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5 Ways for Swimmers to Build Upper Body Strength

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Swimming and Strength

Female Swimmers
If you want long, lean muscles, swimming is one activity that is almost certain to deliver, especially if you like doing laps rather than, say, water aerobics. But you’re going to have a much harder time bulking and building upper body strength beyond a certain point if you rely solely on aquatic sports for your physical fitness.

If you’re into competitive swimming (like triathlons or swimming the English Channel) or you simply want to improve your performance for your own benefit, building upper body strength is a good way to accomplish your goals.

A regimen that includes a variety of cross-training options is likely to provide the best solution.

Here are just a few extra exercises that are sure to deliver the upper body strength you need to take your water-based fitness to the next level.


How to Swim Faster

Friday, February 26th, 2010
Swole Fitness Tips

So you want to be a dolphin. Or perhaps you want to be a competitive swimmer. Or maybe you just want to swim faster.

Unless you are really lucky (or would that be unlucky?) you probably weren’t born with webbed feet or toes, so you will have to look at other ways to increase your speed in the water.

The best way to increase your swimming speed, is to increase the flexibility of your ankles. Flexible ankles act like flippers, which will help to propel you through the water faster.