5 Ways to Save Money on High-End Fitness Equipment for Your Home

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The major benefit of signing up for a gym membership is that you gain access to a facility that houses the many large and expensive pieces of fitness equipment that you want to use, from cardio machines like the treadmill and Stairmaster to weight-training options that let you work specific muscle groups without the onus of lifting free weights. And yet, there are also drawbacks to going to the gym.

For one thing, choosing a popular and well-appointed facility means that you may have to wait in line for machines, or else frequent the gym during oddball hours, like the middle of the night. And once you finally get your turn, the machines could be a mess of sweat and germs. Yuck. Of course, you also have to go through the time-wasting hassle of actually driving to the gym, yet another deterrent to your motivation.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had the equipment you needed at home? It might be pricy, but there are definitely bonuses to having a home gym, and there are all kinds of ways to save when you purchase the high-end equipment needed to help you get fit.

  1. Compact models.

    In addition to a limited budget, you may have only a small amount of space in which to house your fitness equipment. For this reason, many companies offer home models that are smaller and lighter than the ones they sell to gyms. Checkout one of my favorite equipment websites Fitness Gecko, who are particularly great at offering a variety of solid treadmills https://fitnessgeko.com/fitness/best-treadmills-for-home-use/ for your home gym.

    In some cases you may be able to fold them up and store them in a compact space like a closet. But the main upside is that they also cost less than the full-sized items that you use at the gym while still offering the same workout.

  2. All-in-one machines.

    You’ve no doubt seen commercials for machines like the Bowflex that offer you the ability to complete multiple types of exercise, from leg extensions and bench presses to abdominal crunches and even cardio routines. And they also offer a TreadClimber that pairs the cardio appeal of a treadmill with the muscle-toning capabilities of a stair-climber. Purchasing such a machine could allow you to save you both space and money when it comes to your home gym.

  3. Prioritizing.

    This might not sound like a money-saving tactic, per se, but the truth is that you don’t need every piece of machinery featured in the average gym setting, nor will you use them if you have them. An import rule of basic fitness is to keep it simple. For this reason it is essential to pinpoint your fitness goals and find the equipment that is most likely to help you reach them rather than wasting money on items that don’t meet your needs. Taking the time to prioritize beforehand can save you a ton of money in the long run.

  4. Overstock.

    If you have not yet discovered the joys of Overstock.com, now is a great time since they not only offer clothing and housewares, but also a slew of other items, including gym equipment. Savings vary widely, but nearly any discount is better than paying full price (depending on shipping) and you stand to save anywhere from about 5-50% (or potentially even more) on everything from hand weights to treadmills.

  5. Used equipment.

    You may find yourself going to the bank or a cash advance storeĀ for a loan to purchase the pricey items needed to equip your home gym. But before you splurge on new machinery, consider that plenty of people are looking to unload barely used equipment that’s been gathering dust in their garage. eBay, Craigslist, and even yard sale announcements could be your ticket to practically new fitness equipment at a fraction of the cost, so don’t hesitate to explore this option if you’re looking to save some scratch on your fitness journey.

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