Top Ways to Enhance Recovery from Intense Training

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post workout recovery

With goals to achieve and a dream ahead, most bodybuilders tend to ignore the time required for the body to recover from intense training. However, this is crucial step is actually highly recommended by experts. The body’s cells experience minute tears and fatigue during such activities which, when accumulated for long, can lead to shock or any other complication people do not want to go through. So, what should one do to enhance body recovery? This article will tell you more.

Use of supplements

Post-workout shakes that contain 66% carbohydrate and 33% protein are optimal for assisting with muscle recovery and easing fatigue. Other supplements such as BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, and protein bars also can help the recovery process when consumed within a strict anabolic post-workout window, usually, 20 mins after a workout, followed by a healthy meal an hour later.

These supplements promote the growth of new cells, help the existing cells recover quicker, and replenish nutrient stores in the muscle tissue. Using that kind of dietary supplement works well, particularly when combined with other natural methods like rest and sleep.

Another option would be to supplement with steroids and steroid-like products, which vigorously assist in recovery. For instance, stéroides oraux pour prendre du muscle can greatly aid in muscle recovery after an extreme workout. This can be a dangerous route for most athletes when you consider blood testing, side effects, and post cycle therapy. Never start using steroids without educating yourself first.

Well structured sleep

One of the best weapons to enhance recovery after training is through the use of sleep. Research indicates that the body has its natural means to promote muscle healing from any tear caused by the training sessions. Well-structured sleep makes sure that the body adapts to a regular pattern which makes its activities towards the recovery to be consistent. In addition to this, the cells also grow faster and better during sleep, thus encouraging growth in muscle size. Make sure you get enough sleep as advised by the personal trainer or the fitness consultant you use. Your sleep must be in a comfortable bed that promotes relaxation.

Well structured rest

Rest is a concept most people do not have on their schedules. However, taking a good rest during the day or between training sessions will greatly enhance the recovery process. A fitness consultant will usually advise on the best time to rest depending on the activities ahead. If going through a structured workout program, it is crucial to factor in a rest day after two to three days of intense training. This gives the body enough time to recover through cell growth.

Proper diet

Just as one is concerned about their training activities, a proper diet is also a worthy consideration. The body cells and muscles rely on nutrients for energy to work out more and growth for recovery. A diet with more protein ensures sufficient growth and recovery of the cells and adds nutrients all through the body. Likewise, it ensures a healthy heart to pump blood with proper nutrients to all areas. All other organs that one needs to do the extreme workouts also get enough nutrients through a proper diet. Water to remain well hydrated is a crucial part of the diet. It aids in faster digestion and absorption as well as metabolism.


Training experts recommend stretching before and after workouts. The practice improves blood circulation all through the body. Some arteries may be disrupted due to training activities like weight lifts and push-ups. However, stretching straightens them as well as the thousands of veins, thus enhancing recovery.

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