Body Fat – How to “FairBurn” it Off and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you want to lose weight, become more fit, feel better, or even add on some weight and muscle, nutrition is key!

Exercise is important and should not be forgotten, but in order to lose and maintain your weight, up to 75% of that will come from proper nutrition, while the other 25% will come from exercise. This is frustrating, confusing, and sometimes infuriating to many because nutrition is a discipline filled with complicated and conflicting information.

Dave and Elyse Fairburn Fortunately, nutrition and your “diet”, over time can become an easy and natural way of living, which is why a couple of my friends created the Fairburn it Off Nutrition & Fitness Plan. When you have a goal, a plan, and some motivation, progress falls right into place.

What is Fairburn it Off?

The Fairburn it Off Nutrition & Fitness Plan was created by husband and wife team David and Elyse Fairburn. Despite David being a certified nutritionist and Elyse being an instructor in the fitness world, they initially struggled themselves with trying to calculate the perfect amounts of food and succumbing to strict diets and several supplements. After finally taking a step back and using what they know and have experienced, they created a sustainable lifestyle nutrition plan to help people lose weight, maintain that weight loss, and not fall prey to some of the very pitfalls that the Fairburns experienced themselves.

The key to the plan is sustainability – the belief that when you simplify healthy living by making your lifestyle healthier and easier to maintain, that you will experience consistent and positive results.  To accomplish this, the Fairburns plans were designed to help you better understand proper nutrition through eating clean, nutrient-packed, whole foods, while still maintaining fitness through both cardio and resistance training. Through sustainability and this balance between nutrition and fitness, you can see positive progress and build new and healthy habits.

How to Program a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

To build this healthy lifestyle, The Fairburn it Off Nutrition and Fitness Plan removes frustration and confusion by:

  1. Planning out 10 weeks (and counting!) of meals and workouts, including grocery lists and meal prep guides to take out the guesswork.
  2. Over 375 recipes to choose from to keep things fresh.  This even includes healthy donuts, pastas, and desserts so you do not experience burn out.
  3. Comprehensive break-down of nutrition, including the truth behind carbs, proteins, and your metabolism for those nerds (like us) who love the details!
  4. Food substitutions and swaps to help with allergies and food tastes.
  5. Workouts you can do from home with step-by-step guides.
  6. Newsletter with updates, plan member FAQs and tips on the latest in nutrition and fitness.
  7. All future plan updates for free (no monthly or yearly fees)!

Once you purchase the Fairburn it Off Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan, you will continue to receive new workouts, new recipes, new planned weeks, grocery lists, and more! There are no monthly or yearly fees, because the goal is to truly help you live a healthy lifestyle without unnecessary worry or stress.

To get started with the plan, you can subscribe to the free newsletter here. Then continue to check out all of the details and get your nutrition plan here. In the meantime check out the Fairburn it Off recipes page so you can begin to make small nutrition changes today!

Remember, no matter where you are starting from, you can do this, and proper nutrition will help you to not only achieve your fitness and health goals, but it will also help you to live the full, healthy, lifestyle that you deserve.

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