Werewolf Training: A Weightlifting Routine to Gain Muscle

Werewolf Training
Werewolf Training

Gain Muscle with Werewolf Training

This training routine is designed for you to gain muscle. That’s it.

If you’ve come here to lose fat, you are better off using the Full Body Fat Loss Routine for Men or the Full Body Fat Loss Routine for Women. This routine definitely has nothing to do with fat loss.

If you came to learn how to bench 700 lbs, you are better off reading Werewolf Training for Strength Gains. Although, truth to tell, you will get significantly stronger following this program.

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Werewolf training is not designed to get you ripped or “toned” (::barfs::), or even super strong, but you will get stronger anyway. This is much more of a bodybuilding routine than anything else, but with great strength benefits.

This is not for powerlifting or strongman training, but some level of strength will definitely be gained with Werewolf Training. Everyone using this routine has added weight to all their major lifts.

If you are a skinny guy and want to gain mass, this is for you. If you are ripped up and shredded but want to have more size, this is for you. If you just want to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to your body for whatever reason, this is for you.

I based this training routine off of 15 years of experience with training and nutrition including my recent evolution into HIIT and HIRT training for fat loss. Periodization and muscle confusion are the two main principles used in this routine, and they will suit you well.

My recent research on Taylor Lautner and how he trained to gain 30 pounds for his role as the werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga: New Moon is what actually prompted me to write up this routine.

Without further ado, let’s get into the principles of Werewolf Training.

Werewolf Training Principles

Progress Factor #1 – Training

Weight selection:

When you see set protocols that look like 3 x 5, the goal is to use one weight for every work set. In this example you would use the same weight for 3 sets of 5 reps. If you can get the required number of reps for all sets, you should go heavier next time.

Choose a weight to start each exercise. If you think you can add weight and still complete the number of prescribed reps for the number of prescribed sets for that exercise, you may increase the weight between sets. HOWEVER – you should not have to decrease the weight at any time during the exercise.

Example: When doing the bench press, 4 sets of 5 reps, you start with 185 and get 5 reps easy. If you choose to go up to 200, you should use 200 for the rest of the exercise.

When you see set protocols that look like 5 x 5, 2, 1, 1, 1 or 3 x 12, 8, 5; the goal is to increase the weight for every work set. For each set, if you can get the required number of reps you should go heavier for that rep range next time.

Even when you see 1, 1, 1 you should increase the weight by at least 5 pounds before starting the next set.

Negative rep overloading:

Jordan Yuam, Taylor’s personal trainer, had Taylor testing his limits by using 40% more weight than Taylor typically used for a 10 rep set. Overloading was used for 2-3 sets of 5 reps every other week. This type of training requires a strong, experienced spotter. Don’t try it without one.

Varying weights and reps:

Taylor didn’t stick to a 3×5 or 5×5 or 3×10 type of routine. He worked all of his muscle fibers equally by varying the volume from week to week. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that strength can be increased by 28-43 percent just by varying rep counts and training different muscle groups.

It is still good to stick to a certain rep range based on your goals, but it is even better to occasionally change it up to force your body to adapt to new stimulus.

Number of sets:

When doing higher reps with lighter weight, you typically need fewer sets. Two sets of 10-12 reps is not uncommon.

When doing lower reps with heavier weight, you often need more sets. If is good practice to use four to five sets when training in the 1 to 5 rep range.

Bands, Chains, and Tension training:

Free weights are best, but Taylor also used added tension with bands. The added tension increases the difficulty of the easiest portion of each lift, which is usually at the top, by accelerating resistance at the end of each rep. Recruiting additional muscle fibers using this method definitely adds to the growth potential of each and every set.

Incidentally, bands are used in elite powerlifting circles like Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell.

Belts, straps, and gloves:

Typically we don’t like to use weight belts, wrist straps, or lifting gloves during our workouts, but there is a time and a place for some training assistance equipment. Weight belts can certainly be used for max effort attempts during exercises like deadlifts; they can help add stability and confidence to the lift for those with a weaker core, but during sub-maximal effort lifts they should be avoided in order to help build the strength in the weaker core. Similarly with wrist straps they can be used in max effort lifts where the grip is required such as deadlifts and barbell shrugs; they can help enhance a deficit in grip strength, but again during sub-maximal lifts they should be avoided in order to build grip strength. Gloves? Well there’s really no place for gloves in Beast Mode.

Reduce cardio to maximize muscle gains:

Taylor’s main goal was to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass. His metabolism was going to keep him ripped no matter what, so in order to gain muscle he had to cut back on cardio. If your only goal is to get ripped, HIIT cardio and HIRT are great schemes, but skinny hardgainers should minimize endurance training during a bulking phase. 20 minutes is the limit.

Note: For those who wish to add cardio, there is one HIRT session scheduled after every upper body workout. Using the HIRT session might decrease your overall muscle gain, but it will also minimize your overall fat gain and keep you in better cardiovascular health. Remember, the HIRT session is OPTIONAL.

