shape, im infantry in the army.

    will this be good for me? my body is use to cross training etc, and i have a hard time building muscle. since my body is already use to working out will i gain results as fast as these guys since my body is already muscle memorized

  151. Steve,

    Great workout plan! Just finished my first cycle and have gained about 6 pounds. I am 6’2″ and am at 163lbs now. I will report back once I do the cycle two more times.

    I am a little skeptical with the scale at the gym and the cheap $10 one I have at home. Is there a particular one you would recommend?

  152. Heya steve, Amazing Guide , im 17 and starting this workout tommorrow , i was just wondering , do you do workout 1 and workout 2 , together on the same day. or do you just do workout 1 , and then workout 2 the next week ? please reply . thank you 🙂

  153. Hi Steve. I’m trying to start this workout again and unfortunately only way for me to do 4 days a week is if I do M-Upper, T-Lower, Thurs- Lower, and F-Upper. So basically what I’m wondering is if it’s okay to do the lower body tues and thurs. However, I won’t be doing the lower body mentioned on the workout routine because I have a knee injury and I can only do leg lifts, wall squats, cycling (only going to do 10 min), and these sorts of leg workouts. Do you think this can work out? Thanks Steve.

  154. Hi Steve, I’m 18 years old, 180-175 (varies) and 6’3. Will i get the same results as taylor lautner on this workout routine?

  155. Finished 1st cycle. Everything is fine so far. I’ll be honest with you. I just can’t do the supersets right and I think the reason is I’m exhausting myself really hard during the first part of the set and so I need to catch my breath for a bit before starting the 2nd part (abs excluded, ab supersets are fine thus far). So I just break the superset and do the 2 exercises separately.
    Results so far… My squat, bench press and deadlift have increased a lot (doubled my initial weight’s reps in bench press and added 20+kg for squats and deadlifts).
    I’ll continue this program until April and weight myself then.
    Supps using: Protein isolate, weight gainer formula with a bit of creatine, NO explode. Nothing fancy I guess…

      • I have the feeling that NO Explode is a bit useless… Would you recommend Dymatize’s Expand to it? Everyone says it’s loads better…
        Another thing. This may sound stupid but lately I’ve become obsessed with hand standing/walking. I can’t do it, but I really wanna make it happen so I’m working on it every now and then. Problem is that it takes lots of upper body strength. Chest and especially shoulder fatique is my main issue. When would you recommend that I do my handstand workouts? After my upper body, lower body or during my days off?
        Sorry about all these questions but since this is a forum where questions are actually being answered, I’m just going to fire away all mine. 🙂 Don’t get mad please…

        • I would do the handstand workouts on your lower body day, unless the handstand exercises take your shoulders to failure. What are you doing for a handstand workout?

          • I always begin with 2 sets of push-ups. Of course i don’t reach failure, I just warm up my chest and shoulders. Now my room has a low ceiling (i can touch the ceiling when i stretch my hands up) so I just do a handstand and try to hold as much as possible while maintaining balance with my legs,which just touch the ceiling if im about to fall and regain my balance.
            So far it haven’t seen any balance improvement though, maybe just a little. Still, I can stay in that position for over a minute or two so I don’t think endurance is an issue here.
            So other than that, I don’t do anything else for a handstand workout.

      • If that’s really what you want to do. The workout will take much longer if you break up supersets, and the specific adaptations will be a little different for each exercise and exercise combination. It’s up to you. I encourage everyone to use their own training intuition to moderate how they train.

  156. sorry steve one more question, Is it okay so swap some exercises as long as they exercise similar muscles, such as swapping Goodmornings for hyperextensions?

    • Yeah I’ve had to do that recently too. I’ve altered both workouts 4 and 8 in recent weeks, since I’m using WW training right now myself. Just keep the intensity up, adding enough weight to struggle with the required rep range.

