How to Transform Your Body After Age 50

Exercise is Recommended at Any Age

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For some reason, people seem to harbor the misconception that turning fifty means you’re old. In truth, it wasn’t really so long ago that the average life expectancy was about fifty-five, but thanks to modern medicine and advancing technology, many people now live to be far older than that. A growing awareness about the role diet and exercise play in human longevity hasn’t hurt, either.

What’s truly astonishing is how many people still believe that there is ever a time in life when it’s too late to start paying attention to your relative state of health and making changes that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

While you might not be surprised to see those in the 50+ category changing their diets to lower blood pressure or cholesterol, it’s likely that you’ll register wonder that your contemporaries are starting a workout routine.

The honest truth is that exercise at any age has the power to transform you if you go about it in the proper way. So here are a few tips to help you get the physique you seek, even if you’re starting to get letters from AARP.

Never Too Old

Low Impact Exercise is a Good Starting Point

If you think your best bet is to take daily walks or join a synchronized swimming class, well, you might not be wrong. A long hiatus from physical exertion may have left you with certain weaknesses, and if you want to avoid accident and injury it’s not a bad idea to start slow. But don’t think that you have to limit yourself to activities performed in rest homes.

You might consider Yoga for Men or perhaps the slightly more intense P90X.

But Don’t Dismiss Intense Resistance Training Completely

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If you feel like you can do more and you want to, don’t hesitate to join a fitness class that interests you or take up a new sport. A personal trainer can be a great help here, providing you with instruction that allows you to tackle both cardio and weights, in addition to pushing you to your limits (while operating within safe parameters for your level of fitness and ability).

An easy routine to start with, is the generic full body workout routine, as long as you are ready to try all the standard compound lifts. If not, check with your local personal trainer about proper substitutions for the exercises that you just can’t do.

Make A Plan Today

Transforming your body starts with making a decision and then forming a plan, just as transforming the world may start by joining an organization like Greenpeace or the World Transformation Movement. When you choose to make a change you give yourself the power to follow through.

Perhaps you’d like to lose some weight, gain some muscle, hike Mount Everest, or wear a bikini after 50. Believe it or not, you can reach your fitness goals and attain the body you want, even now.

It will take a lot of work, and in most cases you can’t expect to look like a 20-year-old. But with some expert help on your side and a lot of hard work on your part, your goal to transform your body through exercise is not a pipe dream – you just have to take the steps to make it a reality.

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