Sensible abdominal training:

The rules of weight training apply to the abdominals. It doesn’t make any sense to train your abs every day. Taylor Lautner only trains his abs 3 days a week. We pick a set of exercises that works the whole core and limit ab training to thrice a week. Every lower body day ends with a 3 exercise abdominal circuit, which is NOT OPTIONAL.

Varying planes of movement:

Most people train up and down, front to back. Yuam knows that side-to-side training is important too. Diagonal and sideways movements are vital for a versatile training plan.

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Progress Factor #2 – Recovery

Recovery is so important to growth. Without recovery, you just can’t grow.

You will have the option of taking an extra day off after every 4 workouts. This off day in included in the program, both on the webpage and on the spreadsheet, but remember the extra rest day is OPTIONAL.

Follow these recovery tips to ensure proper muscular adaptation:

  • Lautner takes every third day off.
  • Limit training to 5 days a week.
  • Weight training sessions should be kept under 60 minutes.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours each and every night.

Recovery is important within a workout as well. We want each set to receive maximal intensity and muscular facilitation so we want to make sure your muscles are fresh for each set.

For regular weight training, follow these rest protocols:

  • Supersets will still require no rest between sets. They will be denoted by a, b, and c.
  • 90 seconds rest between sets.
  • 2-4 minutes rest between exercises, as necessary.

Always end your workout with a 10 minute stretching session. Post-workout stretching increases both recovery and flexibility. This is a good thing.

Use these stretching principles:

  • Read about Flexibility Training.
  • Stretch every muscle group for at least one minute.
  • Hold each static stretch for 20 seconds and repeat at least twice.
  • Never use static stretching before you train.
  • If you must stretch before you train, use only dynamic stretching.
  • Think of your stretching session as a cool-down.
  • Stretching does not count towards your 45-60 minute workout limit.

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Progress Factor #3 – Nutrition

You gotta feed the machine or it won’t grow. Here’s how.

Choose your goal weight.

For example, lets start with a 160 pound man who wants to weigh 180 pounds.

Calculate your metabolic co-efficient (M) based on your body type and past history of gaining muscle and losing fat. If you need help determining your body type, read A Body Type Analysis

  • Endomorph (hard to lose fat, easy to gain muscle) – M = 8.5
  • Mesomorph (moderately easy to gain muscle or lose fat) – M = 9.5
  • Ectomorph (easy to lose fat, hard to gain muscle) – M = 10.5

Let’s consider that our 160 lb man is an ectomorph. He has always been thin with little to moderate muscle development, but it is difficult for him to really gain considerable muscle mass without drinking weight gain shakes all day long. His metabolic co-efficient (M) is 11.

Calculate total number of hours of training weekly.

If you are a busy guy you might be limited to three 45 minute sessions plus some warming up and stretching, which will come out to about 3 hours a week. For this example, based on Taylor Lautner’s routine, at 5 days a week and 60 minutes a session, our man will be training 5 hours a week.

Daily Calories

Daily calories = Goal Weight X (the number of hours you workout per week + M)

Example: 180 lbs X (5 hours + 10.5) = 2790 calories per day

Daily Protein

You should get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Example: 180 lbs = 180 g protein per day (180 g protein X 4 calories = 720 protein calories)

The best protein powder you can choose for your Werewolf Training routine, is Optimum Nutrition. They have the highest quality protein for the cheapest prices. Click on this link to get some Optimum Nutrition protein powder now.

Daily Fat

You can estimate about half of your goal weight in healthy fats each day.

Example: 180 lbs = 90 g fat per day (90 g fat X 9 calories = 810 fat calories)

Daily Carbohydrates

The rest of your calories should come from high quality carbohydrate sources such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

Example: 2790 calories – (720 protein calories + 810 fat calories) = 1260 carb calories (1260 carb calories / 4 calories = 315 g carbs per day)

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Progress Factor #4 – Supplements

First let me say that you don’t need any supplements to succeed with Werewolf Training. Just eat a ton of the right foods, and you will grow. That being said, I know many of you will want to make the most of this routine by increasing your body’s capabilities with supplements.

Therefore, I am going to recommend the 4 best supplements for you to use to gain muscle.

  1. Post Workout Nutrition – P90X Results and Recovery Formula

    P90X Post Workout Formula

    Studies repeatedly show that you will recover from an intense workout twice as fast if you use a post-workout drink within 20 minutes of finishing an intense workout. It is a known fact at this point, so if you’re not using a specially formulated post-workout drink in that 20 minute window, then you’re throwing 50% of your gains right out the window.

    This post-workout shake contains four parts carbs to one part protein, which is exactly what you need to ensure speedy muscle recovery after intense workouts. It tastes great, is all-natural, and contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Mix it with water in a shaker bottle right after your workout – quick and easy.