  157. Hey Steve, really appreciate the work you put in here. Just got a question if you have the time to answer it. I’m 5’11 and 154 Pounds, im ‘ripped’ in certain areas, but could do with loosing some excess fat, but i want to gain some more muscle mass, which do you recommend first; get cutted, then build mass. Or gain mass, then get cutted?
    Any advice would be great!

    • I always suggest to lose fat first then gain muscle after. This is because it has been observed on more than one occasion, that people with a higher bodyfat tend to retain calories as fat moreso than lean folks. Therefore, get lean then gain mass.

  158. Well Steve Im more on the i want to loose the weight but still build muscle im 6 foot 290 coming from playing football but i dont play any more what should i do

  159. hey whats up ive been working out for awhile and ive got muscle not ripped or anything but i need a simpafighid work out routine to gain size esspecialy for chest

  160. Hey Steve, Great programme. i am starting this on monday, just needing to know, is it neccecerray to have the 3rd day off?

    I work weekends so dont have a chance to hit the gym on a saturday or sunday, so can it be done with 5 days straight and will it be as effective?

  161. Hi Steve,
    I’m going to start this program. I’m 20 yo – 5ft and 7 – 135 lbs.

    I have a question: I would like to gain muscles but I want to rip my abs and let them show. So, should I add more cardio before and after your awesome workout?

    Thanks for this guide!!!

  162. Hi Steve,
    I broke a couple of toes on my left foot. Although they are nearly healed now, I probably didnt wait quite as long as I should have before I began to work out again. Anyway, I just finished my first cycle of your Werewolf muscle training and have noticed that my right leg is now stronger than my left- I guess from compensating for my injury. Should I make an effort to work my left leg more and/or harder now? Or will it just catch up naturally? Thanks for all you do on this site!

  163. Hey Steve, I have a question. I was wondering if this workout routine will help gain ‘muscel mass’. I am already cut much like Taylor Lautner was before he started lifting. I am 6 ft and 160 lbs. Is this the right workout routine for me? Please let me know. P.S. The website is awesome, i really learned alot from reading it

  164. Sorry typo last message, I am 6 ft and 155 lbs, i was wondering if this routine will work for me just as good as it did for Taylor Lautner?

  165. im 17 and already super cut, but im 6’10 and 151 lbs, will this workout routine get me to where taylor laughtner is now?

  166. ive decided to attempt the diet. i was thinking the sick feeling ive felt previously may of been from my old protein powder as i suspect im lactose intolerant. i believe whey isolate protein will stop me from feeling sick, just wondering if you could recommend a good whey protein isolate? would optimum nutrition 100% whey be good?

  167. just wondering how important the diet part is?
    i know nutrition is very important but i often get physical ill with changes to diet and stuff.
    could you tell me how many pounds of muscle could be gained without the extreme diet?

    • The diet is not too extreme really. You just have to eat more calories to gain more muscle. Follow whatever diet you think will work for you. I can guarantee a certain number of pounds gained or lost. Just do what works for you.

  168. Hi Steve,
    If you succesfully completed an exercise like the bb bent over rows on workout#3, do you up the weight the next time you do bb bent over rows- like on workout number 7? Or do you wait until the next cycle of the entire program before you up the weight for that specific exercise?

  169. Hi steve. You said “Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is theoretically impossible”. I’ve been told that a simple change in diet would do just that. Like cutting in saturated fats and sugars.
    I’m in a +3000kcal diet with 180g of protein and 100g fat (only good fat), no supplements.. in 3 weeks my arms and shoulders are bigger and my belly is more ripped- I also gained 2 kg in process, and gained strength. Is this normal?
    by the way.. tx for this amazing routine, suits perfectly my lifestyle.

    • It’s hard to explain. Some people can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time by tweaking their macronutrient profile. Theoretically it is impossible, but realistically it can be done. It would take a whole series of posts to explain how to do it right, so I can’t really get into it here, but you have some idea about what to do. New trainees especially see muscle gains and fat loss at the same time. Keep in mind though, that if you focus specifically on one goal, progress will come faster than if you try to do everything at the same time.

