Four Great Tips for Reducing Anxiety

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stress anxiety womanWe recently published a post at Project Swole about treating many comment mental well-being complaints with Xanax, and of course, we all know how well exercise helps with anxiety.

Here are some additional tips for battling anxiety and other mental health issues, ranging from sleep to meditation to alternative supplements.

Keep your mental health strong and your physical health will follow!


Anxiety is an incredibly common complaint with around 40 million adults in the United States being afflicted with every year. While anxiety can be very easy to treat, a number of adults forego these treatments in an effort to do more and feel strong without treatment. Thankfully, individuals do not have to turn to prescription anti-anxiety medications. With some simple at-home remedies, such as those listed below, anyone can turn down the stress in his or her life and feel more at peace once again.


So many people do not take the necessary time to sleep these days. They focus more on fitting as much into their days as possible, feeling that it is more important to make those promotions at work or get more done around the house than to reduce stress. It is vital for adults to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night to combat anxiety. Those who are battling insomnia should work on improving their sleep habits, such as by creating a bedtime routine and by keeping electronics out of the bedroom.


While exercise may seem to be the opposite of sleep, it is equally important to battling anxiety. Several studies have shown that vigorous exercise can combat both anxiety and depression and that even one session can provide hours of relief. Individuals should aim for 30-minute sessions at least 5 times per week.


Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind and lift the spirits. While there are many ways to do this and numerous meditation apps on the market today, it can actually by done by anyone who has even five minutes to set aside to be still. The individual can think about one particular positive thought or motivational sentence or can simply focus on breathing evenly and fully during that time.


If these other DIY methods do not work, individuals may want to look into a supplement that can further improve their stress levels. Many of these supplements can be purchased online through nutritional consultants, such as Accutrition, where individuals can learn what supplements would work best for their concerns. Some of the best supplements for anxiety include fish oil, B-complex vitamins, and valerian.


These are just a small sampling of some of the many ways that individuals can de-stress at home with low-cost or no-cost treatments. Although anxiety is rampant in the world today, help is available. A healthy body, a peaceful lifestyle and some extra help in the form of a natural supplement may be all it takes to turn down anxiety and overcome worry. Relief is available, and it can start today.

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