Does Social Media Motivate or Discourage You to Work Out?

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does social media motivate her to exercise?


This question is often asked by people. Does social media motivate or discourage our workouts? The answer to this question stays unclear mostly. 

According to researchers, a new study has been found where for some people social media is very helpful when it comes to working out.

For some people, media posts that include images of other people or friends doing workouts motivate them. 

People get motivated when they see good working out clothes, or others checking into gyms, and also people sharing their fitness achievements.

The other half does not like or get motivated even though there are hundreds of posts about working out.

 It leaves a negative impact on them, and they start feeling bad about their body, as they think to fit in the society or earn the ‘perfect body’ tag is very important. 

When You Are Motivated 

While seeing your friends uploading their daily workout routines, will bring you to start the journey as well.

 Don’t sit and wait for the right time to come and the best plan, act on it as soon as you get the motivation of doing the same. 

You can also come across a situation where you want to work out but you don’t know where to start. In that case, you can find a trainer, an exercise buddy, or get into the gym. 

It is better to get help from someone, because if you get someone experienced in the fitness industry. 

They will be able to motivate you and you will be successful at the end of the day.

When You Are Not Motivated

As mentioned above some people are absolutely not interested in working out. This view[point varies on two things first, people are happy with their body, whatever the shape is. 

You cannot body shame, someone. Remember the body shame word does not only go with fat people it also means you cannot call someone skinny if they chose to be that.

These decisions are very personal and should not be disrespected. The second reason is, people are okay feeling sad and lying on the couch, even if they want that model body so much. 

Remember one thing exercise is not only about losing weight, it makes you strong and keeps you focused. It gives you a life of discipline and a great lifestyle.

Pros Of Social Media


The main pros of social media in fitness and health circles is that it can provide a good amount of motivation to the people who need a start. It is quite hard for someone to do the same thing every day.

 You can obviously feel tired of waking up at 5 in the morning every day, and eating the same food, and doing the same exercise over and over again. Remember good things are never entertaining or easy.

 You have to work very hard to reach the goal you have set in your mind. Social media helps you do that. There will be days when you will feel like taking a break.

When you login into your social media account and see others are on it, going hard, sweating I am sure you won’t be able to lay in bed. 

This is exactly how social media motivates you.


Support is very much needed when you do something by stepping out of your shell. Social media too helps in that. 

You definitely have friends who virtually support you every day and keep saying ‘ you can do it, or ‘don’t give up. Yeah, I guessed.

You cannot do workouts all alone, you need assistance and guidance. Doing the critical exercises all by yourself can cause muscle pain or cramps as you don’t know how to exactly do it. 

Therefore you need a trainer or friend. People will also encourage you if you fail to walk on the track, which will bring you back. 

Through social media, you can also get to know the diet, supplements as there are people who would love to guide you. Check out third-party conversion tracking.

Cons Of Social Media 


Like people through social media help others, there are people who will misguide you as well, I have two theories why they will. 

Either they have no clue about what they are doing but also want to help people out or they just don’t want you to look good or stay fit. 

If you are new to this fitness industry and you need some assistance you have to pick the right person on social media who can give the right information. Or else you will harm your body and health.

Rumors of wearing a tight belt around your belly will make the fat go away, it’s crap!. Nothing can be achieved just like that, especially when it comes to bodybuilding. If you wrap that thing around your belly, it will cause you discomfort, your night sleep will be hampered, which will affect your morning the next day. Would you like it? 


Look around you, I am sure we can see some judgemental people judging us right now!. Always ready to bring you down, always finding a way to tell you that you are not worth it.

Instagram is such a platform that is highly active in fitness and health care but also the cruelest. People on this platform will not let you be attractive, if they do they will find out something about you that will make you discouraged.

They do not think once before being judgemental. Stay away from them, ignore them. Remember you don’t need anybody’s validation. If you win, it’s for you, if you lose it is because of you. 


Exercising and knowing the right ways to do it, can make a huge difference in your life. 

There will be motivations and discouragement everywhere, it’s you who will know the best for yourself.

Without hard work, you can’t claim that you have it all.

Social media can be both good and bad for you, choose wisely. It’s the people, not the social platforms.

Leave a comment down below, if you liked the way I have explained the good and bad of social media in the fitness industry. 

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