Take The 100 Pushup Challenge

100 Push-up Challenge

Introducing the 100 Push-up Challenge

Push-ups are regarding as one of the best tests of physical conditioning. Whether you are an athlete, a powerlifter, an olympic lifter, a martial artist, or a recreational fitness enthusiast… virtually anyone can benefit from this type of training. Not only will it give you a goal and a plan to follow for a couple weeks, but it will also vary up your training and target a type of exercise that you might not normally use.

Push-ups Are Great for Martial Artists

I know for sure this would benefit me, because in kickboxing class we are doing all kinds of one arm sideways pushups and such. As luck would have it, I am about to start a new contract next Monday, so I’m going to need to work out a schedule around my new job. In this case I want to start lifting every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work.

Not sure how the 100 Push-up Challenge will fit into that… I don’t think it will, but I do think I’m going to take this program into kickboxing class and see if the instructors want to work it into their program. It might be a little too complicated to explain to a whole class, but I’ll show it to them anyway.

Will You Take the Challenge?

So, let me know if you’re going to take the 100 Push-Up Challenge. I’d love to know how everyone fares on the program. I have plans to use this concept to create a brand new challenge of my own, which I will reveal in the coming days. The new challenge will be something harder than push-ups, but easier than lifting weights. It will be something men, women, and children can do; but it will also be something that you can really brag about.

Stay tuned…

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16 Responses to “Take The 100 Pushup Challenge”

  1. Alright Kimberly Mcneill-Corrado, Lisa Jensen McClellan and Caitriona Austin, I'm doing it. 100 push-ups Challenge. I'll even ask my boyfriend to video my doing the 100 and post it to FB. Give me 3-4 weeks on this plan and lets see what happens 😀

  2. I Can Do 90 PUsh-ups Without Stopping.And I Do It Daily.I Have Been At THis Level Since I Was In THe UNited STates Airforce Security Forces. I Consider Myself THe Best.

  3. Pushups are the great equalizer and good motivation. I found this site http://www.fitsync.com that has a rankings system for a lot of bodyweight exercises – pushups, pullups, squats, crunches plus some swimming and running. They also show the world records in each like 3,416 Push Ups by Roy Berger of Canada – insane!

  4. Can’t believe this site is still sending visitors to hundredpushups.com – thanks a lot!

    There’s also a Two Hundred Sit-Ups and Two Hundred Squats program now as well…

    Appreciate the support!


  5. Hi all, im not really a begginer but im not an intermediate. Ive been through this website and i think its awsome. Im gna take a few tips from this website and add it to my bodyweight workouts.

    Im going to do the challenge, starting from today. I can do 29-35 consecutive pushups standard but then i have to pause for like 15/20 seconds and complete 50 in 2 sets.

    I am also training on my knuckles, where i do 20 then pause, then a further 20, then pause and then go failure without taking the tention off or getting up from the pushup position. How do you think i should start, and how are you doing in the challenge?

  6. Hi Ive started today and im tring to reach my goal of 50, right now I can only do seven i’ll keep you posted every week!

  7. Tom:
    Doing push ups on rings is hard. Props to you for making the effort to change it up a bit. Seems like you must be in pretty good shape. Awesome job!

  8. Hmm I am 45 yrs old – and “after” my workout today ( Giant set’s between my chest , back, and legs )
    I did 100 push-up’s ” useing gymnastic rings”
    AND 50 full pull up’s in 5 min 48 sec.
    The rings hang down to about 6 inche’s off the floor ( harder then it might sound )
    But I was pretty tired – It is a good finisher to a great workout.

    • Wow, the 50 pull ups interest me! Is that chin ups or wide grip? As a swimmer wide grip pull ups are where I need to improve my stength and endurance. What program do you follow to increase the number of wide grip pull ups, can you apply the same strategy as the 100 pull ups but just reduve the number of reps by a percentage – e.g. 50% if the target is 50 reps?

  9. Just started tonight. Good stuff. That guy should create a 200 crunches program as well. Would be a good balance.

    Could call it THE 300!!!!!

    Anyways — my max was 45 yesterday as the initial trial. Today I did the day of week 1 .. I forgot how fast 60 seconds can go by in between sets. I capped out at 25 for set 5. I would recommend people write down what their max is for each last set — so you can see your progress.

    I hope lots of people do this challenge.

  10. I started the 100 Push-Up Challenge two weeks ago, just completing week 2 yesterday; hitting a personal high of 17 consecutive push-ups (in good form).

    While that’s a long way off from 100 consecutive push-ups, I’m very pleased with the results to date. I’ll re-test this Sunday and start week 3 Monday.

    Good luck to all participating!!


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