Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Workout Secrets

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Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Workout: The People’s Choice in Brightest Day

Ryan Reynolds Workout
Ryan Reynold Workout

Guest post by: Chris Cannon

Is there a hotter commodity in Hollywood today than Ryan Reynolds?

The Vancouver, Canada-born actor (b.1976) has built an impressive T.V. and movie portfolio over a two-decade career. Best known for his roles in romantic comedies (“Rom-Coms”) like “Just Friends” (2005), “Definitely Maybe” (2008), and the blockbuster “The Proposal” (2009), Reynolds has also quietly built an impressive action hero portfolio.

Many of us recall his portrayal of Hannibal King in “Blade: Trinity” (2004), where his chiseled “six-pack” physique was prominently featured. More recently, Ryan played the swordsman-mercenary Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009) opposite Hugh Jackman, and is slated for the title role in Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ “Green Lantern“, due out in summer 2011.

Other personal accomplishments include being named People Magazine’s “Sexist Man Alive” for 2010, and the new face for Hugo Boss fragrances.

Ryan Reynolds also happens to be married to actor Scarlett Johansson, GQ’s 2010 “Babe of the Year”.

Some guys have all the luck…

Stunning Ryan Reynolds Celebrity Workout Details Uncovered

Reynolds has been athletic and physically active throughout his life, but to become a Hollywood A-lister required professional training advice and renewed fitness dedication.

Enter renowned celebrity physical trainer Bobby Strom (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel), Ryan’s go-to-guy for the past eight years. In a WebMD feature interview, Strom reveals that he is a strong believer in functional fitness, which features a balance between traditional weight training, stability exercises, and core training.

To better prepare for his Green Lantern role, Ryan worked out for ninety minutes daily, seven days a week for six months during production. By using a split-training and “muscle confusion”-type philosophy, Reynolds avoided overtraining to ensure that different parts of his body had adequate recovery time during filming.

Some workout details revealed include:

  • Sit-ups as a warm-up activity.
  • Heavy resistance training for muscular development.
  • Pilates, Yoga, or foam rolling (i.e. stretching, no weight training) during especially grueling filming days.

Taking Superhero Workout Intensity to the Next Level

Strom’s workout design was tailored to what Reynolds would be doing at a particular shoot. For example, kickboxing to prepare for fight scenes and back exercises for harness work.

Thanks to his rigorous training regime, Reynolds sculpted physique has adorned numerous magazines and is being help up as an example for future models and actors.

Eating Habits Fit for the Green Lantern Corps

During filming of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds followed some common eating advice for athletes and others involved in dedicated training:

  • Meals every 2-3 hours to avoid hunger and binging.
  • Drinking lots of water to maintain body temperature, transport oxygen and nutrients in your body, and protect joints and vital organs.

His sample meal plan is surprisingly simple:

  • Breakfast: Egg whites (occasionally, a few whole eggs); oatmeal (old-fashioned, steel-cut; avoid instant!) without refined sugars. Add apple sauce or cinnamon for taste.
  • Snack: Protein bar
  • Lunch: Tuna wraps or chicken salad.
  • Snack: Whey protein shake, protein bar and an apple
  • Dinner: Broiled fish, grilled salmon, ground turkey or chicken; brown rice and vegetables
  • Before Bedtime Snack: Protein shake

Ever the multi-talented mentor, trainer Strom cooked regularly for Ryan Reynolds!

His specialty dish is a feisty Bolognese, and here is the recipe:

Bolognese Recipe

  • 97% fat-free ground bison, sautéed in a skillet with broccolini and marinara sauce.
  • Black pepper, cayenne, some garlic.
  • No salt or sugar, served over brown rice or brown rice pasta.


Thanks to dedicated, task-specific exercises and healthy diet habits, Ryan Reynolds is one of a few A-list actors who look believable as either a beefed-up action-hero (200 pounds, 8% body fat), or a slimmed down rom-com guy (e.g. 180 pounds, 11% body fat). At over six feet, two inches tall, he has the frame to go either way for upcoming flicks.

For the rest of us, it’s important to achieve what’s achievable, regardless of our current state. Not having the resources or abilities of a Ryan Reynolds is no excuse for avoiding regular exercise and healthier living.

Source: Matt McMillen. “Ryan Reynolds Workout Secrets.” Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, M.D. www.webmd.com Accessed 20 Nov 10.

Author’s Bio:

Chris Cannon is publisher of a Free Muscle Building Tips website where you can learn how to build muscle, burn fat, and discover the secrets of celebrity workouts just like this. Download your free Insane Muscle Gain report at https://freemusclebuildingtips.com

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24 Responses to “Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Workout Secrets”

  1. The most ridiculous so called training program imaginable, mitigated no doubt by ‘supplementation’ with AAS.
    Using a more rational approach he could have achieved better lean muscle gains at the same body-fat % and at less cost to his endocrine system.

    • Have you seen Ryan Reynolds? He clearly did not use AAS. Why is everyone obsessed with accusing celebrities of using steroids? The guy gained a couple pounds of muscle and lost a couple pounds of fat, and he’s using AAS? Come on.

  2. Man growing up in a hispanic home with some great cooking is what has always prevented me from really getting into the shape that I want.

    That eating routine would just flat out kill me! I guess it’s something you have to take day by day and allow yourself to get used to.

    I can do the workouts and stick to it but I know the meals will be tough.

