A Low Calorie Protein Shake That Actually Tastes Good Mixed with Water? No Wai!

Shakeology – The Healthiest Meal of the Day


So I was hungry the other day at work and didn’t have many meal choices. The cafeteria was closed, I didn’t have any money for the vending machine, no protein bars, and only a couple packets of Sweet & Spicy Tuna in my desk drawer. I’d already eaten tuna earlier that day, so I wasn’t in the mood for more.

What to do? What to do?

The Discovery

Suddenly I remember the two packets of Shakeology protein powder that I got from BeachBody – Greenberry and Chocolate. Then I got to thinking, “What am I going to mix this with to make it palatable?” I had no milk, no juice, no fruit, no peanut butter, and no blender.

A dead end? Not exactly.

Protein Powder Plus Water

I filled my Poland Springs water bottle up with water and some crushed ice from the ice machine. Then I slowly poured some Chocolate Shakeology from the pouch into the bottle, didn’t spill any because the pouch makes a nice pourable V shape, tightened the cap, and vigorously shook up the concoction for about a minute.

At this point, the fear overtook me. Not another chocolate protein shake mixed with water. I’ve been through this before. Back in the day I tried to mix Designer Protein with water and nearly tossed my cookies when I tried to choke it down. Some EAS meal replacement shakes I used to drink were just awful mixed with water.

What was I about to put myself through?

The Moment of Truth

Protein Shake

With the utmost trepidation I brought the bottle to my nose and took a sniff… interestingly, it smelled like a thick frosty fudge brownie. Still, I did not want to deceive myself about what was about to happen. Protein shakes have smelled good before, only to taste like a chemical cesspool.

As I tipped the bottle back and took my first gulp, I was amazed at the results. There was mostly definitely a party in my mouth!

How could a low calorie, low carb, low fat protein shake taste so good mixed only with water? And it was then that my mind opened up to the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead of me.

Finally I can buy a protein powder low enough in calories to use in a fat loss diet, but high enough in nutrients to use in a muscle gain diet, that also tastes awesome! You can mix Chocolate Shakeology with just water and you can shake it up in any kind of bottle you find laying around. Not sure what the outcome would be if you mixed it with a fork or spoon, if I were you I’d go with shaking over mixing.

Click here to view the Chocolate Shakeology nutrition label

Click here to get more information or order some Chocolate Shakeology for yourself

If you don’t want to order a full supply of Shakeology and just want to try a sample, click here to order a 4 packet Shakeology sampler from my BeachBody sponsor, Josie from Yum Yucky.

What About You?

Do you have any protein powders that taste great when you mix them up in a pinch with just water?

What about any horrible tasting protein powders? Call out the most disgusting protein powders you’ve ever used so none of us will make the same mistake.

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10 Responses to “A Low Calorie Protein Shake That Actually Tastes Good Mixed with Water? No Wai!”

  1. Thanks for sharing much information! I was really surprised that you can actually use water on protein powders, I can’t wait to try this out.

  2. I tried Trutein the other day and liked it. When it comes to taste it really just comes down to personal preference. I also liked the chocolate shakeology that I tried from a friend.

  3. I tried Shakeology, and to be honest, I didn’t care for it at all. FWIW Optimum 100% whey protein is the only thing that I’ll buy any more. It’s good with water, and is awesome with milk.

    • I do enjoy Optimum Nutrition as well. In a pinch I’ll choose Optimum but I’m a little sensitive to whey, so if I have a choice I opt for Shakeology since it tastes awesome and doesn’t upset my stomach. Sorry that you didn’t for it Todd.

  4. Optimum Nutrition taste pretty good mixed with water and ice. I would prefer it with milk, but in a pinch it works fine. Its the way to go when on vacation.

  5. Actually a number of protein powders taste good to me with only water. Optimum nutrition flavors taste well. Lean body Vanilla (only flavor I tried so far), certain flavors of muscle milk & monster milk (particularly cookies and cream, and milk chocolate), and also the Dymatize Gourmet Whey-Casein mix of protein (milk chocolate flavor) are all great proteins with only water. Occasionally I do spice everything up with milk and/or fruit but when on-the-go quick and easy shakes are necessary, these are fine with just water.

    The GNC brand (all of them) absolutely suck with water. Also that EAS crap sucks as well (taste-wise)

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