Using Coolsculpting As An Alternative To A Tummy Tuck

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Every day, millions of Americans are looking to improve their bodies using some type of cosmetic surgery. Of course, there are those that are active and look to exercise to get rid of excess fat, but what about those stubborn patches of fat that don’t want to cooperate? There are several types of surgeries you can use to get rid of them. Two of the most popular options are Coolsculpting and the Tummy Tuck. Both get rid of stubborn fat that wants to linger around in your body but, only one of them is the better choice. It is Coolsculpting. 

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a procedure that is noninvasive and is used to get rid of excess fat that won’t leave despite you having a diet and daily exercise routine. Your fat cells are frozen to a certain temperature that kills them. It also causes your body to continue eliminating the fat cells on its own. This is proven technology that works fast and effectively without you having to have surgery. More people find this to be a better choice because they don’t have to worry about recovery time. One thing to understand is that this will never take the place of a healthy diet and exercise. You need to have a stable weight that will make you a perfect candidate for this procedure because it’s permanent. 

What Is A Tummy Tuck? 

A Tummy Tuck gets rid of stubborn fat that won’t leave disputed a steady diet and regular exercise. You will need recovery time because the procedure includes surgery and anesthesia. That means finding time to put aside just get great results from a procedure that is very risky. Do you really see yourself clearing your schedule just to kill off fat cells? When you add up the cost of a Tummy Tuck it may not be worth with. After all, what if something else happens while the surgery is taking place? 

The Cost Of Each Procedure

When looking at the cost of Coolsculpting versus a Tummy Tuck, one happens to be more expensive than the other. With Coolsculpting, you are going in to have a tool used on the outside of your body to freeze the fat cells. Technological advances make this possible, and you can read a book or text on your phone while having it done. Because it’s noninvasive, the cost is minimal. You don’t have to worry about taking any prescribed medicines or covering various costs that are required for the surgery. The clothes you wear are fine. So there is no need for a hospital gown. Pain medicines are usually not necessary. This is why Coolsculpting is the best way to go. With a Tummy Tuck, you have to cover anesthesia costs, hospital costs, medical tests that are done, clothing you will need after the surgery, medications to be prescribed, and the cost of the surgeon performing the procedure. After you add all that up, you are losing a lot of money and time.

The Other Positive Aspects Of Coolsculpting

What it means for the results of Coolsculpting to be permanent is that the fat cells that are destroyed do not come back to enlarge themselves to cause weight gain. They are actually removed from your body. You don’t have to worry about infections or scars because there is no need to go under your skin. Also, there is no need to stay off your job or reduce activities. Once you leave the office that day, you can resume any other plans you have. Having your confidence soar through the roof is another reason to consider this Orion for a Tummy Tuck. Your body is going to continue giving you lasting results even after the Coolsculpting procedure has been done. If you are afraid of having surgery or just want to be safe, this is a low-risk way of getting rid of those fat cells that just won’t leave you alone. 

The Issues With A Tummy Tuck

When getting a Tummy Tuck, it’s important to always look at the risk that comes with any procedure that involves going under the skin. There is the possibility of your blood clotting that could distort your breathing and all sorts of infections. Plus, you have to deal with being tired all the time for several weeks and pain that can last for months. Of course, not everyone’s body doesn’t react the same after surgery, but do you really know how your body is going to handle the Tummy Tuck once it has been done? Do you really want to put your body through that risk knowing you really don’t have the downtime?

Coolsculpting Plain And Simple

Looking at Coolsculpting versus the Tummy Tuck, you can see where Coolsculpting is just the best way to go. With minimal side effects, you can the results you need and continue to go about your day doing the things you love to do with no worries attached. As long as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle, your body will always automatically attack those fat cells and destroy them. You will need at least three sessions of Coolsculpting on those troubled areas before you start to see the results, but it will definitely be worth it. However, the Tummy Tuck is just a surgical procedure that you have once with side effects lasting for several weeks or months. You really don’t see yourself messing that up with not maintaining your diet to deal with the stress of that process all over again. 

So now you see why Coolsculpting is the right way to go. You are going to be so proud of the results, and do your best to keep them up. This is the best decision for you, and there is no time like the present to make this move. Consult a doctor today about getting the Coolsculpting procedure done for your body fat.

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