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How to Build Muscle on a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

This post has been updated with more accurate recommendations based on the dietary limitations of various kinds of vegetarianism.

Your Questions
Your Questions

I get plenty of questions in various comments throughout the website, but I also get comments and questions via the Project Swole Contact Form.

Generally I address those questions through e-mail, but often I do not have the time to reply to each and every question personally.

From now on I want to take a more proactive approach to answering Your Health Questions by posting them separately in the blog. This way we can be sure that everyone benefits from the Q & A.

Chris wrote:

“I’m just over 6 ft and weigh about 185lb. I am a vegetarian and workout 3/4 times per week. I want to both tone up/lose body fat and gain strength/size. The gym I go to has given me a programme of 2 strength sessions and 2 toning sessions per week, with 20 minutes cardio each session and 1 additional 45 minute cardio session.

My questions are:

  • am I on the right lines?
  • how much protein should I be eating?
  • and how on earth do you get the levels that I think you are going to recommend from a veggie diet (I do eat fish)?

Thanks in advance!”


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