5 Tips That May Help Save Your Relationship from Snoring

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Some people would describe snoring as the subtle killer of relationships. While your partner may not consider snoring a big deal in the beginning, in the long run, sleeping with a snoring person can damage a good relationship beyond repair. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this fact.

As you already know, divorce rates have been through the roof last few years. And while this may come as a surprise, research has shown that snoring is actually the 3rd leading cause of divorce in the United States. The matter of the fact is – snoring can lead to anger, resentment, and eventually, divorce.

How Snoring Affects Marriages

If your partner isn’t getting enough sleep due to your snoring, it could potentially take a toll on your relationship. However, things aren’t all that simple. Luckily, there are a few warning signs you can easily notice. The effects of snoring are usually manifested in some of the following symptoms:

  • High stress and fatigue rates

If your partner isn’t getting the rest they need to mend their mind and body from all of those daily stressors, their exhaustion will accumulate and affect their brain from performing daily tasks. Before they even know it, they end up more exhausted than they were in their life. Naturally, they become disinterested in the usual daily activities both of you used to enjoy.

  • Emotional distance between you two

When someone doesn’t get enough sleep, they become impatient and emotionally distant after a while. And let’s face it, if both of you are grumpy, you’ll probably end up fighting at some point during the day. You know that it’s important to settle an argument before it escalates into a full-blown fight. But if your partner isn’t getting enough sleep, he or she will probably stay impatient and before you know it, you’ll get into an argument that will destroy your relationship.

  • Significantly higher accident risk

Now, when someone wakes up feeling tired, their ability to concentrate on their work and tasks diminishes. And that leads to dangerous behaviors such as falling asleep during meetings, spacing out while driving, etc. Behaviors like this lead to career- and life-threatening situations that won’t do you or your partner any good.

How to Solve Your Snoring Problems

If you’ve observed any of these behaviors in yourself or your partner, it means snoring is already taking a toll on your relationship. You can’t sit back and wait for it to destroy your relationship – you have to act quickly. In order to help you solve this problem, here are a couple of snoring remedies:

  1. Conquer sleep apnea with CPAP

If you’re not aware of it, sleep apnea is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s a condition where the tissue in your throat blocks the airway while you’re lying down. Both a complete and a partial blockage cause breathing difficulties, which make sleeping a struggle. One solution is to buy a CPAP machine that pumps air into a mask. The standard CPAP machine produces noise, so it might not be the best solution for people in relationships. Instead, you should perhaps visit Snorerx Reviews and try to find silent remedy for snoring.

  1. Stop drinking before you go to bed

Most people enjoy a glass of wine or a can of beer before they hit the bed. After all, a small amount of alcohol can help you fall asleep easier. But the problem is – alcohol causes the tissue in your throat to loosen up and ultimately collapse while you’re sleeping. That means you should stop relying on alcohol to fall asleep each night. Instead, you should try drinking herbal tea before bed or even ask your partner for a relaxing massage.

  1. Reduce the mass of fat in your body

Obese people have excess fat around their neck and chest. That fat puts a lot of pressure on the throat tissue when they are lying down. Consequently, that causes their airway passage to narrow down, and as we all know it, this produces snoring sounds. Therefore, try losing some weight to get rid of excess fat that keeps blocking your airways. A healthy diet and a good amount of exercise will not only allow you to fall asleep easier, but it will also improve your health overall.

  1. Elevate the head of your bed

Some people simply don’t have enough time to cram in a training session into their daily schedule. If you’re one of these people, you should try to raise the head of your bed about five inches. You can do this by putting a pair of wooden blocks under the legs of your bed. The height will prevent the tissue in your throat from dropping down and blocking your airway during sleep. However, you shouldn’t try using a pillow to raise your head, because this will only constrict your airway further, and make the snoring even worse.

  1. Stop your tongue from collapsing

When you’re sleeping, your jaw can easily move backward. That makes your tongue more likely to collapse against the airway. In that case, an oral appliance can help you shift the position of your jaw forward. That relieves snoring and can help you reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea in some cases. You can find an oral appliance in pharmacy, however, recent studies have found out that a custom version, fitted by a dentist works much better.

The Bottom Line on Snoring

The snorer in any relationship is usually getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. However, their partner is regularly losing a few hours of sleep on a nightly basis. In some cases, the snorer’s partner is usually lucky to get half of the amount.

Lack of sleep will only lead to an anger buildup. And when people don’t approach their anger the right way, it leads to a fight that wrecks their relationship. But keep your relationship healthy isn’t impossible – you just need to approach it the right way.

The snoring remedies and solutions we listed above can and will help you with your problem. In turn, you and your partner will feel more restful every morning and your relationship will be healthier than ever. Act now and treat your problem before it permanently wounds your relationship.  


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