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How to Achieve Better Gains Using Push Ups

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Push Ups at HomeWhy Should I Add Push Ups to My Workout?

When it comes to toning the upper body without limits, no exercise works better than push ups. Unlike lifting weights and performing plyometric workouts, they don’t require expensive fitness equipment, can be performed almost anywhere, and the best part, they’re easy! Relatively speaking, of course.

Benefits of Performing Push-ups Regularly

– Increases muscle density

As you age, your muscle density reduces and alters how your body converts fat into energy. Push ups work well to increase and maintain the muscles of your upper body. This exercise tones your shoulders, chest, triceps, abs, and to a smaller extent the back, biceps, and legs.

– Enhances muscles stability and balance

Doing push ups every day improve the reaction time of your muscle fibers. During push ups, the fibers consistently react to keep your body balanced. This reaction enables these fibers to react faster when stimulated increasing your speed and balance.  (more…)

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Push Ups

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Push Ups - You're doing them wrong!

This dude was voted most likely to fall on his nose.

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Who Can Do One Arm Handstand Push Ups?

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Yury Tikhonovich, a circus performer can. This is an example of the sweet stunts you can pull off with a background in gymnastics. Man oh man, do I wish my parents got me into gymnastics when I was but a kid.

Heck, I just wish I could do a backflip. I suppose it is possible for a 31 year old man to learn how to do a backflip… isn’t it?

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Take The 100 Pushup Challenge

Friday, July 11th, 2008

100 Push-up Challenge

Introducing the 100 Push-up Challenge

Push-ups are regarding as one of the best tests of physical conditioning. Whether you are an athlete, a powerlifter, an olympic lifter, a martial artist, or a recreational fitness enthusiast… virtually anyone can benefit from this type of training. Not only will it give you a goal and a plan to follow for a couple weeks, but it will also vary up your training and target a type of exercise that you might not normally use.

Push-ups Are Great for Martial Artists

I know for sure this would benefit me, because in kickboxing class we are doing all kinds of one arm sideways pushups and such. As luck would have it, I am about to start a new contract next Monday, so I’m going to need to work out a schedule around my new job. In this case I want to start lifting every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work.

Not sure how the 100 Push-up Challenge will fit into that… I don’t think it will, but I do think I’m going to take this program into kickboxing class and see if the instructors want to work it into their program. It might be a little too complicated to explain to a whole class, but I’ll show it to them anyway.

Will You Take the Challenge?

So, let me know if you’re going to take the 100 Push-Up Challenge. I’d love to know how everyone fares on the program. I have plans to use this concept to create a brand new challenge of my own, which I will reveal in the coming days. The new challenge will be something harder than push-ups, but easier than lifting weights. It will be something men, women, and children can do; but it will also be something that you can really brag about.

Stay tuned…

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