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free, easy, healthy recipesAnyone involved with a health and fitness must face one simple fact, one simple truth: nutrition is responsible for 80% of the progress you make on any conditioning routine. That being said, what can we do to keep ourselves from dining at the fast food restaurant that is 500 feet from any given place at any given time? The answer is to keep yourself well fed with meals that fit your lifestyle. Make your food at home and take it with you if you have to. Do NOT give in to fast food temptation!

Eating right is what fitness is all about.

Roughly 1% of the population has a natural metabolism that functions optimally. Unfortunately for you and me, we are not part of that exclusive 1% (but we do know that guy down the street that is part of the 1%, and quite frankly, we hate him). For the rest of us, we have to make the best use of the foods that are healthiest for us. It’s just that sometimes those foods don’t taste so good. Well, at Project Swole we aim to create a cuisine that is not only palatable, but also quite scrumptious.

Preservatives, saturated fat, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, highly processed white flour, and other unhealthy nonsense plagues the Americans cuisine. Foods that cost 99 cents and take less than a minute to prepare, are not good for you unless they are protein bars or fruit. Everything that you find in the supermarket comes in a box loaded with so many preservatives that we could bury you alive today and you’ll look the same 10 years from now when we dig you up. If you eat a Twinkie, you ARE a Twinkie.

So what and how should I eat?

Perhaps the very best mantra for selecting healthy lifestyles foods is this:

“If it grows, or eats food that grows, then you should eat it.”

I intend to load you up with the tastiest, easiest, healthiest recipes this side of Japan. Here are your basic rules:

  • Start with breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.
  • The next 4 meals of the day are only slightly less important, so don’t blow them off.
  • If you see a fish and it’s not fried, stuffed, or breaded, eat it.
  • If you see a fruit or a vegetable, eat it.
  • If you see a bird, eat it.
  • If it’s sold in a box, do NOT eat it.
  • If you buy it at a drive through window and it’s not “grilled chicken, hold the mayo”, do NOT eat it.
  • Finally, and most important, you are NOT going on a diet, you are making lifestyle eating changes.

Please, browse our free, easy, healthy recipes, and make the most of your nutritional habits. Remember, nutrition is responsible for 80% of your progress no matter how much, or how hard you train.

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