How To Drink Wine While Maintaining a Healthy Diet

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Maintaining a healthy and perfect diet is part of every athlete’s game. You’ll see that there are lots of people spending too much time in the gym, getting the right amount of meals on their plate, and some may even go vegan only to make sure they get a perfect fit and fab body shape. It’s the usual thing that all people may pay a lot of attention to compared to unhealthy behaviors such as drinking wine, using drugs, and eating candy. 

While maintaining a healthy diet seems easy for some people, others get into trouble. Especially that you may see your friends eat a lot, you undergo a stressful day, and sometimes you get overloaded with your job, and the only way to relieve the anxiety you are feeling is through eating. Aside from that, you may either choose to drink your favorite glass of wine to get through a rough day.

According to some medical experts, most people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through dieting; however, many factors would tempt them to deprive themselves of achieving this, and that is by drinking alcoholic beverages such as wine. Hence, if you are one of those people who want to perpetuate healthy living but can’t live without drinking a glass of wine daily, here are some helpful tips you may apply on how to drink your best wine labels while keeping an excellent diet and staying fit. 

Check The Calories In Wine 

The majority of the wine labels you can find in fine wine stores like Sokolin Wines hold overall calories of around 130-175 in each glass. Besides, if you are keen and would like to make sure every calorie content of the bottle you buy, you may read the nutrition facts added to the label of the wine. Knowing the calorie percentage that a wine possesses makes you knowledgeable about how healthy the wine should be. At the same time, you are sure that your diet won’t be affected. 

Take note that if you consume too much glass of wine, you also gain too many calories. Our body may only absorb a limited percentage of calories, and anything excessive may cause weight gain. Thus, it is vital that you check the calories of each wine you drink so you can intake the right amount only. 

Know Your Limitations

It’s always human nature for people to drink a lot of wine, especially when there’s an occasion. Some would even go beyond their drinking limits, damaging their healthy lifestyle, and at the same time, they get drunk. 

Wines should not undergo this way of consumption. If you are maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle but can’t get rid of drinking wine, make sure you only drink a recommended glass. For women, a glass or two is enough while for men; they can take up to three. Always drink in moderation and seriously take this advice to achieve your fitter body goals. 

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Don’t Drink As Soon As You Get Home

The best way to drink wine to make sure you’re not gaining any weight is not to drink it right away. It means that you can do other things first that increase your body’s metabolism prior to drinking. By keeping active you reduce the possibility of drinking multiple consecutive glasses.

If you have spare time, do some walking early in the evening as it will increase your metabolism and decrease your need for eating or drinking wine. This does not mean you should be using one of these best wine carriers to bring your wine along with you on the walk. Also, make sure to drink a glass of water before you drink your glass of wine to maintain a perfect balance of water and alcohol in your cells. 

Avoid Drinking Before Meals

According to some medical experts, if you drink a glass of wine an hour or thirty minutes before you eat your meal, it would tend to increase your appetite. It means that your eagerness to eat a lot of food would come a lot and there will be a tendency of overeating resulting in damaging your healthy lifestyle. 

Choose Dry Red Wines 

Studies have shown that red wine contains a lot of antioxidants that keep the body healthier compared to other wine labels. It contains more resveratrol, an antioxidant that is responsible for reducing the risk of the deadliest diseases you might acquire, such as cancer and diabetes. 

Moreover, red wine also helps in improving your memory, and it also burns more of your body fat. Make sure only to drink what’s recommended to achieve that healthy lifestyle you opt to get fully. 

Avoid Drinking Too Late At Night 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs an effort, commitment, and responsibility to get an optimum result. If you can resist drinking wine, make sure you do not drink it within 2 hours of going to bed. Wines behave like carbohydrates, and if you consume them too late at night, it gets hard to digest, resulting in a high-calorie stockpile in your body. 

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