    This specially designed post-workout shake contain a perfect blend of:

    • Dextrose for optimum glycogen replenishment, a necessity after an intense workout.
    • An easily digestible protein blend, providing critical amino acids to immediately restart protein synthesis.
    • Antioxidants and vitamins, which help to reduce soreness and assist in tissue repair and muscle growth.

    Click here to get some P90X Results and Recovery Formula for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

  2. Nitric Oxide (NO) Supplement

    Nitric Oxide

    N.O. supplements are some of the most popular bodybuilding supplements. N.O. will increase your pumps and, more importantly, increase your strength endurance. I find myself getting an extra 2-3 reps on every set when I’m using an N.O. supplement.

    • This N.O. supplement is a Hemodilator, which gives you extra energy by pumping more blood through your body.
    • N.O. supplements give you incredible pumps… you will look and feel stronger than ever.
    • N.O. supplements increase levels of Nitric Oxide in your body, increasing both strength and endurance.
    • By increasing your metabolism, N.O. supplements helps you avoid typical bulking-phase fat gains.

    Click here to get some N.O. for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

  3. Shakeology or Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

    Whey protein supplements can help you get the strong, powerful, lean, healthy body that you dream of. Hard-gainers can make higher carbohydrate protein shakes, while mesomorphs and ectomorphs can opt for the low-carb protein recipes. Click here for a list of more than 100 protein shake recipes.

    First, check out Shakeology – it’s not just your average protein shake. Comes in two great flavors.

    • Whole-food ingredients curbs cravings and burn stored fat
    • Over 20 phytonutrients and antioxidants
    • Reduces risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke
    • Probiotics to assist digestion and nutrient absorption

    Click here to purchase or learn more about Shakeology.

    If you are looking for a pure protein powder, check out Optimum Nutrition. Optimum Nutrition protein powder comes in about 20 different flavors, and is available in 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb containers.

    • Make protein shakes to supplement your daily protein intake.
    • Mix with foods you eat everyday to increase your daily protein intake.
    • The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle tissue.
    • More calories = more muscle!

    Click here to get some Optimum Nutrition whey protein.

  4. Xtend Amino Acid Supplement

    Xtend is a scientific blend of amino acids consisting of the proven 2:1:1 ratio of energy BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine), Glutamine, Citrulline Malate, and Vitamin B6 that will give you the energy you need to maximize your training and enhance recovery.

    The components in Xtend have been scientifically proven to:

    Scivation Xtend
    • help speed recovery
    • enhance ATP production
    • promote cell volume
    • avoid fatigue
    • increase protein synthesis
    • improve immune function
    • improve digestive health
    • elevate growth hormone levels
    • and promote vasodilation, which can lead to better assimilation and absorption of protein

    Remember, Xtend is full of glutamine, which is an important amino acid for energy and muscle recovery. You can take a serving of Xtend before, during, and after any workout, as well as right before bed and first thing in the morning. A steady supply of amino acids can only do a body good. Just don’t drink so much that you make yourself sick of it! Trust me, I’ve been there.

    Click here to get some Scivation Xtend for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

  5. Creatine – Kre-Alkalyn

    The purpose of creatine supplementation, is to build up the creatine levels in your muscles in order to increase strength and long term muscle gains, by more efficiently rebuilding ATP levels during your workouts. If you don’t know, ATP is what muscles use for short intense muscular contractions like weightlifting, sprinting, throwing, and jumping.

    Creatine Kre-Alkalyn

    The good news is that Kre-Alkalyn has a higher absorption so it doesn’t require front loading and reportedly causes less creatine bloating and stomach problems. Kre-Alkalyn offers you a brand of creatine that is 100% stable, will not break down into creatinine, and will absorb efficiently into the bloodstream. Each gram of Kre-Alkalyn is equivalent to 10 grams of creatine powder.

    The theory behind Kre-Alkalyn is: scientists discovered that the higher the pH of your creatine, the slower it is converted to creatinine. Pure Kre-Alkalyn has a pH of 12, the highest pH product on the market. This particular product also claims to use an enhanced delivery system, which gets the product into your blood stream even quicker.

    Click here to get some Kre-Alkalyn for your Werewolf Muscle Training routine!

    Your other options are to get regular old creatine monohydrate or creatine malate, which are both good, but reportedly not as good as Kre-Alkalyn. Just please do not get scammed by liquid creatine or creatine ethyl ester, or any of the other ‘advanced delivery’ creatine scams. That liquid stuff never works.

That’s just about all you need for supplements, although there are many other options available if you have the cash. The number of supplements you use depends highly on your budget and your willingness to drink shakes, juices, and take pills all day.
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The Werewolf Training Workout Routine for Muscle Gains

Werewolf Training
Werewolf Training

Here is a 3 week, 21 day, 18 session workout routine designed to build muscle. It consists of 12 resistance training sessions, 6 neural activation training (NAT) sessions, and 6 ab workouts.

