Staying Motivated to Lose Weight with P90X

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Order P90XWith so many at-home cookie-cutter workout routines out there, I figured it would be a great idea to discuss one of the best: P90X. After all, P90X is pretty cheap compared to paying a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer.

Will P90X turn you into a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, an Olympic gymnast, a marathon runner, or a sport-specific athlete? Oh, hell no!

Could P90X possibly get you in the best shape of your life with a minimal initial investment? Could P90X strengthen your body, improve your cardiovascular fitness, help heal nagging injuries, and dial in your 6-pack abs for summer? Oh, hell yes!

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How to Lose Weight with P90X

PX90 suggests that a ninety-day weight loss regime jumped into with both feet will start you on your weight loss journey. The program implies that shocking yourself with the first 30 days of their system will get your metabolism going, and because of the results you see, you will be gung-ho for the rest of their ninety-day program.

This could work very well when you see visible results because you started the program full bore, and kept with it for thirty days. In that time you will learn the best methods of proper diet and exercise. Then you could use the momentum to continue to the next 30 days when they ratchet up the routine so that you keep moving toward your weight loss goal.

When Shocking Your Muscle Isn’t Enough

What do you do then? You look inside yourself to the factors that might be affecting your success. You shocked yourself, you followed every recommendation to the “T”. And you still didn’t lose the weight you thought you should.

There could be several reasons for missing your weight loss goals:

  • First you might have set your goal and aspirations for the process way too high. That is common for any new weight loss scheme. We all want to lose as much as possible on the first day, and then keep it up for the rest of the month.

    If you have a lot of weight to lose, you will lose more than the person with just a little weight to lose. If you have a faster metabolism, or are able to achieve more with exercise you might lose a little more that another person.

  • Another reason could be that you have an underlying medical condition that is hampering your weight loss, such as hypothyroidism, or some other hormonal situation that needs addressing.
  • You could even be cheating and thinking “this little bit won’t hurt”. If so you need to reorder your priorities and realize that if you don’t buckle down and follow the diet exactly, instead of sneaking something in occasionally, you’ll never make it.

Are You REALLY Ready to Lose Weight?

Perhaps you weren’t really ready to go on a diet, and need to build your motivation.

You can do this by listing the reasons you want to lose weight. Even the reasons you don’t like to mention being able to see or reach certain foreign areas on your body. Anything that will motivate, should go into the list that you make. Put it on your fridge, make it your screen saver, anything that will keep it in front of your consciousness.

Don’t be afraid to consider getting some psychological help.

You may have an underlying psychological problem that doesn’t let you lose and keep weight off. You may really want to be fat. Good reasons for his are wanting to hide from the world. Fat hides your real self.

Maybe your sex life isn’t what it should be and you’re eating to fill the void. There can be any number of voids that you may be filling with eating. Find out what they are and work to find more constructive methods for filling them.

Are You Being Sabotaged by Friends?

This happens frequently when friends, spouses, and enemies sabotage your weight loss. Perhaps they are afraid of losing you if you lose weight. Then you will be more attractive to others. Many will think they are being supportive but they aren’t really.

For instance, they know that beer isn’t on the food list, but they tempt you anyway convincing you that one won’t hurt or part of one anyway to join in the fun. It can be a lot of things they offer. For instance they will ask you to watch a game when they know it is your workout time.

P90X Home Workout System

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Not only are friends sabotaging our efforts, but we can be doing it ourselves, but procrastinating doing the program, that is why shocking yourself is highly recommended by PX90. Go with it fast and furious before you have a chance to think about it. Run with it, you see the opportunity, go ahead, make the touchdown, lose the weight and show it off to the world. Also imagine how buff you’ll get and what you’ll look like after the 90 days.

Suggestions to keep yourself motivated.

  1. Schedule a time as you would for any other activity. Make sure you allow enough time to accomplish what the program requires. Perhaps you have to get up a half hour early to get in some of the exercise, or have to put your TV programs on a DVR to view at a later time.
  2. Get a picture of what you want to look like, cut of the head and put your head there, then post it prominently so you see yourself as you want to look.
  3. Imagine yourself doing something that you have wanted to do, but your weight was holding you back. Dating perhaps? Or playing a sport? Or just being more active and able to enjoy your life more?

    Whatever you want is what is important to imagine. If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself, carry on a conversation with yourself as to why am I trying to lose this weight.

  4. Set a goal for a specific date or time to do whatever you decided that you want to do. This is an extremely motivating factor for about anything that you want to accomplish.

Continuing the Journey

Finally, you have shocked yourself into following the first 30 days, and are well into the next 30 days, so you have finally begun your journey to better health and weight loss. These are just the first steps, the hardest comes after you lose the weight and start the journey to keeping it off. That is what takes all of your motivation, determination and will.

Losing weight can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey, but it always starts with the first step. With taking a slow, careful first step into a beach or river can be life threatening, there you need to test the waters before you jump, but in weight loss, not jumping in with both feet, can mean failure. Shock yourself, jump in with both feet and hang on tight, so you come out a winner both with better health and a better looking body.

Try P90X today and you will see how great a workout you can get from a little DVD.

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  1. Steve, I have been using P90X and I can say that it is truly one of the best diet supplements that are available on the market today. But before starting your weight loss journey I would advise to make your own weight loss plan.

  2. Good read Steve! Going into weight loss with only one foot, as you would put it, ultimately comes down to you not really wanting it. I believe the mind set is universal as going into a job with the motivation to only get your hours in will hamper your success. Putting only half yourself in a relationship will have the other person dumping you like the douche that you are being. Go into it with full force so that every step will take you that much further. Keep the good reads coming man!

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