Tips to Start Exercising in the New Year

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Start Exercising in the New Year

Do you want to start exercising in the New Year and get in amazing shape for 2022?

While this may seem like a simple goal, the majority of people who try to start exercising end up failing. To ensure you crush your New Year’s Resolution and your fitness goals, follow our simple tips and find out how to start exercising again to start off the New Year strong!

Find a Training Partner

The friendships you can make at the gym or at a sports club are a major reason why you should start exercising! If you have not yet found a training partner, perhaps some of the best free dating sites will come in handy. Not only is sport an amazing way to build relationships, but research has shown that people who work out with training partners are more likely to not only start exercising but make it a habit. This is because a training partner acts as a support group and can provide the motivation you need to hit the gym when you are feeling down. Having a training offering words of encouragement during your workouts is also great for hitting personal records and destroying your training sessions.

Clear Your Schedule

Do you want to know how to start exercising and stick with it? Well, it all starts with clearing your schedule. You need to find time where you can consistently exercise because it doesn’t matter if you are the most disciplined person in the world, if you don’t have any free time, you won’t be able to start exercising. So make sure you find a period of 45 to 60 minutes every day where you have the potential to start exercising. You don’t need to work out every day (we recommend starting at 3), but by having time every day, you give yourself the flexibility to alter your schedule.

Determine Your Current Fitness Levels

Before you start exercising at a Crossfit gym 6 times a week or sign up at an MMA gym, be honest about your current shape. If you are in excellent shape, feel free to perform intense workouts. However, if you are wondering how to start exercising for beginners, don’t be ashamed about starting with very basic exercises such as jogging, walking, and easy bodyweight exercises. You can also start with 15-20 minutes instead of an hour a day. After a few months of regular exercise, you will become stronger, and ready for more high-impact workouts.

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Learn How to Start Exercising at Home

We understand joining a gym is expensive, and many people don’t have any gyms nearby. However, this is not an excuse to not start exercising. You can get an amazing workout at home. There are thousands of different free online home workouts that you can follow along on YouTube. If you don’t feel like watching an at-home workout, you can just perform basic yet effective exercises like pushups, situps, and squats.

A great way to start exercising is to perform:

?  5 sets of 15 push-ups

?  5 sets of 20 sit-ups

?  5 sets of 30 squats

You can increase the number of sets and reps as you get more advanced!

Ease Into Your New Fitness Regime

Are you wondering how to start exercising for the first time? You need to take it easy. Too many people start immediately going to the gym every day and putting their bodies through torturous workouts. This only results in a pile of injuries and abandoned fitness goals. To start exercising effectively, you should start by going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week for around 45 minutes and then slowly building up your workouts. If you slowly increase the intensity, you will soon be crushing even the most difficult exercises.

Make Sure Your Goal Is Attainable

A reason why people have no idea how to start exercising consistently is that they set goals that are far too difficult! When you set a difficult goal and start exercising, you will be super motivated for the first few days. However, you will quickly burn out as your body can’t handle the intense workouts, and you quickly realize you will have no chance of reaching your goal. The best fitness goals are challenging yet still attainable. If you are a beginner, then a goal of losing 2 pounds a month is a great start, or you could set the goal of running a half marathon by the end of the year.

Final Thoughts

If you want to start exercising, simply follow our tips and trust us, you will achieve your New Year’s fitness goals. Just remember that consistency is everything, and even on days you don’t want to exercise, you should push yourself. So what are your New Year’s fitness goals? How are you planning to achieve them? Make sure to share them with us in the comments – we would love to know!

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