Woman Knocks 20 Years Off Her Appearance With Diet and Surgery

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Mom and Daughter
Mom and Daughter

I found this article today about a woman who started dieting and went under the knife in an attempt to look more like her daughter.

Fifty year old Janet Cunliffe started dieting and spent tens of thousands of dollars to look more like her 28 year old daughter. Honestly if I looked like she did pre-surgery and had the resources to look like she does now, I would diet and get the surgery too. (If I were a chick.)

Self-image issues always come back to celebrities. The pressure by Hollywood and the media to look young, slender, sleek, and sexy.

I find this to be more disturbing for teenage girls who feel the pressure to be something other than who they are, although it is a bit different for a mature, experienced 50 year old Mom who just wants to turn back the clock.

“I remembered only too well when I used to be a lovely looking girl. I’d seen all these older celebrities who somehow managed to turn back the clock and I wondered if I could do the same. At the very least I wanted to give it a try.”

Many people will rip on Janet, but I give her props for standing up for her rights to do what she wants with her body. (There is a pro-choice debate in there somewhere, but that’s for another post.) The only weird part is that she set out to look exactly like her daughter. I think if I were her I would have tried for my own personal look, but maybe that’s just me.

Check out the following images. The one on the right is pre-diet/surgery, while the one on the left is post-diet/surgery.

Janet Cunliffe Before
Janet Cunliffe Before
Janet Cunliffe After
Janet Cunliffe After

Janet dropped at least 3 dress sizes by dieting. She also enhanced her breasts (twice), died her hair, and changed her eyes, nose, and lips to more closely resemble her daughter.

Dietary Changes

Janet had some real issues finding sexy clothes to wear. She just didn’t have any. At one point she tried fitting into her daughter’s sexy clothes, but nothing fit her. It was at that point that she realized something had to change.

Janet began a little strategy she called ‘Operation Overhaul’ began.

“I ditched junk food and started to follow the same healthy diet as Jane.

Out went potatoes and pasta and I started eating grilled chicken salad and green veg.

Jane didn’t drink in the week, so I cut out white wine in the evening and stopped snacking between meals.”

The effects reportedly were startling: in four months, Janet lost 28 lbs and could slip into her daughter’s size 8 pants. For those of you keeping track, that’s 7 pounds a month or just under 2 pounds a week.

You can do this too, just by following Janet’s plan and by practicing these 10 tips to lose fat fast.

Plastic Surgery

Janet was psyched that her figure was looking slender, but she was still unhappy with her face.

After doing plenty of research online, Janet decided to visit a doctor in Croatia to have her eyes and nose pimped, with awesome results. Then she settled on a few more minor tweaks: hair extensions, lip injections, and a new size 6 wardrobe.

Add to that the DD breast enhancement that she undertook when her 34C implant ruptured in 2003, and you have the makings of a beauty queen, albeit artificially enhanced.

The End Result

Wow. Both mom and daughter are happy with the results. They both say the changes helped them to bond and become closer like sisters.

In the image below, Janet is on the left and Jane is on the right. Is that amazing?

Janet and Jane
Mom Janet (left) and Daughter Jane (right)

Now when they go out together, they both get hit on regularly by the men. Neither is jealous of the other, in fact they both help each other with their hair and makeup, and thrive on the attention they get when they go out in public.

Hell, what man wouldn’t fall all over blond twin bombshells? Actually I am a one-woman man and actually prefer brunettes, but I feel 95% of men would go ga-ga over these ladies.

As a final remark I wish to draw your attention to one detail that I found very important. Janet did not undergo any sort of liposuction, tummy tuck, gastric by-pass, or any other fat loss surgery. Every pound Janet lost, she accomplished through diet and exercise.

You might not be able to make your eye wrinkles disappear, flatten out your nose, or plump your lips, but if you want to improve your image the first step you can take is to eat a nutritious diet and start exercising. Most of us will have to deal with our facial imperfections, but I believe most people can realize a HUGE self-esteem boost just from decreasing their body fat and getting into some sort of cardiovascular shape.

Remember, diet is responsible for 75% of your weight loss progress. Eating right will do you a world of good!

One final point I want to make, is that we have to remember that Hollywood celebrities are fake. Sure some of them really are good looking, but many of them look that way thanks to make up and lighting. What make-up and lighting can’t fix is often manipulated through unhealthy dieting and cosmetic surgery.

We can’t expect our teenagers to hold up to those standards. Educate your teens, especially your daughters, about idolizing airbrushed magazine covers and million dollar plastic faces in movies. Help them understand that they are special the way they are, and that we love them.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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3 Responses to “Woman Knocks 20 Years Off Her Appearance With Diet and Surgery”

  1. I applaud you in your lifestyle change. I think you look fantasic. I hate how what the term Diet was become due to all the fad diets. As in your case, you seen it as a lifestyle change and for the better I might add. If we all could get away from all the processed foods and eat more naturally.. we all would look years younger as you do..

  2. Diet, exercise and surgery are fine in my book if people want to look and feel the best they can. The disturbing part of this story is the attempt to look like someone she is not. I don’t think this story would have the same appeal if she decided to get surgery to look like Madonna or another celebrity. We’d probably be talking about how deranged or weird it is to go to such extremes to imitate somebody else.

    Be your best YOU and people will copy your healthy habits and lifestyle.

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