The 5 Easiest Ways You Can Burn More Fat Starting Now

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How to Burn Fat Quickly and Efficiently

Burning fat can be tough, there’s so many things you have to keep track of if you want to do it effectively. There’s calories to count, workouts to perform and even macronutrients to balance.

But there are ways to make things easier. Simple additions you can incorporate into your lifestyle to start seeing faster results.

Burn fat faster< Here at Project Swole we show you the simplest ways to burn fat faster by following these simple methods. If you’re struggling to lose those stubborn extra pounds, this is the article you need to read:

1. Drinking Green Tea

When cutting fat, people think a lot more about what they eat, rather than what they drink – and that’s a big problem. Sodas, beer, and even fruit tea can contain huge amounts of calories, and can easily go against all that hard word you’ve been putting into your diet.

So what’s the solution? Green Tea.  One of the better beverages for fat loss, Green tea is full of antioxidants, contains next to no calories, and it accelerates fat loss.

This all comes down to the herb’s catechins. These are a type of antioxidant that, when absorbed, promote your body’s ability to produce norepinephrine – the fat burning hormone. This will increase the overall fat you burn throughout the day.

Studies have shown, on average, that a cup of green tea can burn up to 5.7g at a time.

It’s definitely something you’ll want to be drinking more often. Just be sure to avoid green tea beverages with 20+ grams of added sugar.  Don’t be tricked into thinking those products should ever be consumed.

2. Try Eating Chili

Hot chili peppers add spice to a meal, bring color to a dish, and can even promote fat loss!

It’s true. The heat in chili pepper is down to a compound called capsicum – and it’s incredible for burning away the pounds.

By raising your body’s core temperature, the chili encourages your body to start a cool down process to regulate itself. In doing so, your body has to call on more on more energy than it would do usually – this in turn burns extra calories, in a process known as thermogenesis.

This is a really simply thing that you can start adding into your diet. Simply sprinkle on some form of chili powder (we recommend cayenne) onto a savory dish and start making your diet work harder for you.

3. High Intensity Training

Do you hate cardio? Don’t worry, we all do. That said, if you want to lose fat, it’s something you may have to do. But did you know, you can make it a lot less painless (and a lot more beneficial for fat loss) by doing High Intensity Interval Training?

This is a form of cardio that only takes 10 – 15 minutes to perform. It’s great.

The idea is simple: 30 seconds of low intensity cardio, followed by 30 seconds of high intensity cardio. The best way to do this is on a bike machine, select the lowest setting, and then jack it up as high as you can handle after 30 seconds.

The sheer amount of stress increases your metabolic rest rate for up to an entire day. This means you’ll be burning fat long after your session and be well on your way to entering that perfect level of lean.

4. Cut Down on Sugar

Sugar is one of the worst things you can have in your diet when you’re trying to lose fat. Mainly because it’s in pretty much everything.

There are so many things bad about this food source – with the first issue being the sheer amount of calories in it. Sugar is one of the only food sources that is stuffed full of calories – yet has no real nutritional value.

Not only that it’ll send your insulin levels through the roof, which will maximize your fat gaining potential – which is the opposite of what you want.

I know, I know, this all sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, did you know you’ll find heaps of sugar in most ‘low fat’ options? As sugar technically isn’t a fat, many companies pump their low fat options full of sugar to make up the difference in flavor.

This dirty trick is one of the reasons people who try to actively eat healthy fall so short of the mark when it comes to stubborn fat.

5. Lift Weights

Contrary to what you might think, pumping iron isn’t just good for building muscle – it’s great for burning fat too.

One of the main things lifting weights do is put pressure on your body, and guess what? It burns a hell of a lot of calories.

Deadlifts, squats and bench press are the staple-holds when it comes to lifting, and for good reason – they work the biggest muscles in your body. By working your larger muscles, you’ll increase your body’s overall metabolic rate and burn more fat and calories.

And unlike cardio, it won’t completely wear you out.

Of course it also goes without saying that lifting weight will also do wonders for your physique and even help to boost testosterone levels – which also helps promote fat loss.

Easy Fat Burning Conclusion


As you can see, there are plenty of methods you can start incorporating into your lifestyle and training now, to start seeing results later.

Out of all of these points, the one we believe carries the most weight has got to be cutting down on sugar. It’s by far one of the biggest disruptions you can have to your fat loss goals – and in some cases you wouldn’t even know about it.

In the end it all comes down to consistency, get everything right – but have balance. If you want to have good results, and maintain them, you need to find a diet and exercise program that’s comfortable for your to stick to long term.

If you want to learn more about fat loss, we’ve put together a 7 day full body routine to really help you shred down. Read our full fat loss plan for men here.


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