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7 Ways to Gain Muscle Mass on a Budget

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021
Gain Muscle Mass on a Budget

Building muscle mass does not have to be difficult or expensive. If we keep our gym membership fee low (or workout from home), grocery shop smart, and make smart nutritional choices, we can minimize our budget and maximize our progress. Keep reading to discover some ways to gain muscle mass on a budget.


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5 Tips for Marketing Your Fitness Website or Blog Online

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Fitness Internet Marketing Tips

Fitness Blogger
A recent boom in the popularity of fitness and a move toward healthier living have created many new opportunities for businesses in the fitness world. Still, marketing your fitness website or blog online can be a challenge if you’re not an experienced veteran in this kind of business. Help spread the positive message of good health and increase your online fame at the same time by following these effective tips for online marketing of your fitness website.

  1. Enhance Your Website

    The number of websites on the internet today is practically infinite, and you can rest assured that there is already a website for almost anything you can imagine. This makes it more important than ever to enhance your website with high quality design. You don’t need to enlist a professional designer, though it may help if you don’t have much experience in the design world. If you do know your way around a web page, try browsing for new website templates that you can customize for a unique look.


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5 Ways to Go Green at the Gym

Saturday, April 6th, 2013


Eco Fitness
It’s kind of astonishing just how many ways there are for the average person to green their routine in this day and age, what with alternative energy options, electric vehicles, and a growing market for organic goods. But you might wonder how you can take an eco-friendly approach when it comes to visiting your gym facility. So here are just a few options for going green when it comes to your personal fitness.

  1. Skip electric machinery.

    While an argument could be made that the manufacturing of gym equipment is the most harmful aspect of the industry, from an environmental standpoint, the truth is probably that the energy draw required for machinery is far worse considering that electrical equipment (treadmills and such) is plugged in around the clock, especially in 24-hour facilities. So if you want to keep a clear conscience, simply refuse to support the inclusion of such machinery, or at least unplug the equipment when you’re finished using it.


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Project Swole Website Outage

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Sorry about the downtime today. Project Swole was down for over 12 hours this time.

It looks like we are still going to have to move to a dedicated server. The rest of this post is boring so either move on to a fitness related post or… (more…)

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5 Tips to Manage Medical Debt Before it Eats You Alive

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
Evil Doctor
Evil Doctor

Medical debt can blindside you when you least expect it. It could be as simple as a small injury that needs an x-ray and stitches, or perhaps an emergency appendectomy; it could also be as huge as a quadruple by-pass, or a hip replacement. Either way, you could be ahead financially one day, and $100k in debt the next.

The percentage of Americans that are struggling with medical debt has grown 3.5% per year since 2005. This is pathetic to me. The cost of medical procedures is extraordinary, and many health insurance plans don’t help much… if you can even get on an insurance plan at all.

I came upon this link in CNN yesterday morning that might help you, if you think you are in danger of falling deeply into medical debt. You should act on these tips as soon as you realize you owe. Five mistakes that will land you in medical debt.


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