Motivation is Important

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Stay Motivated Using Apps Like Watch Me Change

Motivation. It’s the silent workout partner that every successful diet or muscle building program must have to succeed.

When you build a workout plan you probably spend a lot of time deciding what supplements to take and what routines will do you the most good. It is just as important to build a motivation plan to help you power through the plateaus and lulls that are part of reaching fitness goals.


Equip Yourself

Just like a good workout, staying motivated requires effort. You could just sit around waiting for motivation to magically appear, or you can set yourself up for success with motivational tools.

If you are an iPhone owner then you’re in luck. Apps such as the Watch Me Change – Weight Loss app give you real visible motivation by showing you a time lapse video of your physical change. Even if you’re feeling down, photo evidence doesn’t lie.

Here’s how it works:

Using dual camera integration, take a photo of yourself with the Watch Me Change – Weight Loss iPhone app at the beginning of your weight loss or muscle building program.

Visit the settings menu to create reminders to take more pictures. You can set reminders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The more pics you take the better this app works.

When a Watch Me Change – Weight Loss reminder pops up, tap the notification to access the app directly. Take another photo.
Use the app’s overlay technology to line up your shoulders and waist to create perfect alignment between your pics.

Watch a custom video of your real progress. Even if the scale’s not budging this app can show you what all your hard work is accomplishing.

Tap the “My Video” tab to customize your video settings. This app can create high def time lapse videos of your body. Watch, share or send your video with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and email integration.

The Science Behind Visual Motivation

Visual stimulation interacts directly with your brain’s limbic system to create motivation. Studies suggest that personal growth can be a source of powerful motivation.

It’s easy to get distracted by a scale that won’t seem to budge or muscle that you work three times a week but don’t notice any change in.

Physical change is often gradual. Subtle changes over time can collectively create amazing results. The best way to give yourself a reality check is to see the real change your body has gone through.

If measurements or lift progress aren’t driving home all your hard work, be proactive. Consider getting an app like Watch Me Change – Weight Loss to boost your motivation and keep you on the right track to fitness.

Find out more about the Watch Me Change suite of apps (including specialized versions to document facial changes and pregnancy) visit their website.

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5 Responses to “Motivation is Important”

  1. Bit of a technophobe myself but this app sounds great. Having proof of your progress is crucial when it feels like your spinning your wheels. We’ve all been there!


  2. Programs like these are not just motivational but they make you accountable. If you know you have a date with a ‘Progress Photo’ you will be far less likely to skip a session or not eat as clean.

  3. I really need one of that. Progress is so slow day by day but the cumulative effects are really amazing. I see myself everyday so the changes are not as obvious to me as it would be to someone who has not seen me for some time.

  4. Great idea and resource! Quite often, it is very difficult to know what type of progress you made, simply because you see yourself everyday. So weeks can go by without you realizing that you’ve made any progress at all.

    So a tool like this that let’s you see what you cannot see in the mirror could definitely help motivate you to keep working toward the goal 😉

  5. the science behind visual motivation is truly an eye opener. it reasons the apps justification to a great extent. stay motivated as i just did.

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