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Free Giveaway: Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover DVD

Monday, February 8th, 2010

So apparently Bob Greene is Oprah’s personal trainer. He is credited with giving Oprah an exercise and nutrition plan that has actually helped her maintain a healthy weight.

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Obviously you must know by now that Oprah started off huge, lost a ton of weight, ballooned back up again, lost it again, gained it all back, etc… But from what I understand, thanks to Bob Greene’s workout plan and nutrition tips, she is finally maintaining a healthy weight.

Free Product Alert!

Allow me to announce Project Swole’s most recent free giveaway: Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover DVD.

I haven’t watch this, nor will I, but I can tell you what it says on the DVD package.

  • An 8-Week Program for Maximum Results in Minimum Time
  • 8 Express Workouts on 1 DVD – Customized for Every Level
  • Nutrition and Diet Advice
  • Motivational Tools
  • Bonus: A 24 Page Makeover Plan


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