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Bodies of Work

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Bodies of WorkCheck out this display of inspirational physiques in black and white true artistic form.

Everyone is nekkid, and both males and females represent, so matter your sexual preference, you’re gonna see it all. While theses photos are technically safe for work, I advise you to view them at your own discretion.

Inside you will find professional body builders, figure athletes, and Crossfitters. You will find army rangers, bikini competitors, personal trainers, and even a TV host.

These athletes are the best of the best, so don’t be envious, but do be inspired.

Click the link: Bodies of Work

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On Hiatus

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I am currently applying the principles of Project Swole to running and building a business full-time. Until I can clear out an hour or so a couple days a week, I will only be working out at home with light weights. This might actually be a good thing for Project Swole, because when I get back into the lifting scene like I want to, I will be really starting over from scratch.

On a positive note, I can now shoulder press 110 lbs 21 times and I did 18 bodyweight pull-ups the other day. My legs are falling apart though, as are my chest and tris. I will keep trying to post to this site at least once a week. Perhaps some articles are in order. Just remember, nothing is ever over!

Shoulder Pressing 110 lbs, 21 times.

At least I get SOME exercise.

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