  170. Steve,
    First and foremost, kuddos to the wonderful routine and for helping all of us, one way or another. I’m 5’11 and about 150lbs and want to gain muscle, do you think this is the routine I should follow? If so, I was thinking of joining the gym and have an early workout everyday, say about 6am, what do you think, or better yet, what would you recommend?

    • I recommend for you to just do it. I personally hate lifting in the morning, but some people swear by it. Give it a shot. Make sure you eat something or drink a shake first… although I shouldn’t say that because some Intermittent Fasting folks promote fasted training… I hate fasted training and I really don’t think it promotes muscle gain, but many people claim that it does. In any case, stop thinking about it and just do it… that’s my opinion.

  171. hey steve, im super excited to start the program. Im 17, i weigh 147 pounds and i was just wondering if you could help explain to me more about the protein calories and fat calories.

    e.g (180 g protein X 4 calories = 720 protein calories) i just dont understand where the 4 comes from?

    im sorry to ask such a silly question but i want the best results possible from this workout and ive never dieted before

  172. hey that seems to be a nice workout program.. Im training since 3-4 years and now I am shredded and ripped.. the problem is that my own goal is to be shredded but i need to increase a little beat my muscle size(without being too big)so i dont know if that workout is ok for me. please answer this question for me..

    oh btw im 5“10 and 150 lbs (and a normal rate of fat)

  173. I didnt realise the a) and b)’s meanr you where meant to superset, is it necessary to superset them? And should I do all of a and b or one or the other?

  174. Hey Steve,

    I’m 5’10”. Used to be 130 and put on 30 lbs doing a typical push/pull routine with the right diet. That was years ago and now I’m 150 and soft. What are the benefits of this more “mixed up” routine than the typical push/pull? Just to confuse the muscles?


  175. I went through 6 cycles and didn’t realize the super sets(a,b). I did do the abs super set correctly. It is alright because I did see great gains. I finished up 6 cycles which took about 3-4 months and I am on my active recovery week. Should I continue this routine or find another one for a while? I heard if your muscle get used to the workout, then you will hit a plateau. What do you think? If you think I should find a different routine, what would you recommend?

    • Have you hit a plateau or did you make gains in the previous cycle? If you have hit a plateau, then you can try the Werewolf Training for strength or you can try the fat loss workout for a while. There are a couple other routines you can try on Project Swole too. Try them all for a couple months.

  176. Hey Steve,

    This routine is absolutely amazing, I gained only a few pounds in the first cycle but am seeing the results and my lifts are actually increasing by a lot. I appreciate the amazing website and advice.

    Question though, I’ve always been very proficient at pull ups, however as I progressed through the cycle my max pull ups has decreased from 25 to 20. Could it possibly be fatigue?

    Thanks a load.

    • Why would your max pull ups decrease? It could be because all of your other lifts are taking priority, because you are using heavier weights instead of focusing on max reps, or a number of other reasons. I would be curious to see if your weighted pull ups has increased. Perhaps you can do 10 reps with 45 now, but before you could only do 8, or something along those lines?

  177. Hey, 1st off i want to say you have a great site going here. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it, its much appreciated. Ive finished your fat loss routine and got my body fat % down to about 8%. I want to start this routine. Im 17 years old and weigh 147 pounds. how long do you think it would it take me to gain a body like taylor lautners if I stick to the workouts and keep my diet consistent?
    Thanks for reading, keep up the good work!

    • It will probably take you a year to put on 20 lbs of muscle if you have your exercise and nutrition perfected. You might gain a bit of fat as well, so you’ll need to strip it off afterwards. The question you asked is not really one I can answer, but my best guess is that you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in about 12 months or if you are 100% dedicated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you do everything right from lifestyle to diet to exercise, etc… then you can really make a total body transformation in as little as 6 months.

  178. hey Im 5’8 163lbs and i gain and lose weight randomly…im not fat i just have some pudge lol but i was wondering what would be the best way to keep my weight constant?

