3 Exercises that Give Diabetics a Fighting Chance

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Old Man FitnessDiabetes impacts people at various times in their lives.  Most adults are struck with type 2 diabetes as they grow older.  How do you adjust with eating habits, exercise routines, and improve your overall quality of life to live longer?  That’s a valid question for most adults diagnosed with this disease later in life.

One thing is for certain.  You weren’t living a perfect healthy life before.  Yes, diabetes may prove to be a genetic tendency found in your family, but eating habits contribute substantially to your chances of being diagnosed.  Vociferous eaters with little control often find themselves fighting the disease later in life.  Are there any solutions that help adults gain control of their eating habits?

The first step involves consulting the best doctors who help you manage your diabetes.  They may suggest dietary tips and provide exercise restrictions for you.  Knowing your limits as an older adult is tough, but you still possess the ability gain control of your disease and get into shape to be the healthiest you can be.

Exercise plays a major role in assisting adults who want to gain control of their lives.  Exercise counters the nasty eating habits we live with.  Older adults can’t exercise the same way anymore. They need to be creative, humble, and rework their routines to effectively tame their diabetes.

Here’s a list of three great exercises for older adults with diabetes.

1.      Swimming

Type 2 diabetics may have not exercised in years.  You may not be able to hit the running track or hiking trails anymore.  Those knees gave out years ago.  There’s still hope for you to attain your health goals and get into shape.   It doesn’t entail a hot tub though.

Instead of giving up, start swimming.  You may not have the same body as before, but swimming will mask your imperfections.  Swimming builds muscle and it’s the perfect aerobic exercise to lose weight while fighting diabetes.

This aerobic exercise is easier on people who have joint problems, osteoporosis, and other issues that prevent them from older exercise routines such as running.  It also allows adults the opportunity to work out a wide variety of muscles that go unaddressed otherwise.

2.      Cycling

Cycling offers similar benefits to swimming. Like the water sport, riding a bicycle is easier on your aging joints.  It’s more attractive to bike for older adults.  For swimming, you need a gym membership.  To start biking, you may make a substantial investment on a bike, but it’s a one-time fee with maintenance here and there.

You can cycle to work, join a biking group, and create endless routes to explore the local neighborhoods.  It provides an excellent way to burn calories and build muscle mass on your lower body while protecting your aging body.

3.      Walking

You might have laughed at walkers while running years and years ago, but walking is one of the best health boosters to extend your life and keep you active.  You may not be able to run anymore, but you can walk. Instead of driving five blocks to the local grocery store, walk!  Find ways to sneak a little walking here and there into your daily schedule.

A few miles a day will drastically improve your health. It gives you the chance to clear your head, stay outdoors and get the little sunshine you need.  As you age, inactivity decreases your flexibility.  Walking will at least give you a step up with battling your diabetes.

This shouldn’t stand as your sole form of exercise though.  You should adopt a light lifting routine that tones and builds muscle throughout your lower and upper body.  A healthy balance of lifting and aerobic exercise helps diabetics keep off the extra weight and control their blood sugar.

Jessica Socheski is a freelance journalist currently researching and covering nutrition and fitness for diabetics. You can connect with her on Twitter.

Image Source – healthwatchcenter.com

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