3 Weight Loss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Weight Loss TipsWhether you’re trying to lose those 20 pounds or just looking to fit into your old jeans, steering clear of weight loss mistake is of upmost importance for long term success. Let’s face it, we all make the odd mistake—and when it comes to burning the flab, it’s all too easy.

Without further ado, here are the 3 most common weight loss mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: the Fat Burning Zone

Though when exercising at lower intensity level, the body relies heavily on fat as the main source of energy than when doing high intensity exercise, the total calorie burn at the end of the training will be lower, thus leading to more weight loss plateaus and setbacks.

The Solution

Opt for interval training and see your weight loss speed up as a result. Also know as high intensity interval training, this type of workout boosts metabolism levels through the roof, helps you build more muscle mass and will get you into the best shape of your life. All this without burning much of your precious time.

Mistake 2: Reducing Fat Intake

Losing the fat from your plate won’t help burn much of it from your body. Opting for a fat-free diet means that essential fats will be restricted from your daily intake as well. Your body needs this type of fat to rebuild and recover itself after a training session. Lack of proper fat intake can hinder your performance, both in the gym and in the workplace.

The Solution

Instead of totally removing fats from your diet, go easy on the saturated fats, which are found in butter, cheese and meat. Make sure to consume monosaturated fats on a regular basis. Some of the most common sources of monosaturated fats include oily fish, avocadoes, olive oil and most types of nuts.

Mistake 3: Cutting On Calories

Many fitness enthusiasts believe that opting for low-calorie diet can help them speed up the weight loss process. Wrong. Though weight loss is matter of calories in versus calories out, restricting your calorie intake leads to an exasperating spiral of weight gain. When you skip on meals, you force your body to enter into starvation mode, thus the metabolism slows down to a crawl and the body clings to the fat instead of using it for energy. As soon as you stop dieting, the weight piles back on.

The Solution

Make sure to eat throughout the day. Aim for at least 4 decent-size portions of healthy food, every 4-5 hours—depending on your activity level and daily schedule. Doing so will not only help lose the pounds for good; it’ll also improve your performance in all areas of life.

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