  179. Hey Steve I just turned 19 and i am currently at 15% body fat, however i am pretty skinny and dont have much muscle mass.I want to get tylers body over time. So I was just wondering if you think I should start a fat loss program or this program first. I was thinking of gaining mass first and then getting really cut after.

      • So what percentage body fat should I get to before starting this program.which one of your programs should I use to lower my bf, just the normal fat loss for men prog or something else since I only want to lose a little fat.is there a program that let’s you lose fat and put on muscle at the same time?

        • Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is theoretically impossible, but realistically just plain inefficient. The fat loss for men program will most likely be your best bet for losing fat while also attempting to gain muscle at the same time.

  180. Hey, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to replace the ab supersets with a weighted crunch and side bend superset, to allow me to add weight and train for strength/size more than the conditions it appears to be at the moment?

  181. Hey, Steve… I’m finally going to start this program, I’m pretty excited. There is one thing I’m confused about, and sorry if it has already been answered. During the training, some exercises are labeled as (a), (b), (c), etc… what does that imply? Does it mean you do one or the other?

    a) Body weight or assisted pull ups – 3 x 12
    b) DB standing alternating shoulder press – 3 x 15
    a) DB standing alternating bicep curl – 3 x 12, 8, 5
    b) DB standing two hand OH triceps press – 3 x 8

    Thanks for your hard work in creating this guide, man.

  182. My basketball season is almost over and i’ve been going to the gym at least 2 days a week to maintain strength. I am 18 and wanted to start that advanced werewolf training you were going to put up, it went something like this:
    day 1: chest, triceps, abs?
    day 2: hamstring dominant leg training with some light quads training, calves?
    day 3: shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs
    ?day 4: off?
    day 5: quad dominant leg training with some light hamstring training. calves
    ?day 6: back, biceps, abs?
    day 7: off
    3 sets of 6-10, 4 exercises for quads, hams, back, chest?
    3 sets of 8-12, 3 exercises for shoulders, triceps, abs?
    2 sets of 8-12, 2 exercises for biceps, calves
    I was hoping you could expand a little bit more detail on what exercises to do and what order to do them in. Also exactly how many reps each exercise.
    Thanks a lot steve. Big fan of the site!!

  183. Done 1 cycle of this so far. I’ve noticed on some of the ab exercises (which are difficult to do weighted) I can go over 50 or even 100 reps (which can get quite boring), and I have checked to see that I’m doing them properly.
    What exercises can I replace these with which I can add weight to?

  184. I’m a 16 year old ectomorph guy that will like to do the werewolf training to get muscle but i don’t think that it is time for me to be able to do weight lifting so can you tell me workout exercises so i can get more muscle please?

  185. Hey Steve, I was wondering if all the accessory calf work is necessary. Is it alright to take some out? And also, how much arm growth can you expect from this routine? I know a lot of it depends on genetics, diet, and rest, but can you give a rough estimate?

    Another thing – for Workout 4 can we take out the shrugs and jump squats and just add a 6 – 9 x 3 set of cleans?

  186. I have lost 75lbs over the past two yrs. Lifting the first year, then lifting and cardio during year two. I am now 6’6″ and 210 lbs. I have lost all the weight i want to lose and am happy that i am now the lightest i’ve been in my adult life. Dilemma: I am very excited about trying this werewolf training, but am scared of “getting fat” again…Ugghh i sound like a girl! Will this program add fat, or solely lean muscle mass? Or both? Ive been through so many wardrobes i dread having to buy more clothes for a bigger waistline! From the other comments Ive read, it seems that most people who use this program are very young and very skinny. Im 33 and dont need to gain weight to make the football team, just want to get bigger and stronger. Thanks for all of your hard work on this site!

  187. I am taking your suggestion to adding a HIIT to my routine twice a week. I am going to jump rope. Should I add it before or after workouts for upper or lower body?

  188. For the resistance bands, what resistance level should i choose: Light, Medium, or Heavy? I have previously done 2 cycles of werewolf training.

