Five Plastic Surgery Myths Busted

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Aronowitz reports that many patients come into his office with certain misunderstandings about plastic surgery. Here are five of the most common misconceptions that cause unnecessary worry and keep patients from using plastic surgery to its full potential.

Myth #1. Breast implants have to be removed and replaced every 10 years

The FDA indeed recommends that women consider having breast implants removed and replaced after they have been in place for 10 years. However many plastic surgeons report that their patients have no issues with their breast implants even after 20 years, and there is no reason for a second surgery.

Women should only consider replacing saline breast implants when:

  • The implants hurt.
  • The implants have bottomed out.
  • The implants have burst,
  • The implants have rotated or moved.
  • The implant capsule has shrunk.

Your doctor can tell whether a silicone implant is intact with an MRI.

Myth #2. Breast implants cause cancer

One of the most distressing myths about breast implants that patients of Joel Aronowitz MD come in to ask about is the idea that breast implants can cause cancer.

The FDA has indeed reported a link between breast implants and a sporadic form of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL. The Mayo Clinic reports that this form of cancer most commonly occurs in the scar tissue around the implant, in women who have received textured saline or silicone implants.

ALCL is primarily a cancer in men, and it can appear in the skin all over the body, not just the breast. Dr. Aronowitz says only a few hundred cases seem to be possibly even related to breast implants. Over 90 percent of cases are treatable if they are caught in time.

The more common form of breast cancer, intraductal carcinoma, is not related to breast implants of any kind.

Myth #3: Botox can move after it is injected

Some patients ask Dr. Aronowitz if it is safe to go home and work out after getting Botox injections. They are concerned that moving the muscles into which Botox has been injected can move the drug and spoil the effect. Dr. Aronowitz advises patients not to do a heavy workout the same day they get Botox, but that’s because of the potential for bruising, not because working out will move the drug.

Myth #4. Plastic surgery is all about looking good

Plastic surgery isn’t all about facelifts, nose jobs, and breast enhancement, Dr. Aronowitz says. Many plastic surgeons focus entirely on reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive surgeries are delicate, intricate procedures that restore structure, function, and beauty. One of the most common kinds of reconstructive surgery is the procedure for repairing cleft palates and cleft lips, which can transform a child’s life for the better.

Myth #5. Plastic surgery is just for the wealthy

A diverse and inclusive patient population is essential for a healthy plastic surgery practice. Anyone who needs or wants plastic surgery can get it, Aronowitz says. Plastic surgeons help patients find financing for their procedures that insurance will not cover.

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