5 Benefits of Weight Training During Pregnancy

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If you are expecting a child, it is important to know that doctors and specialists don’t discourage physical fitness and weight training like they used to do in the old days – they actually encourage it.

Physicians used to believe that any kind of rigorous exercise for a mother to be could potentially cause harm to the fetus, either due to miscarriage or a premature birth, but now it is widely believed that a routine fitness regiment during pregnancy can have a number of benefits, like lowering stress levels and increasing general well being.

Moreover, regular weight training is both risk-free and can have many benefits for a woman during her pregnancy, in all trimesters.

Here are 5 benefits of weight training during pregnancy.

Pain relief.

Weight training during pregnancy has proved to help with some of the physical discomforts that go along with it, like lower back and leg pain, migraines and constipation.

When a mother-to-be works out her core – abdominal muscles, spine and upper back – she is building the necessary strength to carry the extra heavy load she will be carrying for nine months. This will also take the pressure off the legs and give the body the balance it needs for all the extra weight so that one part of the body isn’t compounding another part of the body, which is the main cause of discomfort during pregnancy.

Control weight gain.

Also, weight training can help a woman stay fit and control weight gain. Gaining a few extra pounds is extremely common during pregnancy and vital to keep mother and baby healthy, but sometimes you can gain a few extra pounds more than you would have wanted to. Proper and regular weight training can keep your body weight in check and prevent the possible risk of pregnancy-induced diabetes.

Increase energy.

Another benefit to weight training while a mother is expecting, is that it can increase energy levels. When you are literally living and breathing for two, it can really take the wind out of you. You might feel like resting all day, but it is important to be physically active in order to keep your blood circulation flowing – this will also get the cord blood circulation going too.

Easier birth.

Studies also show that women who regularly exercise during pregnancy, especially with weight training, will have faster and easier births. Weight training doesn’t just work out your muscles; it can increase your pain tolerance, give elasticity to parts of your body, and allow for smoother contractions.

Improved mood.

Lastly, weight training during pregnancy has also proven to increase an expecting mother’s mood. This is great for those few days after the baby is born and you are both elated, but worn out. This mix of emotions can be a roller coaster, but with regular weight training, you will increase your ability to cope better with post-partum healing.

The first few days of a baby’s life are crucial in building a strong bond between mother and child – so it is important to be strong and happy too.

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