    • Try all 3 levels. Also, when you go to purchase the products, they often include suggested exercises which which to use each type of band. I’ve gotta get more information on Project Swole about bands.

  189. Hey there Steve, i am about to try this workout out in a couple of days. I have skinny arms, however my belly seems to be holding some fat that i would like to get rid of and show my abs. Obviously i would like to beefen up with this routine by eating enough calories and get bigger eventually however how would i go on to remove the fat from my body during this routine? Any advise would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

  190. This is my 3rd month into the workout. I am 6 feet tall. I went from weighing 145-150 to 177-182. It was really fast because I took weight gainers. I stopped taking it because I notice i was getting fat. As a result, I got more lean. I am close to having a flat stomach and my bottom abs are forming. My question is, is it bad to maintain this weight. I am trying to have results like Taylor Launter.

    • Bench press, squats, deadlifts, barbell rows. If you have the right equipment you can use bands on overhead presses too. Really, you can find a way to add bands to almost any exercise, but the biggest lifts are most important.

  191. Me and one of my friends are starting this tomorrow morning. We are long time body builders and ready to go hard, I’m going to post our results in a couple of months!

  192. Almost done with 3 cycles..

    Gained around 8 lbs, (now 183lbs), added 90lbs to my squat (315 1rm), and deadlift (385 1rm).

    For me, thats some awsomes results, seriously. (Im a hardgainer)
    The best thing is that i havent used any supplements, not even protein!!!

    I bought purple-k creatine, hemo rageUC pre-wo, casein and normal isoflex protein, and im gonna stack that when ill return to this routine. For now, ill give a shot to your strenght routine for maybe 2 cycles.

    This training is dope! Thumbs up steve

  193. Could I do one cycle of gain muscle werewolf training then either the generic total body workout or swole 3×5 next then another cycle of werewolf then either generic or 3×5 then the last cycle of werewolf training?

  194. I just finished 3 cycles and i thought i would post my results. Before my 3 cycles i had done some other workouts to build muscle and got improvements from there. I am 5’6/5’7 and started at 130lbs. about a 8 months into working out i had reached 150lbs. This was before finding werewolf training. I have completed 3 cycles of werewolf training now and have gone from 150 to 165-168lbs depending on the day (probably weigh more the morning after the day i eat a lot). I do have a small amount of belly fat but its a very small amount and nothing i couldn’t burn off with some HIIT, sprints, and speed roping. I also learned ,throughout the cycles, what muscle groups are more stubborn that others on my body and adjusted the workout a bit from there. For instance, i usually added another 3×12, 8, 5 tri workout for upper body days since my tri’s are harder to workout. I’m now taking a week off of lifting and then switching over to the strength training werewolf cycles. My goal weight is 170lbs after cutting down my fat so ill probably try and reach around 175+ before doing the shredding and fat burning routines.

    Anyone who is interested in the, please give it a try its really great and not only builds muscle fast but will get you into better shape even without doing the cardio portions (depending on how good of shape you’re in already). Also, don’t flake on the diet part. Eat a lot and eat the right foods or you’ll never put on the muscle. Steve, if you want any more detail for what i did let me know, i’m happy to share it all!

      • Diet in a nut shell is this:

        Meal 1 (around 7:30am) – 1/2 mass shake (400 cal)
        Meal 2 (around 9:30am) – 4 eggs, low fat Turkey bacon (few slices) with some fruit and some veggies on the eggs (avocado + tomato) (300-400 cal)
        Meal 3 (around 11:30am) – Some type of protein (Fish, Steak, Chicken, Turkey) with some veggies and some fruit. Veggies could be anything from salad ingredients to sweet potatoes. Every so ofter i throw in some pasta, usually wheat but white digests faster. (500-700 cal)
        Meal 4 (around 2:00pm) – 1/2 mass protein shake (400 cal)
        Meal 5 (around 4:00pm) – Same as meal 3

        Take my pre-workout drink (Glutamine, Nitric Oxide, Pre-workout mix) and workout for 60-90 minutes doing the lifting fir the first hour and c