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Would you “bet” that you can lose weight?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

An interesting fitness trend that I’ve seen popping up in since around 2010, is the idea of betting on yourself to lose weight. Say you want to lose 25 lbs in 6 months. You might bet $200 on the goal and when you accomplish it, you collect $400.

Diet bettingThat’s a win-win situation, and will help to hold you more accountable for attaining your goals. Who wouldn’t want to lose weight and gain money, at the same time?!

Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not an industry full of gamblers and junkies – in fact it’s just the opposite! These websites and applications offer a social point for each individual to share his or her progress, they offer camaraderie and inspiration that you may never have had nor felt before. Diet betting communities allow you to connect with like minded folks who are committed to succeeding at the same goals as yourself.

Before you gamble WITH your life, gamble FOR your life. Winners on average lose about ten pounds and double their initial investment. Over 40% of participants usually win something and always lose at least a little weight.

There are even incentives for participants to stay healthy. In some cases you become disqualified if you lose too much weight. Dangerous weight loss behavior is flagged for losing, for example, more than 12% of their body mass in 4 weeks.


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25 Great Bodybuilding Quotes

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Bodybuilders have some really inspirational and also some really funny quotes. Here are 3 of my favorites from Jacked Pack’s recent list of 25.

“Friends come and go, but 200 lbs is always 200lbs”
– Henry Rollins


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Recent Inspirational Photos

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Just wanted to share some recent re-shares from the Project Swole Facebook page.

Strong is the new skinny

There’s 4 more pics after the jump. Go ahead and view the rest of the entry.


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Congratulations to the Florida Gators and Tim Tebow

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Sorry for posting so many sports related rants lately, but it’s playoff time for both college football and NFL. I just can’t help it. =)

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

The Florida Gators beat Oklahoma in the FEDEX BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

Final score: Gators 24 – Oklahoma 14

Hero of the Game:

None other than the man Tim Tebow himself – 231 yds passing, 2 td, 2 int; 109 yds rushing


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Tim Tebow Inspiration

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Tomorrow I begin my umpteenth attempt to get back into shape. My medical condition is supposedly cleared up and I have been given the OK to start training again. So we’re back to the original plan: 3 days of kickboxing, 2 days of weightlifting.

I’ve run the usual tests: weight; and arm, chest, waist, thigh, calf measurements. I’d also like to get a body fat reading but I can’t find my calipers so it might have to wait until Tuesday when I hit the gym. All I know is that I am slow, weak, and smooth. My weight is 173lbs, but other than that I will not post any of my stats yet, but in due time I shall.

Two things have inspired me today:

  1. University of Florida’s starting quarterback, Tim Tebow
  2. This video here: CrossFitters are Strong

What’s so Great About Tim Tebow?


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