Neural Activation Training (NAT)

Click here to learn more about NAT.

NAT workouts are optional, non-fatiguing, and will not lead to overtraining if used properly. NAT workouts will add to the effectiveness of the routine if you choose to use them.

Abdominal Training

Abdominal workouts are scheduled on NAT days, but instead you can train your abs on any non-consecutive workout day. All NAT and abdominal training options are listed in the routine and on the spreadsheet. Do whatever fits your schedule and recovery ability.

I have tried to limit the exercise selection to equipment that most people can get at a gym, which includes barbells, dumbbells, and a box or bench.

Resistance Bands

Click here to learn more about Resistance Bands.

You can find resistance bands at some gyms, but typically you will have to buy them on your own. Do not buy the resistance bands they sell at WalMart or Target, those are garbage. Go online and find real resistance bands that you can attach to free weight machines.

The bands are best used with the first couple compound exercises of the day such as bench press, deadlift, military press, and squats. They can also be used with many of the other exercises. Your limitations will be set by your own creativity.

The Routine

The latest version of Werewolf Muscle Training is 3.0. It is the most comprehensive Werewolf Muscle Training to date, updated based on personal and reader feedback.

View a printable version of the routine, or download the spreadsheet for Werewolf Muscle Training version 3.0 here: printable workout routines

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Printable Werewolf Training Workout Routines

A printable html document and an Excel spreadsheet is available for Werewolf Training 2.0, 3.0, and each update from this point forward. You can download them all at the link below.

Use these spreadsheets to track your progress. Either keep track of your numbers on the computer, or take the print-outs to the gym with you. A clipboard works great to hold your workout logs if you decide to print them out. I recommend using pen to record your numbers, as pencil fades over time.

Click the link below to print or download the newest updated training logs with updated exercises and rep requirements, added optional cardio sessions, and neural adaptation training integration:

Werewolf Muscle Training

Click the link below to download the spreadsheet for the old Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0, 21 day routine:

21 Day Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0

Click here to download the spreadsheet for the old Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0, 18 day routine:

18 Day Werewolf Muscle Training 1.0

You Can Make it Happen

Consistency is key. You must be consistent and disciplined in your training. Taylor Lautner had a multi-million dollar movie franchise contract on the line. You need to train like your future is on the line too, if you want to make the most of your workouts.

Expected Results

I haven’t tested this program out over a long period of time, so I’m going to need a couple people to try it for at least 3 cycles. That could be as quick as 54 days, or if you take an additional rest day every 7th day (see below), you’d be looking at about 63 days.

I’m guessing a solid 10 pounds of muscle could be gained in less than a half a year using this program, as long as you train at least 4 times a week, use proper recovery, and eat right.

After using this program for 3 cycles, 54 days or 63 days depending on how many rest days you decide to use, you should take one full active recovery (little to no weight training) week. Read more about active recovery here.

Happy gaining!


Apparently a guy named Chris used this routine with a low calorie diet to lose 50 lbs in 6 months and gained some muscle along the way. I’m trying to get him to write about his experience, but not sure if he will. It doesn’t mention Project Swole at all, but here are his results: Chris on Facebook.

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Werewolf Training
Werewolf Training

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1,886 Responses to “Werewolf Training: A Weightlifting Routine to Gain Muscle”

  1. Hey mate, I Need a couple of answers.

    Are you suppose to the heaviest weight you can manage by yourself or with a spotter? Also I’m one of the high metabolism people and been sitting on 159 LBs for years once I put on the required weight I’m after will it eventually decrease overtime or do I need to stick to the same deit? And by putting on the weight will it make me bulky or will it be bigger muscle I have but still be toned as I am now?

    • If you eat a clean diet you should be able to put on lean muscle mass without too much added fat. If you notice you’re starting to add fat, decrease calories. If you aren’t gaining any muscle, increase calories.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I’m 24 years old, 180 pounds, 5’10.5 with 18% body fat. All the trainers at the gym and other sources tell me that I nee 260-300 grams of protein a day to build muscle and lose fat????

    Is this true? You mention I need 1 gram per pound of body weight and that is logical – can you please explain??

    Thank you for your time!

  3. Hello Steve,

    I would like to ask you that If I can start right away from workout 3.0 as I haven’t done 1.0 and 2.0. I am regular fitness guy and has no problems with following training routine 3.0.
    thank you

  4. Hey Steve, i found your routine just recently and i was very intreuged, i noticed that you have made the routine a combination of hypertrophy and strenght gain, i was wondering if the routine will develop both? i was also wondering whether, werewolf muscle training 3.0 would suit me, im 16 years old, 5’7 and weigh 132 pounds, im quite built and i only have 5%, thanks to my high motabolism but i also find mass gain hard, whats your oppinion? Thanks

    • This would be a great routine for you. Be sure to follow the nutritional guidelines if you really want to gain weight. You will gain both strength and mass on this routine, unless you don’t eat enough, in which case you’ll only gain strength.

