My Experience with Perfect Keto

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Disclaimer: Perfect Keto products have been used by me on my own free will. This review is not influenced and the opinions that have been expressed are my own. I have no affiliation with the brand.
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Within the keto community, supplements having exogenous ketones are increasing in popularity, with each passing day. Though the results are promising, there’s a lot more information that needs to be known about these supplements. Herein, I try to clear some doubts of the users, for Perfect Keto. I simply list the pros and cons – you decide the rest.

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What is Perfect Keto?

Perfect keto is an exogenous ketone supplement, which is commercially available and comprises naturally derived salts of ketones.

Each pack consists of stevia, citric acid, magnesium, calcium, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), along with natural flavors.

The working mechanism

Post-ingestion, BHB leads to an increase in the blood ketone levels. This provides extra energy to the body in a way that is similar to that of endogenous ketones (but not exactly the same)

Let’s talk taste!

Perfect Keto is available in two flavors – Chocolate & Sea Salt and Peaches & Cream. I’m personally a chocolate person and really liked the flavor. I tried it both in water and almond milk. The latter improved the taste significantly. Exogenous ketones possess a particular taste, which may not go well with all individuals. Hence, if you’re trying for the first time, go for single serving packs to check whether you like it or not.

Benefits of Perfect Keto

Consumption of exogenous ketones helps in increasing the energy levels, enhancing mental focus and improving performance. I have noticed less tiredness and increased energy post exercising, with the consumption of Perfect Keto. I use it pre-workout due to the energy boost I experienced. If you have just begun with a ketogenic diet, this exogenous supplement can help you easily sail through the initial period of adaptation. They help until your body gets fat – adapted and begins using dietary and body fat for energy. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that you need to consume exogenous ketones as a compulsion to get keto – adapted. All I say is that they might reduce the negative symptoms that are experienced in the adaptation period.

Some individuals are under the impression that exogenous ketones have a weight reduction effect. This isn’t true. They simply inhibit appetite but not exercise and extra ketones can always be more harmful than helpful.

Worried about the side effects?

Stomach discomfort may be experienced by the individuals. If it happens, you can reduce consumption to half of the recommended serving. I have tried various different ketone supplements in the past. With a few of them, I experienced stomach discomfort. Though I was hesitant in trying Perfect Keto, it did not give me any troubles once I gave it a shot. I consumed 1 serving of Perfect Keto Chocolate & Sea Salt and 1 serving of Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder per day. Yet, every individual is different, hence, go slow and try for yourself before you dive in!

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