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Using Coolsculpting As An Alternative To A Tummy Tuck

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Every day, millions of Americans are looking to improve their bodies using some type of cosmetic surgery. Of course, there are those that are active and look to exercise to get rid of excess fat, but what about those stubborn patches of fat that don’t want to cooperate? There are several types of surgeries you can use to get rid of them. Two of the most popular options are Coolsculpting and the Tummy Tuck. Both get rid of stubborn fat that wants to linger around in your body but, only one of them is the better choice. It is Coolsculpting. 


Woman Knocks 20 Years Off Her Appearance With Diet and Surgery

Friday, April 17th, 2009
Mom and Daughter
Mom and Daughter

I found this article today about a woman who started dieting and went under the knife in an attempt to look more like her daughter.

Fifty year old Janet Cunliffe started dieting and spent tens of thousands of dollars to look more like her 28 year old daughter. Honestly if I looked like she did pre-surgery and had the resources to look like she does now, I would diet and get the surgery too. (If I were a chick.)

Self-image issues always come back to celebrities. The pressure by Hollywood and the media to look young, slender, sleek, and sexy.

I find this to be more disturbing for teenage girls who feel the pressure to be something other than who they are, although it is a bit different for a mature, experienced 50 year old Mom who just wants to turn back the clock.