      • Ok cool, once i finish the routine 3 times and take the recovery week off, if i were to repeat the routine again 3 times would i continue to gain mass? also the super sets, what are the advantages of them and what will, they do?

        the rountine is great, im already seeing improvements in my lifts and its my first week.

        • Yes, you would continue to gain mass if you tool a recovery week and then used this routine again. Supersets allow you to perform more exercises in the same amount of time. Using antagonistic muscle groups in the superset can also help you to recover quicker and fully stimulate your nervous system for the next set.

  5. Hi steve,
    This may be a stupid question and im just missing something but it sounds like we are supposed to repeat this workout 3 times as in 3 cycles, with a weeks break in between, and then move onto the wereworf muscle workout? Is that correct?
    By the way i started the 3.0 workout yesterday, and it was killer, probably one of the best workouts ive had! thanks!

    • Do the workout 3 times without any breaks in between unless you feel overtrained, for a total of 9 weeks. Then take an active recovery week. Then do something else or repeat the 3 cycles again.

  6. Hey steve, im was just wondering one of the thing taylor looks so buff is cuz of his shoulders and traps ect, and working the 3.0 workout i dont see much of shoulder workout can you explain how he got his shoulder so big and round?? thanks

  7. Hi Steve,
    I love the look of this program ive been looking for something like this for ages thanks heaps for sharing! Just wondering, will this program help with definition as well as weight gain? or will i have to do more for that? Thanks heaps!

    • Your diet will determine whether you gain muscle or lose fat. This routine can really be used for both. However I do have a full body fat loss routine on this site as well. People seem to like that one too.

  8. Hey man, i am about to finish the muscle traing workout for the third time. so I am gonna take a small break. would it be fine to switch over to strength training workout for about a monthe and then come backt to my same muscle gain/traing workout, thanks man.

  9. hey steve, im 14 and looking to get big for hockey. im 5’4 and was just wondering if this workout would maybe stunt my growth? it looks like a killer workout routine but i want to be safe! thanks!

  10. I just got a new tat on my 4arm and can not do any upper body due to damaging the tat and sorness. I need to take a few days from this routine. Should I just do the lower body days and light for upper body. It usually takes close to 2 weeks for a tat to heal.

  11. hey steve,

    first of all thanks for the great work.

    I have a question regarding the NATs on day 3.
    how does the 6×3 work? i do 3 plyo pushups, rest and do the next set?

  12. Hey Steve, This about the second or third time I’ve written about the Werewolf Program. I have been on and off with it but I am going to be giving it my all now. I had severe abdominal pains last week that sent me to the emergency room. Fortunately the only thing that really seems to be out of sorts is the lower abs. I had hernias when I was a kid and we moved a lot. Now they suggested Under Armour or the like and I just got a pair delivered. Oh, the pains of aging and not really keeping myself in the best shape, I have no excuses! So, here we go again. I do feel this is a good program for older men and bodybuilders. How do I keep you informed of my progress, this way or another? With the additional exercises after the main program of the day, I may have to modify but those I can do I will do. Waiting on your reply, no need to hurry. My son is taking a bodybuilding class at his Jr. college and he’s a bit sore. He does have a set up at his apartment but like loads of others, it’s become a storage rack rather than put to it’s original intended use. Go Mavs!!!

  13. Hey Steve,

    I have just broke up from college, so have three months now to concentrate on training. I am just wondering how you feel about additions to the routine. For example I have removed shoulder workouts completely from the upper body day and instead have added two shoulder workouts to the lower body days. In place of the shoulder workouts on upper day, I have now added an additional tricep and forearm exercise. Whats your opinions on this, im in pretty good condition already as I fight mma but I am not going to train in it for three months now as I just want to gain some mass.

      • Just finished my first cycle of 18 days Steve on my tweaked version of the werewolf badboy and I have managed to gain 6.5 pounds roughly. My diet was ridiculously strict though eating 4000 calories a day and I used lots of supplements like maximuscle progain, cyclone and flapjacks. So yeah I feel its worked pretty well for me I have been keeping a diary so i’ll let you know as I continue. Today I am eating all my guilty pleasures though before I start cycle 2 haha

      • 1 Cycle down, 6.5lb gained Steve, so far so good. I also think that people starting this routine should educate themselves on diet first, its really helped me a lot piling loads of the good stuff in.

  14. Hey Steve,

    I was wondering if it was possible to include some leg presses and lat pulldowns anywhere in the routine. If it is possible where can I put it? Btw great routine. I did it before and loved it gained about 10 lbs and my strength went up a lot. I just joined a gym so now I’ll be able to follow it completely I’ll be sure to send you my results when I’m finished.

  15. Im just looking for a new workout routine so I was just wondering if this workout really does put on a lot of muscle mass. Like is it worth the time, do you really get good results.

