Who Can Do One Arm Handstand Push Ups?

Yury Tikhonovich, a circus performer can. This is an example of the sweet stunts you can pull off with a background in gymnastics. Man oh man, do I wish my parents got me into gymnastics when I was but a kid.

Heck, I just wish I could do a backflip. I suppose it is possible for a 31 year old man to learn how to do a backflip… isn’t it?

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2 Responses to “Who Can Do One Arm Handstand Push Ups?”

  1. Holy ish, Batman!
    That was incredible, and nonetheless a show in and of itself. lol
    I cant imagine how much down-time that man has spent doing stuff like that to stay in the incredible shape he is in. If i could do that i would go to the gym just to show people that move! hahaha

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