6 Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

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How to Boost Testosterone Naturally to Make an Impact on Your Training 

Low testosterone manWe hear about it all the time in commercials for “Low-T”. We certainly have read about it many times in the context of fitness articles, considering we are always reading fitness articles. I am talking about Testosterone. Something that affects each of us deep to our core, forms the foundation of our health and makes us…. well, Men!

Recently I’ve noticed TV commercials dealing with class action suits against medical testosterone replacement therapy products. So steroids are illegal and unsafe, and testosterone replacement products may or may not be dangerous, so what recourse do we have to boost our T? At least you should learn the most effective strategy to boost your Testosterone levels naturally through food, exercise, and intelligent supplementation.

What’s The Deal With Testosterone?

Testosterone, what is it? I mean, we know what it is, but… what, IS it? Let’s get scientific here for a moment. Testosterone is a steroid hormone. Hold on, before we go on… The term steroid here is referring to natural hormones produced in the body. These are the things that help control metabolism, inflammation, immune system, and sexual characteristics. Ok, now back to where we left off.

So testosterone is a steroid hormone that is of the androgen group. These hormones help maintain and stimulate the development of male characteristics. In human men testosterone it is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid…..again, naturally created in the body. Testosterone is essential to not just the development of reproductive issue like; the testicles and prostate. It is also extremely important in promoting increased muscle, bone mass, and body hair. In general, it is necessary for basic health and wellness. It is produced by both men, and to a lesser degree by women, yet is still important to both.  

Why Boost T Levels? Why Is It Essential For Building Muscle?

Ok, so you understand now what role Testosterone plays in one’s physical development and overall well-being. Setting aside sex for the moment; let’s start to dive deeper into how Testosterone plays a role in our workouts and our training.  Check these symptoms of low T on WebMD to help you decide if you should be concerned.

The normal physiological range for testosterone levels 300-1,000ng/di, anything within this range has been shown to not have a huge impact on muscle growth, sad but true….. Now hold on, let me continue. When levels surpass the normal range by 20-30% then we will see a significant impact on muscle growth.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

So what does this tell us about testosterone in terms of supplementation?  It shows that what you take, and in what dosages will be the determining factor.  

We essentially have two ways to naturally boost testosterone levels:

  1. Supplements that free up existing testosterone, and
  2. Supplements that increase the body’s production of it.

Assuming you are a healthy male, you have loads of testosterone flowing in your system already. However, most of it is bound up by the sex hormone-binding globulin and therefore isn’t available for muscle building. What isn’t bound up is called “free testosterone” and if you can free more of it from the globulin then you are in business to grow. The other approach would be to maintain a diet and supplementation that will stimulate the production of more testosterone and therefore lead to more muscle building.

How Can You Naturally Build More Testosterone?

There are more ways to get more testosterone into your system than you might think. Better yet, it can be achieved naturally through proper diet and supplementation. Lots of ingredients on the market make claims at increasing testosterone levels, but let’s take a closer look at the ones that are proven and effective and beyond the hype of a good marketing campaign.  

  • D-Aspartic Acid

    An amino acid that directly promotes testosterone production. However, it is a temporary booster. The increase in levels will only last about 2 weeks and return to normal after. Overall it is a very effective testosterone booster.

  • Zinc

    Is an extremely important ingredient to successful muscle growth and overall health. It will promote dopamine production, which is vital during high-stress levels like working out. It has also been shown to be useful for prostate health. Zinc also helps keep your brain sharp and focused. It is certainly a must-have when it comes to testosterone boosting supplements.

  • Vitamin D

    Is without a doubt, one of the most important vitamins that people do not get in their current foods. In fact, the majority of our daily intake of it comes from being in the sunshine, so if you work in an office all day, and go to a gym then home, chances are you don’t play in the sun too often. Studies have shown that when Vitamin D is abundant in the system it will signal genes to increase muscle strength and growth. Vitamin D is paramount supplement towards helping the body produce certain hormones, such as testosterone.

  • Fenugreek

    This is truly an essential testosterone booster. It will allow your body to balance and regulate the hormone. Its ability to do this is because of first acting on the liver, getting it on board, before it works on anything else. Fenugreek helps to increase the body’s free testosterone, which is then translated into supporting muscle building.

  • Magnesium

    By helping to relax the muscles, the muscles will become well toned in addition to building size and strength. Magnesium, along with calcium, can help prevent or reduce the effects of soreness, cramps, tension, and muscle fatigue. 

  • Vitamin B6

    This nutrient is one of the most important in the body for producing testosterone. It does this by helping to suppress the production of estrogen and thereby increases the production of testosterone. Vitamin B6 is essential to have as part of your supplement stack.

Why Are The Above Considered the Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients?

As far as taking supplements for testosterone boosting, these are the most tried and true out there. There are other products that promise similar effects or more, but they have either not been confirmed by science or are just plain speculation. Deer antler velvet, for example, comes from ancient Chinese medicine, and while I would normally support eastern medicine, the fact remains the same; the velvet is useless for boosting testosterone.

In addition to supplementation, remember that working out itself has been shown to dramatically increase testosterone levels, as well as playing a competitive sport, and yes, of course, bedroom sports too!

Ultimately, testosterone is important on so many scales. It is a no-brainer that boosting levels of testosterone is certainly important to the whole body, especially muscle development, strength, and overall health. In fact, a study has shown that the higher the testosterone levels in some it will produce a leaner physique. Quite the opposite, the same study said the lower the testosterone the heavier you will become.

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