  16. Hey there Steve, first and foremost, I have to say your program looks sick. This is the intense strength training I’ve been looking for. I’ve got one pretty important question though; I don’t use supplements for personal reasons, and I was just curious if I can expect the same results if I omit them? Thanks a lot man!

  17. Is the decline skull crusher with a drop set then 2sets x8 reps. A good addition to this workout routine? and how often should I add drop sets into my workout?

  18. Steve,

    I’ve been working out since 3/03/11 started at 292.8 lbs, I’ve now cut down to 270.8 had dropped down to 263 but noticed I started gaining mass which is great. I’m looking into doing your Werewolf Muscle Training 3.0 workout. I consider myself between a mesomorph and a endomorph. My target weight is around 230. So was wondering how many calories I needed to take in a day.

  19. Steve,

    Thanks for all creating this wonderful program. I’ll soo be starting out with Werewolf training 1.0. Anyways my calves are a little lacking so i was wondering if i could add an extra Calf day at day 7, 14 and 21. It would still give me almost 48 hours of recuperation before and after the next calf workout. But i would like to hear your feedback on this. Thanks

  20. Hey Steve,

    I just finished your muscle training program. I feel great, and yes guys, this program really works. The strength gains are amazing. Since I am done with this program which should I do now? Should I do your strength training one, or is there another program you can recommend to do for a while until I get back on yours again.How long should i wait till i get back on the muscle program.


    • Gain muscle, yes. Gain strength, yes. Maintain strength and muscle on a fat loss diet, yes. A post workout recovery formula should be used after every intense exercise session. You always need to replace lost glucose, spike the insulin, and get amino acids into the bloodstream immediately after a workout.

  21. Hey Steve,

    I’m 24 and I have been working out regularily since I was 17. Since the majority of my plans have followed a body building type of routine (Chest day, leg day, back day etc.) What kind of results should I expect from an alternating general upper body to lower body work out?

    • Twice as good results as using a single muscle split. Don’t be fooled into thinking full body workouts every other day would work even better. Full body workouts are great for fat loss and conditioning, but an upper/lower split training 4 times a week works best in my experience.

  22. Great job Steve! You’ve really put a lot of effort into this site, it is one of my top references for my exercise plans! Thanks again bro and keep up the good work!

  23. Steve,

    I’m starting Werewolf Training routine today and I hope to get the best out of it. I’ve only recently started exercising (about 7 months now) and do see a changes but not a lot of muscle gain.

    I’ve downloaded your routines but don’t understand a couple of exercises. what do the a)’s and b)’s mean?
    Example: on day 1-
    a) Weighted or assisted pull ups – 2 x 12
    b) DB standing alternating shoulder press – 2 x 12
    a) DB standing alternating bicep curl – 2 x10
    b) DB standing OH tricep press – 2 x 15)

    Do I alternate these exercises or do I do just do one of each a) and b)?

  24. I have been on this program for about 9 months. I have been through many cycles. At about the 4 or fifth cycle I started manipulating the program to fit my needs.
    I’m an ectomorph, starting weight was about 140 lbs. I have since hit a maximum of 155lbs then drop down to about 147. My bench reached a max of 205 x 2 (personal record). Instead of looking like a werewolf I now look more like a swole Spiderman. At this point I’m switching to the Werewolf Strength training program. Steve, big thanks for all the tips and good information! Without your training program I wouldn’t be where I’m at.

  25. hey man, ive been doing the routine for 2 cycles now.and ive noticed a big difference! first of all i want to thank you.. other thing, i havent been taking any protein shakes or supplements and ive been getting a decent gain, but i want to get a little more, do you think is okay if i take some N.O.? i gained 10 pounds in those 2 cycles i was 150 and now im 160 5,11″
    i also havent seen my six pack, do you think i should do more cardio?
    thanks a lot!

  26. i just finished my first week and enjoyed it. i dont feel as if my bis,tris or lats r being worked hard enough as i used to have set days for each body part and did 4-6 exercises per body part and am used to really working each muscle to its limit rather than upper + lower body days. will i still see significant gains in those areas or is it ok to add more sets? … im just trying to understand the concept of your style of workout in comparison to my old one. thanks

  27. Well I see a lot of questions being posted here and I would just like to leave a comment. I have used this routine on and off for about two years now. I use it primarily to break through a plateau in training or look jacked for the beach season and I must say it has worked like a charm everytime! Here are some results:
    I started out at 145lbs/5’10” and was very active in the gym. I was pretty cut up already from low body fat and a lot of MMA training. I stopped fighting and wrestling and wanted to get big for the beaches and well girls. After using this routine I got up to 155! Strength went through the roof too! My one rep max on bench was 185 and in less than a year I got it to 275! Obviously I rotated to heavy lifting for a few months but I used this workout to build my foundation. I am back on this routine and in a week I already I feel the results. I am up to 160 now and would like to be at 165-170 by the holidays. I am a very hard gainer so 5 lbs of muscle looks huge on me!

    Thanks again for this work out!