  3. Clint – crude fitness, i love this line: Protein bars are simply candy – youd get more benefit from downing a glass of milk and half a mars bar…you are either a fat idiot who has never worked out in his life or just plain ignorant & have no idea what ur talking about..

    i work behind a desk for 7.5hrs a day mate 5 days a week, i can fit 90mins per day at the gym. Its funny that u criticised ryans training considering he has been trained by a trainer for 8yrs & trained other celebs. Dont underestimate proteins & the gym because you can get ripped if you want, there is a choice of eating whatever you want but im sure despite how shredded someone is, it doesnt necessarily reflect whats going on in your insides. Iv had a desk job for 8yrs & iv spent 5yrs at the gym, so anything is possible if you really want it.

  4. Pretty crazy abs! Can’t wait to try that Bolognese recipe!

    Too bad that Scarlett Johansson left him for Sean Penn. That pretty much KILLS the attraction for me right there, just like when Katie Holmes hooked up with Tom Mapother IV.

    Are you currently using intermittent fasting Steve?

  5. Want to hear something funny? I don’t remember him. Dude is freakin’ ripped though, so mad props for that. The Bolognese recipe looks pretty tastey. Might have to give that a whirl.

  6. I also enjoyed this article. I was really surprised by all the roles this man has played. Sadly , i only remember seeing him plan on ” The Proposal”. I liked him in that.

    I will have to go check out his other stuff. As for his routine. Yeah! If we were all training for 90- minutes a day for seven days a week plus doing more physical labor on the set for 6 months. I think we could all look like this. lol

    But most of us do work at desk jobs and that really isn’t needed, but I do agree with staying healthy and taking care of yourself.

    Keep plenty of water in your system like 6 to 8 glasses a day.

    Stay away from fried foods. (Even though they are super tempting)

    And make sure to get a variety going in your work out. Doing some cardio like running, swimming, or jump roping.

    Then some strength training like squats, chin ups, and bench presses.

  7. Steve,

    Thanks for featuring my guest post on your site, the celebrity style workouts and diet plans always cause a little controversy don’t they!

    I know a lot of people who have been experimenting with fasting and having good results with it. Looking forward to hearing more about IF.


  8. I enjoyed this article… I can’t help but think he’s had some chemical assistance. That’s probably just me being bitter.
    I’m excited to read what you have to say about IF. I did it for 4 months and even with a caloric surplus I was able to LOSE bf. The psychological benefits were unreal as well. I had to stop because I wasn’t able to get 4000+ calories in that 8 hr window and I need the food for strength training.

    • I think you might be on crack thinking skinny boy Ryan Reynolds used steroids. If he juiced he would be way bigger or way more ripped than he is. His face also doesn’t have that I’ve-used-steroids look.

      Fun with IF is coming soon. I’m trying to get IF guru Martin to write a sweet guest post for Project Swole.

      • Steve,
        I’ve been IF for 4 months now… my results can be seen here: https://www.crudefitness.com/training/clints-current-workout-phase-iii-of-visual-impact/

        Im currently using eat-stop-eat which is 24 hour fasting. (will be posting my review on IF soon).

        The lean gains (Martin’s way) of 16 hours seems a lot more achievable for most people, so ill be switching to that in January.

        He’s the only guy i know who’s maintained 5.5% BF year round for 3 years straight!

        • Clint, how would you like to write a guest post about your experience with IF? I think I’d like to feature an entire series about IF because so many people are getting great results from it, and scientifically and physiologically it is a healthy way to diet.

          • For sure Steve. I’ll be writing one for my own site, so ill have to figure out how to separate the two into equally compelling reads 😉

  9. Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Workout Secrets…

    To better prepare for his Green Lantern role, Ryan worked out for ninety minutes daily, seven days a week for six months during production. By using a split-training and “muscle confusion”-type ph……

  10. I agree with Bizu, everyone could benefit from 5-6 meals a day as a standard. Most people don’t eat enough protein throughout the day, so this would give them the boost they need to get healthy. – Kristie

  11. @clint…
    then google.. work outs and diets for NON shredding, non cutting, non buffing behind the desk people 🙂

    just sayin.

  12. Nice post.
    Just keep in mind that his diet isn’t ideal for the rest of us that AREN’T training 90 minutes everyday.

    Protein bars are simply candy – youd get more benefit from downing a glass of milk and half a mars bar.

    So if you’re training 90 mins a day AND doing grueling on-set work too, you could pretty much eat anything and be shredded.
    One other thing I’d take note of, eating every 2-3 hours is also unnecessary for those of us that sit behind a desk. 3 meals a day spaced out is fine.

        • Oh you want to know about intermittent fasting (IF)? This is a great dieting protocol that I’ve been reading about for a couple months now. Basically you eat for 8 hours and fast for 16. People are getting ripped by using it. I’m trying to get a really knowledgeable IF guru to write a detailed article about it. Be patient.

    • The workout that Ryan used to get ripped for Blade was pretty intense. You said that people who sit behind a desk all day should not eat more than 3 meals a day, which isn’t the case at all. It’s essential for your metabolism to have smaller meals throughout the day. Adding a lot of water into your day will also help burn more calories. Having a small meal like a protein bar keeps your energy up and keeps your body from reaching “starvation mode” and starting to burn muscle to provide energy.

      You don’t need to train 90 minutes a day to get those results, however you do need to work out 3-5 times a week with high intensity training. It’s best to do everything from martial arts training, strength training and yoga. The reason for this is because different body parts are used and challenged, causing different muscles to need energy to grow/repair muscle tissue. Also by switching up your workouts, more of your muscles will be used than just the normal ones that people focus on in the gym (biceps, back, abs) and causes your full body to become in better shape. This means that you will be healthier all around and being healthier will provide you with more energy while sitting at your desk all day.

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