How Pregnant Moms-to-Be Can Weight Train Safely

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Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weightlifting

Many women are concerned about exercising during pregnancy, but the fact is that the right kind of workouts during the natal period can be tremendously beneficial. The rewards of exercising while pregnant include fewer childbirth complications, reduced incidence of aches and discomfort, higher energy levels, and better blood circulation.

Benefits like these make both the pregnancy period and the birthing process much easier and promote an overall sense of well-being. Weight training is especially good for pregnant women, as pregnancy tends to bring on extra body weight while muscles shrink due to inactivity.

Be Considerate of Exercise Technique

Of course, the body of a pregnant mom-to-be is in a delicate state, and this should be a cause for concern when exercise is being considered. Any exercise that involves a face-down posture should be avoided to reduce pressure on the abdomen, and the muscle groups focused upon should be those that need extra strength during pregnancy.

Lighter weights are highly recommended.

Tendons and ligaments can be damaged easily if too much strain is put on the body during these workouts. The ideal exercises for pregnant women are those that strengthen and tone muscles without straining the body.

Best Exercises for Pregnancy

Dumbbell bench presses and shrugs are great light lifting workouts that can help keep the upper body toned. The extra bodyweight that comes with pregnancy often pulls the shoulders forward, causing strain on the neck and back.

By keeping the pectoral and shoulder muscles strong through these light lifting exercises, pregnant women can alleviate back pain and enjoy a more comfortable natal period. Seated bent over rear deltoid raises are also great for improving the strength of shoulder muscles in order to improve posture and relieve strain on the back.

Training the abs without straining the body during pregnancy can be a challenge. Exercising from a flat back position can cause undue strain, so an exercise ball is recommended for keeping a more upright posture for ab crunches.

Hip workouts are some of the most beneficial weight training exercises of all for pregnant women. Weight training machines that focus on hip abductor and adductor exercises to work both the outer and inner thigh will help alleviate lower back strain and prepare the mother for childbirth.

It should also be restated that lighter weight-training is ideal for pregnant women in order to avoid strain. Even women who are experienced in heavy lifting may want to dial down the pounds.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Keep in mind that though these exercises can be highly beneficial, they can also pose significant health risks. Maintaining a higher calorie intake and staying hydrated is more important than ever during pregnancy. Dehydration and malnutrition can lead to serious health complications that can spell disaster for pregnant women.

Consult Your Doctor

Finally, pregnant women should always consult with their doctors before starting an exercise routine. Everyone, regardless of whether they’ve chosen natural conception or Fertile Future cryo-banking, should make health a top priority during pregnancy.

Weight lifting during pregnancy can help to improve health and enhance feelings of well-being, but only if the proper precautions are taken.

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