  28. ive been doing this for about 3 months and it was good then i hit a wall and im not getting bigger i gained 5 pounds now i can even get soar. ive switched my workout but still can get any mass on me

  29. Hey Steve,
    I was wondering: Can I add some 20 minute HIIT Sprint Sessions to the off days? I’m actually doing the second cycle of this routine, performing all the HIRT sessions as well. Is it okay to add HIIT without overtraining risk or the NAT workouts are a better option? I’m trying to maintain bodyfat as low as possible, been around 9%.


  30. hey steve. i left a comment earlier , only after 1 week of following the program, but i have now completed 1 cycle of muscle gains. i can see a huge increase in chest strength and some size strength.strength in most areas have gone up but i cant seem to get my shoulders bigger. im gonna do 3 cycle muscle gains followed by 2 strength…. im wondering if i can change some on the “lighter exercises” such as standing shoulder press to barbell military presses where i can put more stress on my muscle and mabey see more results…. mabey even add some exercises

  31. Im 16 and just started really getting into working out at the begining of summer. i have gained some muscle and have been doing a consistent 3×8 routine with free weights. i was told that doing reps over 8 was for toning so on the workout it says to do things like 2×10 for curls will that only tone or will it increase muscle mass because i wanna get big not tone

    • Doing more than 8 reps is not ‘toning’, it’s ‘bodybuilding’. In fact 8-12 is the ideal rep range used to stimulate hypertrophy, which basically means ‘building muscle’. We do 5 reps sets in Werewolf Training to also build strength, which helps build larger muscles indirectly by building strength. Now 20+ rep sets are great for your ‘toning’, although 20 rep sets of squats are used quite often for bodybuilding purposes as well. In any case, Werewolf Muscle Training works.

      ’nuff said

  32. hey steve, i started the werewwolfing dumbell training yesterday as im training at home
    i have to say thankyou for all the effort you have put into the site, its great
    im 18, and i have close to no pecs at all, i want to increase mucle size everywhere but my main focus is developing my chest
    i read through your page on the top chest exercises and i was wondering if it may be worth adding some flyes into the werewolf routine?

    • If you want to increase the size of your chest, flyes are not the solution. You need heavy dumbbell presses at least once a week, incline and flat. Start your workout off with chest training. Don’t neglect other body parts, but focus your main intensity on the dumbbell presses.

      • ok thankyou steve
        also ive noticed with my chest that there seems to be a gap between my left and right pec and my pecs are not really round
        will this change after i start to gain more chest muscle?
        thanks again
        oh and ive been loving the routine

          • damn genetics
            well ive nearly completed the first cycle and i can say i feel alot better. im lifting more weight and i feel like i look better, although i wont measure up until after the first cycle is complete which will be just over a week
            ill let you know of any gains i have made
            thanks steve

  33. seems like i have my routine just about right. only question i have is a workout partner. i usually workout on my own but it is said having a spotter is a boost..but i limit my workout to 60minutes, having a spotter/workout partner will maybe double that.

    i havehigh metabolism, i’ve gained 10 lbs before in 3weeks and still managed to stay under 7% Bodyfat. i eat healthy,4times a day, and 2scoops of “serious mass” aka weight gainer, morning and after workout (nighttime). i am consistant and dedicated. though i took a summer break and lost those 10lbs. goal now is to gain 20lbs. im starting to get back into the routine but i don’t know if i should look for a workout partner. What’s your input on that?

    • You don’t need a spotter all the time, just for your heavy bench sets and maybe a couple other movements. If you learn how to synch with a workout partner, it will not add more than 10 minutes to your total workout. If the two of you can’t focus enough to get in and out in 60 minutes, then you need a new, probably more dedicated, workout partner.

  34. Steve,
    I have been doing this workout routine for almost 2 weeks now and I have noticed significant back hair growth, and my teeth are turning “fanglike”.. Should I discontinue the routine? Awesome muscle gains though bro!!!

    • I would stick to the routine for now. However, if you notice any lengthening of the ears and nose you should immediately discontinue use of Werewolf Training, and if you grow a tail for longer than 6 hours, go to the emergency room.

  35. Hey steve, last year as a high school freshman i started doing bodyweight exercises and running 3 miles a day for a month and i got pretty big and i was lazy this summer and i lost most of the mass but i have the same strength and tone my friend recommended this to me so i just finished the 10th day, so my problem is how do i know im eating enough i heard if you eat too much protein its stored as fat so i just want some tips on how to know im fueling the machine enough ^.^ thanks

    plus at the tenth day should i look any different because my upper body really doesnt is it because i have too much endurance from pushups im not getting sore from the upper body or what? for now i have to stop obsessing over the little details and just get going but your help is appreciated.

  36. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for creating this program Steve. I’ve never been a really big guy, and try as might nothing ever really got me motivated enough to stick with it. Your program has been different though, and I’m already noticing significant gain. Again, I just wanted to say thank you.

