The Top 6 Most Fun Water Sports For You in 2022

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Are you planning for a beach vacation? Save this list to help make your vacation memorable with a new and exciting water experience. If you are an adventurer or thrill-seeker, then you will definitely like this list of the most fun water sports you could play in 2022. You can spend your vacations in, or on, the water by traveling to beaches, lakes, rivers, and other beautiful watery locations.

Hawaii is the best place in the US for a fun water sports adventure. I mean just look at it… where else can you find more sun and surf than Hawaii? If you want to experience surfing races or boating, this Island is perfect for you. Hawaii is the most incredible spot for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, and underwater fun. We also recommend the Florida Keys, California beaches, and even the Caribbean.

Packed your bags for an adventure!

The Most Fun and Famous Water Sports

This is our list of the most fun water sports you MUST go try in 2022. Maybe you can’t or won’t try them all, but you can plan a vacation or a visit to a location featuring your favorite water sport and try at least one new adventure this year. In addition to our insightful breakdown here, you can also use different streaming sites to learn more about the water sports that sound the most fun to you.

  1. Horse surfing
water sports: horse surfing

Horse Surfing is an amazing fun water sport that you can enjoy by surfing a surfboard, wakeboard, skimboard, or kiteboard behind a horse. It is also recognized as horse boarding in recent chariot racing events. This is a different and unusual surfing experience. Here two ropes fixed with a custom saddle at the back of the horse offer the surf rider to manage the speed according to the shoreline.

By considering all the aspects like the board structure, overall water situation, and the beach structure, the surfer can show different tricks and entertain others. Nowadays, it is an active British association competition in which famous surfers take part to enjoy and compete. Take no heed, however, you can enjoy this sport without competition and just experience the adventure yourself.

This competition has many rules that you have to follow, like the area’s length, four types of disciplines, safety measures, zoom and video analysis, and different decision standards. This sport started in the UK and is now gaining much popularity with many worldwide contests among highly experienced teams.

  1. Kayaking at Lake Tahoe
water sports: kayaking

Kayaking at Lake Tahoe is amazing as the second fun water sport on this list. If you plan to visit Lake Tahoe add this water activity to your list for fun and enjoyment, or if you plan to go kayaking we recommend Lake Tahoe as an ideal vacation spot. You can enjoy many other water sports and reveal new ones. You can perform different activities to entertain and manage your boat as you want.

Try kayaking at the seaside and in the center of the Island, both provide different kinds of entertainment and thrill. Also, you can just get the view by hopping in the kayak, and in specific areas of the lake, you feel like you’re just moving with the breeze.

The water in this lake is clean, while during the sunset walking at the bank of the lake provides the next level of enjoyment. You can use the rental kayak from the people at the side of the lake, or bring your own to save money and enjoy an unlimited experience.

  1. Underwater Hockey
water sports: underwater hockey

Underwater Hockey is also an amazing and fun water sport that you can enjoy. Basically, it is a pool game, and the players enjoy the game with a little hockey stick and a small round plate. This game started in the UK and is also known as Octopush.

Six players get in the pool from every team and enjoy the game. Like simple hockey, this game also has two halves of ten to fifteen minutes. Every player has his own mask to breathe in the water. While playing, you must have to consider the stick, puck, hat, glove, mask, snorkel, fins, and a goal. 

  1. Flyboarding
water sports: flyboarding

Recently discovered by Frank Zapata, flyboarding is a fairly new, slightly scary yet fun water sport for you to try. Jet skiing is already known to be a favorite water sport, but then someone hooked a flyboard up to it and they were off to the races. As of now, both flyboarding and jet skis are more popular than ever.

In this activity, you wear the Flyboard – connected shoes that have a jet on the bottom side of the board. The jet pushes you upward as its system increases throttle. It seems easy, but in reality, it is much more difficult to do as anything can happen at any time. You may lose control if you do not have the experience. You must have to consider the speed of the engine, flying and landing time, etc.

  1. Underwater Scooter
water sports: underwater scooter

The underwater scooter is kind of like an advanced form of scuba diving. In this fun water sport, you have a handy marine device that you have to hold to experience your underwater tour but without having to swim so much. The underwater scooter has a bunch of additional helpful accessories. It is getting more popular in time among the adventures as more people experience this fun new activity.

Designed in part by the famous Jacques Cousteau, the military made use of this marine device for search and rescue, but once adventurers got their hands on the concept, underwater scooters are now being used for adventure and enjoyment. One downside is the scooter is battery-powered so if you travel at max speed and the battery dies, you can end up stuck out in the open water. You should not jump in head first with this device if you do not first have some knowledge about the controls and possibly some training with a working system.

  1. Banana Boating
water sports: banana boating

Banana boating, our final fun water sport, is a family-friendly activity that you can do with your friends and family members, including your kids, as you enjoy your time at the beach. In banana boating, you ride in a boat that’s shaped and colored like a banana. Whoever doesn’t want to control the boat can simply sit at the back and enjoy the journey. Some boats have up 6 seats!

This is safer and in some ways calmer than some of the above-mentioned sports, but you have to take the proper precautions like life jackets. There’s also an option to get a professional to handle the boat, and for the safest experience keep the boat at a normal, slower speed. If the weather at the beach is not suitable for boating, plan for another day – you’ll want sunny weather and calm waters. We recommend everyone to try this as a fun new experience.

Final Thoughts

These are the best and most amazing emerging fun water sports that you can try in 2022. If you search on the Internet for this, you might get a list of simple water activities like swimming, not proper adventure sports. This list is completely based on exciting sporting activities, so keep this bookmarked on your smartphone to help make a plan for your water vacations in the future.

Be sure to share this with your friends and family to enjoy these new and amazing fun water sports together. A side benefit to that is the wonderfully cheaper group rates typically offered when renting equipment or signing up for a professional guide or training.

Now get out there and have an exciting new water sporting adventure!

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