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Top 5 Hair Removal Tips for Bodybuilders

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Competitive Bodybuilding is Not Compatible with Body Hair

Sexy Female Bodybuilder

So, you think you are a bodybuilder and you want to compete. Well, there’s more than just lifting weights and dieting to worry about when entering a bodybuilding show. For instance, you have to consider tanning, oiling, and posing. And those three components won’t help you one iota if you have any hair anywhere on your body. (Incidentally, it was NOT easy to find a sexy picture of a female bodybuilder, so enjoy this image while it lasts.)

As a bodybuilder you strive to look your best, and when you enter competitions, part of that package is a sleek and hair-free body. You don’t spend hours at the gym, lifting weights and cross-training, so that you can lose a competition because of a little extra peach fuzz on your arms and legs.

While molding your body to precise measurements and proportions is certainly the harder part of preparing to compete, you still have to attend to cosmetic issues, including tanning, oiling, and choosing the right outfit to display your physique in all its glory. And this cosmetic maintenance includes keeping your body free of fuzz. If you’re unfamiliar with the process you may be on the lookout for a few different methods of hair removal to try.


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Bodies of Work

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Bodies of WorkCheck out this display of inspirational physiques in black and white true artistic form.

Everyone is nekkid, and both males and females represent, so matter your sexual preference, you’re gonna see it all. While theses photos are technically safe for work, I advise you to view them at your own discretion.

Inside you will find professional body builders, figure athletes, and Crossfitters. You will find army rangers, bikini competitors, personal trainers, and even a TV host.

These athletes are the best of the best, so don’t be envious, but do be inspired.

Click the link: Bodies of Work

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