  37. Hey do you use any apps for working out and if so which ones? I got All-in Fitness which looks great but when I try adding in your werewolf training it gets all messed up. Wish I could just import it somehow. I like the idea of having everything right in one place. Days, exercises, reps, sets, tracking of all history, progress. Technology is frustrating.

    • I once had a mobile app for WWT but the guy who was working on it went back to college and I never learned how to finish it. Probably should. I published a post the other day about the Watch Me Change iPhone app, which is helpful for monitoring progress.

  38. I’ve been doing this workout for close to a year, I used to be really skinny, 6’0 at around 160lbs, I like it cuz I’m at 180lbs and I’m definitely liking the strength, plus I never get bored with the workout. I’m still looking to get stronger, especially with biceps, but I want to get my abs a little more cut, they’re there like the six pac is gonna pop, should I continue doing this workout and add more cardio? What do you think?

  39. hey steve,
    so i have been doing the werewolf muscle 2.0 for like 6 months now and i love it, i just noticed their is a new 3.0 workout. The workout to me looks like an easier version on the previous one with less sets and why did you get rid of the box jumps on the 1st leg workout. Would it be to much if i added the box jumps at the end of the new 1st leg workout instead of the tabata squats. Im sure there is a method to the madness, please explain the changes.

    • If I remember correctly, I removed the box jumps because the first time I did that workout the box jumps made me puke. I’m sure plenty of people who aren’t me, can handle it. If you can handle it, you can do it. My routines should not be set in stone. You should take these routines and modify them to fit your needs. There is a reason for everything, but when you are able to train on instinct you shouldn’t necessarily follow anyone’s routine to a T if you know what’s best for you.

  40. Hi Steve, I started my weight training at a measly 95lb over a year and a half ago and am now 5ft 10inches and 144.5lb, 20 years old…My problem at the moment is, I can not gain any more weight. I am eating between 3000, 3500 calories a day, I am two weeks into your werewolf programme were I have increased the workout to an hour long 2 days on one day off and I have even managed to continually increase my strength but still no weight gain what so ever. I am just wondering if you have any advice as I am training really hard and am being left disappointed at the end of each week and feel less enthusiasm to train.

    • Dude, you still have to eat more food. How many grams of protein each day? You also have to consider that perhaps you are training too often. The strength gains come from nervous system adaptation, but what if your muscles are slightly overtrained? What if you are burning up all of your precious calories by training too long?

      I don’t know what you need, because I don’t really know you – your diet, your intensity, your lifestyle, supplements, etc… I would have to observe you to tell you what you’re doing wrong. However, just guessing, I would say you should finish off the Werewolf cycle then take 1 active recovery week off, cut back to 3 workouts a week, no longer than 45 minutes, up the intensity of your work sets, avoid training to failure on most sets – leave 1 or 2 reps in the hole for all but maybe 1 or 2 exercises each day and even then only approach failure on the last set, increase your protein intake, be sure to sleep 8 hours a night, and avoid cardio like the plague. A combination of rest, recovery, fewer calories burned, and more protein should result in weight gain. You might not want to live and train like this forever, but it is probably your best chance at gaining weight.

      Either that or increase your daily calories by 500, including eating about 200 grams of protein a day, and keep your workouts the same. At 5’10, 144.5 lbs, your metabolism must be out of control. You probably need around 4000 calories a day to gain weight now that you’ve added 50 pounds – probably 75% muscle – to your frame.

      • Thats some great advice Steve, its much appreciated, I think overtraining may have been a problem Steve, I have so much determination to put it on that I was training 90 mins a day six days a week before I started this routine. As for my diet it is strict but yeah I can understand I might need more now. I’m currently taking creatine and Maximuscle progain, would you recommend I swap these for something else. I know its impossible for you to see but im quite confident am hitting the right intensity in the gym. Although I dont have many nights out I struggle for 8 hours sleep a night so maybe that could be something I could improve.
        If I remove cardio will I still maintain a degree of fitness? This is one thing I fear. I’m currently at 8% BF believe it or not so I look cut I just want some more bulk. If I apply these changes do you think it would be possible to gain 24lb by next September?

        Once again thanks Steve this has been some great advice!!!

        • You can keep the cardio to maintain a level of conditioning, but really all you need is like 2, 30 minute interval sprint sessions a week. The problem is that the more cardio you do, the more food you’re going to have to eat. So, choose your goal wisely. Want to gain 24 lbs of muscle? Cut the cardio WAY down and eat more food. Want to stay at 8% bodyfat or lower? Then it’s going to take you longer to gain 24 lbs of muscle. You can accomplish this goal in a year, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Stay strict. Eat more food. Train like a wolf.

          • Thanks Steve that advice has really helped me out, I think i’ll just cut the cardio for a cycle and see how that goes and the BF% I can take or leave it isnt something I intentionally tried to maintain…Suppose all that is left to do is eat, train and sleep like a wolf now!

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