How to Lose Weight Without Losing Essential Nutrients

Lose Fat, Stay HealthyIn today‚Äôs society, many people put premium on being thin. Many factors, especially the media, contribute to the notion that what is beautiful is a well-sculpted body that doesn’t show the slightest hint of fat. This has led many people to interpret fitness as looking like those sexy models as an epitome of ideal body. Some has been into different weight loss plans, such as the Medifast, and other crash dieting just to get rid of their extra pounds.

The results of crash diets are dire. Those people trying to lose weight by sacrificing their nutrition are actually punishing themselves. They are constantly living in a condition of hunger which eventually leads them to feel exhausted all the time. Worse, it can lead to collapse and many other health risks. Crash dieting can literally make someone crash.

Those who intend to shed those extra fats in their body must realize that there are weight loss plans which do not lose the essential nutrients of the body. Healthy choices in food and proper exercises are the major keys in losing weight the healthy way.

For beginners, it must be understood that a variety in the foods a person eat is actually essential. One should not be easily taken by the low carb/high protein diet mindset which some fitness people propagate. Maximizing protein intake, in and of itself, is not a balanced diet. Sure low carbs and high protein can help retain and build muscle while simultaneously losing fat, but a diet consisting of, for example, 5 meals of chicken and broccoli each day, is not a healthy diet and can actually make you sick.

A good weight loss plan that will not sacrifice vital nutrients is any plan which includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy. To keep calories low when choosing dairy, go for low fat or fat free variety. The eating plan must also include fish, lean meat, eggs, chicken without the skin, and nuts. Nuts, which are seen as evil by some, actually contain dietary fiber, protein and magnesium which are all important in losing weight. These foods contain all the essential nutrients which are important for the overall functioning of the body.

Don’t Skip Meals

Some people adhere to the notion that losing weight means skipping meals. They will usually skip breakfast or dinner and eat their lunch only which means that the essential nutrients intake will be significantly less. The problem with this is the fact that it can lead to unbearable hunger pangs. This results in the consumption of more calories than what is required so that the skipped meal is compensated.

Ideally, one must take three meals in a day, but with proper food and in moderation. This will ensure that the body will have the necessary nutrients to get t you through the day. When proper foods are taken in moderation, you are also assured that you will not be gaining those extra pounds as you will not resort to overeating.

Try Intermittent Fasting

One strategy that many dieters prefer, is that of Intermittent Fasting (IF). In IF the dieter does not eat for 16-18 hours during the day. Instead, he eats only during a 6-8 hour feeding window, usually spanning from lunch to dinner time. For example, the IFer will only eat from 12 noon to 6 or 7pm at night, fitting all 3 or 4 of his meals into the feeding window.

When following an Intermittent Fasting diet plan, it may seem to others that meals are being skipped. However, this is not the case. All meals are actually still consumed, but within a shorter time frame during the day. This allows the dieter to benefit from the fat-burning effects of fasting for 66% of the day, but he is still able to get all those essential nutrients that he needs to proper health.

Try a Standard Low Calorie, Low Carb Diet

For those whom IF does not work, either physiologically or by preference, a moderate diet plan can be used throughout the day by consuming 3-5 small meals or snacks, each containing a variety of nutrients and a roughly equal calorie count. Protein should be kept relatively high, healthy fats should be consumed, and high sugar carbs should be kept at a minimum, in fact overall carb intake should be kept low. Some say no more than 100-120 grams each day.

Losing weight does not mean not-eating and losing all the essential nutrients in the body. Losing weight does not mean harming your body. To lose weight fast we must be making healthy food choices and consuming our calories in moderate amounts.

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