How to Maintain Your Motivation for Workouts

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People decide to hit the gym for various reasons. The majority do it to keep fit and healthy, others try to lose weight, and others for personal reasons which include health reasons. After you set your goals, such as aiming to shed a specific number of pounds of weight or achieving certain levels of body strength, you may feel highly motivated, but the motivation may be short-lived. To achieve your goals, you must be consistent doing workouts and check your diet. 


Getting yourself to the gym or your working-out place is the most difficult part of exercising. So, what is the secret to get yourself motivated to go for the workout?

The following are some steps to keep your motivation alive:

Understand the relationship between your habits and mindset

The habit circle is made up of the cue (signal) or reminder, followed by a set procedure of doing things, or routine, and a reward for achieving the goal. All of your habits commence with a reminder for you to perform some action. Then, you will follow a set pattern or a routine to get your reward. Getting a grasp of each component of this habit loop (the signal, the pattern and the reward) and coming up with relevant strategies relating to each can enable you to keep on course with your goal, and thus keep motivated.

For your workouts, you could set your alarm at a given time (reminder) and follow a certain routine – dress up and go to workout area, while keeping in mind the reward you look forward to achieving, for example, a certain weight.

Identify the things you may need to change

You should check if there are some things you need to amend in relation to any or all of the three components of the habit loop. From your analysis, you can tell what, why and when you are getting off the track to your goal, and take any necessary measures.

Allocate attention to a few things

Sometimes you could be getting overwhelmed by work, family demands, and other social relations. The best thing would be to choose which of the things demanding your attention you will give more concentration. Furthermore, learn proper time management skills to make the most of the time that you have.

Align your training with your goal

Whatever your goal is – sustaining a healthy and fit body or losing weight, train accordingly to achieve those goals. The realization that you are getting close to hitting your target will keep you motivated. Certain supplements can also boost your energy and motivation. In addition to exercises and diet, some folks resort to taking some well-researched steroids like danabol to help them succeed. For those who choose this path, be sure to research the supplements fully and arrange for proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) to ensure you don’t squander your gains. 

Have enough rest and time for recovery

You could be overtraining possibly due to the pressure to achieve your goal faster, and denying your body the time to recover and have some rest. You should see if you will have to reduce the volume, or the intensity of training, or both.

Do not over-expect from yourself

Do not be too hard on yourself, feeling like you are a failure or not good enough. You may have been too ambitious and set unrealistic goals based on your current ability level, time availability, and other prevailing conditions. You should re-evaluate your goals and set some realistic and achievable ones, which will keep you motivated and work towards them.

Establish your “why” for attaining the goal

You should ask yourself and answer sincerely why you need to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Finding out why you pursue a certain course, what results you want to get, and what hinders you from attaining the results, can really help you prioritize the goal.

Avoid negative self-talk

The results that you are able to achieve, as you work out, depends to a great extent on the kind of thoughts you have about yourself, the way you talk to yourself, and the way you see yourself. The best thing is to create a positive mindset and avoid dwelling on the negative. You will go a long way being appreciative of your small achievements and lauding yourself for the things you do well. Allow yourself some room for imperfections.

Keep taking stock of your life

There is need to keep examining your life, assess specific actions or behavior towards achieving your goals, and ask yourself some tough questions. This can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and help you remain motivated in the long run.


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