Direct Primary Care: The Key to a Better Patient Experience?

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While booking an appointment with the doctor two days prior and hardly getting 10 minutes per appointment, you may end up feeling like a better patient experience is the last thing they care about. It is more likely to be true than false as the one thing all these big corporations care about is money. Luckily, now we are not bound to the traditional healthcare systems and corporate hospitals. A relatively new healthcare model is introduced Direct Primary Care.

In this post, we will examine how direct primary care prioritizes the patient experience and health.

Reducing the Most Dreaded Hustles of Getting an Appointment with the Doctor

Easily the most annoying thing about using the traditional route to get access to your healthcare provider is making calls for the appointment and getting an extremely long wait time to finally get those precious minutes with the doctor. Luckily in direct primary care, the entire process is extremely simplified and convenient. Because it does not operate with third parties like corporate hospitals. It saves a lot of your time and energy and booking the next appointment with the doctor becomes less painstaking. If you’re seeking personalized care, consider visiting Craft Concierge.

Creating a Direct Line Between the Healthcare Providers and the Patients

Direct Primary Care enables you to get a better experience by creating a direct link between you and your healthcare provider. You no longer have to depend on third parties to make you linked to your doctor. You can directly get in contact with your doctor via email, text messages, or audio calls. If you feel like you do not want to go to the DPC clinic itself for the appointment, you can ask for an online session with your doctor over a video call. It makes it extremely convenient for you to access quality healthcare.

A lot of Free Services Provided In Your DPC Membership

DPC is very customer-friendly as it includes several free services in its subscription program. These services can include wellness exams, regular checkups, family planning, pregnancy tests, management of weight, help with weight loss, management of thyroid, Hormones, Lipid hypertension, etc. 

These tests may cost you a lot of money otherwise but direct primary care clinics make sure to make the membership as convenient and cost effective for you as possible.

All Costs and Charges are Transparent in Direct Primary Care

When you go the traditional way to obtain healthcare, you have to get healthcare insurance as often the hospital bill can be so huge they can give you a mini heart attack. In direct primary care, you have to pay a monthly fee which is both affordable and predictable. It makes the costs of your healthcare transparent and easier for you to manage. You can also enjoy family subscription plans that are provided by DPC clinics.

Arranging Multiple Appointments with Your Doctor

In direct primary care, you are not just bound to only one appointment with your doctor. DPC healthcare providers understand that having quality time for sessions with doctors is crucial in healthcare. It enables you to explain your health issues effectively. Not only this, but you can also request for same-day appointments. This facility is not provided by the other mainstream healthcare systems.

Another feature of DPC is that it gives you the option to choose from the list of available healthcare providers for your checkup,

Final Thoughts

In the mainstream healthcare systems, a better user experience is not cared for a lot. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy to get access to healthcare only to get a terrible experience. However, Direct Primary Care is not like this. A better customer experience is one of the main objectives of this new healthcare model.

It provides a better and much more pleasant user experience by providing a transparent and cost-effective charging system, hassle-free appointments with the doctor, same-day and multiple assessment facilities, and several free services like overall checkups, assisting with family planning, effectively managing weight, reducing weight, managing certain health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hormones, thyroid, etc. Due to all these reasons, we can say that DPC is the key to a better and more pleasant customer experience.

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