On Hiatus

Posted August 7, 2007 in Workout Logs 2 Comments »

I am currently applying the principles of Project Swole to running and building a business full-time. Until I can clear out an hour or so a couple days a week, I will only be working out at home with light weights. This might actually be a good thing for Project Swole, because when I get back into the lifting scene like I want to, I will be really starting over from scratch.

On a positive note, I can now shoulder press 110 lbs 21 times and I did 18 bodyweight pull-ups the other day. My legs are falling apart though, as are my chest and tris. I will keep trying to post to this site at least once a week. Perhaps some articles are in order. Just remember, nothing is ever over!

Shoulder Pressing 110 lbs, 21 times.

At least I get SOME exercise.

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