How to Swim Faster

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So you want to be a dolphin. Or perhaps you want to be a competitive swimmer. Or maybe you just want to swim faster.

Unless you are really lucky (or would that be unlucky?) you probably weren’t born with webbed feet or toes, so you will have to look at other ways to increase your speed in the water.

The best way to increase your swimming speed, is to increase the flexibility of your ankles. Flexible ankles act like flippers, which will help to propel you through the water faster.

How to Increase Ankle Flexibility

A basic exercise you can do to increase ankle flexibility is as follows:

Swim Faster
  • take your shoes off
  • sit on the floor or on a mat
  • extend your legs out in front of you at full length
  • keep your heels on the floor
  • point your toes out straight as far as possible
  • hold for 5 seconds
  • now flex your ankles and point your toes back towards your face as far as possible
  • hold for 5 seconds
  • repeat for 2 minutes

Another exercise you can do, is the calf raise:

  • can be done standing or sitting, standing is best for ankle flexion
  • can be done weighted or with bodyweight, adding weight will help you get a deeper stretch
  • at the top position you want to be as high on your toes as possible
  • at the bottom position you want your calf to be completely stretched
  • hold both positions for 5 seconds
  • repeat for the required number of reps (whatever your current training program dictates)

Try to warm up your ankles and calves before a swim by using the first exercise.

Now go race some seals, but don’t get bit!

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